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Charmed back for an 8th season

Written by Ortal
Posted on 17 : 05 : 2005

Its now offical - Charmed will be back for another season featuring 22 episodes of the Halliwells adventures!

Although its on a bit of a delay, but just thought of letting you know the 3d season is now also fully available for you read :) We still need guides for the 6th and 7th seasons however so if youre interested in writing (even one episode would be great!) please contact us asap :)

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Guild Rules

Written by Ortal
Posted on 12 : 05 : 2005

The guild rules page had been updated.
Please make sure to check out the additions to some of our rules and a few new ones to make sure you wont be breaking any of them :)

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Episode Guide

Written by Ortal
Posted on 29 : 04 : 2005

Season one and season five are now fully summaried and both very much available for you to read. So if you missed an episode or just want to refresh your memory why not check them out ;)
Also, if you're free and would like to help the guild out please send your own summaries for some of the episodes we are missing, as well as for season 6 and 7 :)

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Game Guide

Written by Ortal
Posted on 28 : 04 : 2005

The game guide was updated with a few tips for the new game, Meepit vs. Feepit, so if you're still trying for the av this might help you out:)
Also, The Monthly Charm seems to be running rather cold the last couple of months, as we aren't getting much material from you guys :( Please help us out and send any articles, interviews or fan fictions you might have our way!
In addition, we have a new opening spot at our FOTM column as Kaylee left the guild :( So if you think you are up for writing it please contact us at either themonthlycharm on neopets or, thank you :)

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Charming Adoptions Website

Written by Hannah
Posted on 17 : 04 : 2005

The Adoption agency site finally has a new layout which also includes a poll. The questions will often be orientated to gather oppions on agency issues and sometimes they will just be random neopet related questions.

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