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Avatars and Pets

Written by Ortal
Posted on 25 : 05 : 2006

The Moehog and Koi avatars had been added to our guide, and as a reminder we have some new painted pets up for adoption so if you're looking don't hesitate to check them out and you just might fall in love ;)
Also, character profiles have been updated up to information from the 7th season, and the actor profiles who were missing information are finally compelete - if you're up to writing some actor profile yourself let us know ;)

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Music Player

Written by Hannah
Posted on 24 : 05 : 2006

As you may have already noticed, I have added a new flash music player to our website. *Points to the bottom left hand corner* It plays the Charmed Theme Tune and Tracks from the first two Charmed Albums. Enjoy!

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Double A's

Written by Ortal
Posted on 10 : 05 : 2006

The adoption agency has been updated once more with a cool new Disco Ruki, and all the recent avatars had been added to our guide as well (for the Speckled one you need to feed your pet a speckled item ;)).
Also, its a bit in delay - but our council page is at last compelete =)

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Adoption and Council

Written by Ortal
Posted on 21 : 04 : 2006

The adoption agency has been updated with 2 new super cute and fierce pets - if you're looking for a new addition to your family make sure to check the site out ;) Also over the last few days we've been updating the new guild council page - if you have any missing information please contact us ASAP so we could fill it in!

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Written by Ortal
Posted on 15 : 04 : 2006

The 2 newest avatars had been added to the guide. To Get the Krawk avatar look-up Taja, while for Yes Boy Ice-Cream you need to go their concert =)

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The Halliwell Manor

Written by Hannah
Posted on 01 : 04 : 2006

Here are the Results of the Autumn/Winter Season, Halliwell Manor Competition:
1st Place - Paige's Room - 952 points
2nd Place - Piper's Room - 893 points
3rd Place - Phoebe's Room - 807 points
For more detailed results of the "mini competitions" visit The Halliwell Manor
website's previous results page.

The New Spring Competition has just begun so start helping your room :)
Don't forget to send in your mystery picture answers and games scores to: thehalliwellmanor.

There have also been some "room council" changes:
New Paige Room Secretary: Paigeasher
New Paige Room Site Assistant: xxxladyvixenxxx
New Phoebe's Room Secretary: wackytweety92
New Phoebe's Room Site Assistant: gallopgurl101

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