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Avatars Help

Welcome to the Charmed Ones Guild Avatar Help pages.

Nearly everyone in Neopia wants to collect secret avatars but some of them are so hard to come by. Here at the Charmed Ones Guild we decided to help each other get as many Avatars as possible.

Avatars are

little pictures that you can use with your name in neopets guilds and in the neoboards. Some Avatars are available to everybody, you will find a list of these to choose from on your account. Others are "secret" and you can only use them once you discover how to get hold of them. Some you may find as a random event or by visiting a specific URL on Neopets, others may require you to give your neopet a specific petpet. Some may be awarded to you for a score in specific games or quests ..etc.

You can

change your avatar

by hovering your mouse over "boards" in the navigation bar at the top of neopets pages and then choose preferences from the drop down list. Then you should see the avatar box at the top of the page. Choose your avatar from the drop down list. Your secret avatars are listed at the bottom of the drop down list under the dotted line.

This site

provides you with a list of all the secret avatars we know about and tells you how to get them. Click on the links at the top of this page to view them. We have split them into sections to make it easier for you.

In the future

you might be able to borrow some items that you do not have and can not easily get hold of, from Guild members that want to help out. But you would be expected to trade the item's full collateral value, so that the lender would not have any risk in loosing the item. But we would need to check TNTs current rules first ;) The emphasis will be on the word "BORROW" - you will have to give back any items that you borrow, once you have gotten the avatar. It would be your responsibility to look after the item if for example: the pant devil stole it or your Skeith or Grarrl ate it, you would not get your collatoral trade back.


to the avatar pages have to be made manually. We will do our best to update them with new avatars regularly from now on but sometimes this just is not possible when we are particularly busy. Please accept our apologies in advance for those times.

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