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Guild Rank Changes

Written by Hannah
Posted on 01 : 11 : 2005

Kat decided that we should change the number of messages that you need to get in order to upgrade your rank, since it has been so easy to get through the first few ranks. This was something that had been at the back of our minds for a while but decided to act on following a neomail from Grace :). It has been to easy for people to reach the Chris rank and then have nowhere to aim for other than wotm so the lower half of those people shall now be known (by order of kat) as "Billie" the season 8 witch. I had suggessted Warren Witch as a new rank name and Kat felt it would make a nice replacement to "powerfull witch".
The numbers of messages you need for each rank are:
Chris: 200
Billie: 75
Whitelighter: 20
Warren Witch: 0 (when you join)
The other ranks are still the same. Sorry to those that have had their rank changed. But it is better for everyone in the long run.

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Episode Guide

Written by Ortal
Posted on 21 : 10 : 2005

The 3 first episodes of the 8th season just got themselves a summary and were added to the episode guide.
Kaley Cuoco was added to the Actors archive.
A full episode summary for the 6th season was added thanks to Sarah =)!

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Episode Guide + New Layout

Written by Ortal
Posted on 20 : 10 : 2005

The Episode Guide was updated, and now presents new front images, and full summaries for the 5th and 7th seasons.
Also, new blue Alyssa layout added. So yeah, it may be a little cold to go to the pool, but... Well... Its a picture. She can't feel the weather.

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