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Prue Avatar

Guild Awards

Written by Hannah
Posted on 13 : 12 : 2006

The voting form for the 2006 Guild Awards has recently been added to our website. Click the link to theVoting Form 2006 Guild Awards to start entering your votes!
For those of you who are unfamiliar with our guild awards, they are your chance to vote for other guild members in all manor of different catagories including: Witch Of The Year (Best Guild Member), Best New Member (of this year), things such as Best Username, Most Helpfull, Most Friendly, Best Graphics Maker, Best Room Member, Best Student, Biggest Prue, Piper, Phoebe and Paige fans etc etc. Who knows you might even win an award yourself ;)
Good Luck to everyone!

Phoebe Avatar

New Magic School Term

Written by Sarah
Posted on 04 : 12 : 2006

Okay, the new Magic School term will start on Sunday 10th December, so get signed up for classes now!
There weren't too many people that signed up last term, maybe because of lack of advertising lol, sorry about that, but please do take part this term =).

Prue Avatar

Halloween Bags and Sidebar etc

Written by Hannah
Posted on 31 : 10 : 2006

Trick Or Treat Spots:
Go to the following locations to get free trick or treat bags (Only available today: halloween):
Jhudora's Cloud
Kreludan Mining Corp
Island Mystic
Scratch Card Kiosk
Smugglers Cove
Tyrammet Village

Halloween Sidebar Theory:
The most popular theory is that it will be possible to get the halloween sidebar today between 11.59 pm and 12.00 midnight, if you refresh conitinuously at the Haunted Woods

Deadly Dice Avatar: If you have not yet got the Deadly Dice avatar it will be possible to try to get it at ANY time today:
On your first throw you need to draw with count von roo and then you need win on your second throw.
(When you win your neopets level will be increased and when you loose your neopets level will be decreased.)

Prue Avatar

New Music and Actor Profile

Written by Hannah
Posted on 24 : 10 : 2006

Music: I have finally added codes for music from the third Charmed Soundtrack Album: The Final Chapter, to our Charmed Music Page. Feel free to use them on your personal neopets account long as you keep the credit link back to our guild ;) But please remember that our music files may not be used on any other websites or layouts of other guilds.

Finola Actor Profile:
A new actor Profile for Finola Hughes, written by _bubbly_kizz_ has been added to our site.

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Music Player

Written by Hannah
Posted on 21 : 10 : 2006

I have added new music, to our on-site music player, from the third Charmed Soundtrack Album: The Final Chapter. I hope you enjoy listening to it ;)

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Magic School Updates

Written by Sarah
Posted on 15 : 10 : 2006

The new Magic School term will begin on November 1st
If you want to be a Teacher or Student then please contact me as soon as possible (neomail or email - check the Magic School Website for contact information) - you cannot sign up during the term.
This term will be quite short, lasting from the start of November until the end of November, so that the School is still running at the same time as the Halliwell Manor.
If you need any questions answered then just contact me, i'll be happy to help.
Thanks =)!

Prue Avatar

FOTM and Affiliates

Written by Hannah
Posted on 03 : 10 : 2006

The Nominees for FOTM are: Magical_Kiefer, Badgerbagderbadgerba & SweetPiperHall
For direct links to all of their pages and more information about FOTM please visit the fotm website.
Please send you votes to me: neo65629 within the next few days.

Some great new sites have been added to our affiliates Take a look :)
Some sites which have not been displaying for several weeks or more have been removed. If your site has moved or been reinstated please fill out an affiliates submission form or general contact form and we will re-add you asap. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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