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Avatars and Members

Written by Ortal
Posted on 30 : 07 : 2006

Ok, so slightly lazy to put the actual updated parts of the site *shifty eyes* But all the newest avvies are available to anyone whose interested, along with an updated member info :)

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Written by Ortal
Posted on 01 : 07 : 2006

4 new tutorials added including color and blog coding as well as the neoHTML guide (which moved from the Graphics Site) and a new blurb on creating buttons. Feel free to check them out in your spare time.

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Charmed Awards, Fan Site Awards and more

Written by Ortal & Hannah Posted on 30 : 06 : 2006

We decided that it would be better to add more sections to our site, so that we no longer have an "other" section. It has in affect been split into "site" and "neopets" Plus our Awards now have their own heading. This lead us to some new ideas and pages:

Charmed Awards
Since Charmed has ended we thought it may be a nice tribute to give it a final conclusion along with nice awards granted for both its best and not so best moments...

Fan Site Of The Month
We decided to introduce a Fan Site Of The Month award where members of our guild can nominate and vote for their favourate Charmed and Charmed Cast Fan Sites out there in the world wide web. We will display banner awards for the winning websites, which may also be used by those websites themselves ...if they wish! Our first set of nominees have been selected from among our active affiliates.

We have added a long over due credits page to the site, which was particually needed to credit people whose brushes we have used etc, which were before only credited at the graphics site. But we have also gone and added credits for almost every contribution to our site and guild.

Also, we have some new features including a merchandise page under charmed, icons and emoticons, the game guide had a slight make over along with an update and 2 new pages of neopets basic tips and a quick trophie guide added and we also have our very own tutorial corner.

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Poll and Archives

Written by Ortal
Posted on 26 : 06 : 2006

The poll was updated last night, so get on voting ;)

Also, as you may have already noticed we now have an archive for most of the websites old news, dating back to about a year, so if you ever get bored or nostalgic you can now rummage through our old news =p

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Guild Rules

Written by Hannah
Posted on 25 : 06 : 2006

I have re-writen the most part of the Rules Page to try to make things clearer and more easily read. Most of the rules are still exactly the same as they used to be but there are minor changes to a few of them and a couple of new ones. But the new ones mostly went with out saying before, as they are detailed in neopets rules.
I would recomend that all members re-read the rules page :)

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Written by Lilea

Posted on 18 : 06 : 2006

I've made a new skin featuring the cast of Charmed (Piper, Phoebe, Paige, Leo and Darryl). And you can now view all skins and some information about them, like which characters are on them and who made them, by clicking on 'skins' (at the right, or change your skin here). I hope you like it!

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