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Pope John Paul 2nd Has Died

Written by Hollie
Posted on 03 : 03 : 2005

Pope John Paul 2nd died yesterday evening about about 9:37pm (GMT+1) at the age of 84. He did a lot of good for the world, during his 26 year time as Pope and it is sad to see an end to this. However, it is better for him, as there is not any more suffering for him.

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Avatar Site

Written by Hannah
Posted on 23 : 03 : 2005

The avatar site is currently up to date. The newest avatars added are: "Maraquan Chomby", "slugaWOO!" and "Scorchio - Haunted". click the link to find out how to get more neopets avatars.

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New Galleries

Written by Hannah
Posted on 19 : 03 : 2005

A Season 7 promotional gallery has been added to the site. Enjoy!
We now have original screen captures of Holly Marie Combs taken from Oceans Eleven Happy smilie If you wish to use any of them on other websites you need to need to credit link back to Winking smilie

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Council Page

Written by Hannah
Posted on 19 : 03 : 2005

The Guild Council page has finally been added to the website. Happy smilie You can find out basic information about our council, what they do for the guild and a little bit about their personality.
However some council members' information is still incomplete. If this applies to you please send me your missing details asap.

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Written by Lilea
Posted on 15 : 03 : 2005

The tagboard is back and has been improved! We installed the new version of Tagger, which means there are some cool new functions, for example you're now able to delete your own messages! We hope you like the new tagboard Happy smilie

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Game Guide

Written by Ortal
Posted on 10 : 03 : 2005

If you're aiming for the new Ice Cream Machine avatar, make sure to check out Hollies new ICM guide for better chances of getting it Happy smilie

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Site Additions

Written by Hannah
Posted on 20 : 02 : 2005

The member profile tables have been re-made to match the site layout.

The member profile submission form now sends your information to an e-mail shared by the webmasters. Please re-submit your information if it has not been added yet. If some of your information is incorrect enter your username and the info you wish to change only.

Some changes have been made around the affiliates area. There is now an affiliate submission form and a website button/banner submission form. We will also be hunting for affiliates to give you some nice sites to brouse around and hopefully get the guild noticed.

I am currently working on a new "Guild Council" page.

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