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Guild Mall Update

Written by Kerri
Posted on 20 : 09 : 2006

The guild mall layout has been updated. Thank you to Hannah for the layout. It is really great :D If you would like your shop to be added please neomail me (Kerri).

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Guild Awards 2004

Written by Hannah
Posted on 13 : 09 : 2006

Most of the awards 2004 images have been fixed :) ..Sorry for the delay.

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Charmed Music:

Written by Hannah
Posted on 05 : 09 : 2006

Sorry for the delay, but the music codes have now been updated (again) so that they will work on neopets. You should be able to use the music in your shop, lookup and pet-lookups and pet webpages. Visit the Charmed music page to see the charmed related music we have available. (More music will most likely be added within a couple of weeks.)

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Over Due Updates:

Written by Hannah
Posted on 04 : 09 : 2006

The Halliwell Manor Spring / Summer Season Results:
1st - Phoebe's Room - 1,479 points
2nd - Piper's Room - 1,282 points
3rd - Paige's Room - 535 points
For more details visit the previous results page at the Halliwell Manor Website
There have been updates at the halliwell manor and the pages explaining room and member points have been completely re-written.
The Room member list pages have been updated.
There is a new charmed Quiz this season created by _bubbly_kizz_
This season's mystery pictures were created by concertina226

..has re-opened with easier entry requirements.
The nominee pets for FOTM are:
visit the fotm website to find links to their pages and more information.

Adoption Agency:
An adoption process page has been added to the site.
The foster a pet page has been re-written.
Minor updates have been made to the how to adopt page.
Updates have been made to the rehomed section and tables have been tidied.
Some of the pets colours and stats have been updated.
More Updates should follow soon including new pets for adoption.

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New skin

Written by Lilea
Posted on 02 : 09 : 2006

I've made a new skin featuring Piper, Phoebe, Paige and Billie. Click to change your skin to the newest one. I hope everyone likes it!

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COOTM update

Written by Kerri
Posted on 28 : 08 : 2006

COOTM has just been updated so please send your entries on a webpage to icklekezzy by neomail or just tell me your thinking about entering. COOTM Site.

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Magic School Update

Written by Sarah
Posted on 19 : 08 : 2006

The Magic School has moved from it's Geocities home to an ad-free Charmed Ones Guild sub-domain. You can find it at
Also, if you have any comments or questions (anything at all), please contact me (mystical_piper). I will be the "acting Principal", as Hollie no longer has time to run things. The contact page at the School site has information on how to contact one of the School staff ;).
We are still looking for people to run classes, so if you think that you'd make a good teacher then please check out the site!

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Charmed Awards

Written by Ortal
Posted on 01 : 08 : 2006

Since we didnt get enough submissions for the Charmed Awards, we've decided to extanded the deadline to August 30th - If you haven't voted yet please do :)

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