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This page begins with the latest avatar releases (if we had time to update it) and continues throught lots of pages in chronological order. Allways check the news page for new avatars. Avatar chat can help you find out how to get any new ones not listed yet.

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Festival of neggs Y13 - Builder

This avatar is now retired. You needed to complete all four quests in the Festival Of Neggs, each one before the next quest became available.

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Daily Dare Neopets Staff Tournament

This Avatar is now retired. You needed to vote in the Daily Dare Staff Tournament and then visit the Daily Dare page.

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This Avatar has now retired. You needed to take part in the Faerie Ruins Plot and then visit the Prize Shop.

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Imposter Apple

You need to play the Apple Bobbing game. The avatar is given out randomly when recieve an Imposter Apple, keep trying. You can bob for apples once a day.

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Dark Lurker

You need to buy an item from a shop in one of these neopian lands: Haunted Woods, Deserted Fairground or Neovia The avatar is random, so you may not get it on your first try. Keep buying till you do ;)

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Stamp Collector - The Battledome

To get this avatar you need to collect all of following stamps and put them in the Battledome section of your stamp album: Sword Of Skardsen Stamp, Attack Pea Stamp, Slorg Flakes Stamp, Faerie SlingShot Stamp, Hubrids Puzzle Box Stamp, Eraser of the Dark Faerie Stamp, Jhudoras Bewitched Ring Stamp, Everlasting Crystal Apple Stamp, Sword of the Air Faerie Stamp, Jewelled Scarab Stamp, Rod of the Dark Nova Stamp, Jade Scorchstone Stamp, Thyoras Tear Stamp, Exploding Space Bugs Stamp, Monoceraptor Claw Stamp, Wand of the Dark Faerie Stamp, Alien Aisha Myriad Stamp, Alien Aisha Ray Gun Stamp, Kings Lens Stamp, Ring of Sloth Stamp, Illusens Staff Stamp, Shield of Pion Troect Stamp, Rainbow Sticky Hand Stamp, Dark Battle Duck Stamp, Battle Slices Stamp,

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Altador Cup V Staff Tournament

This avatar has retired. To get it, you had to pick which staff members you thought would win in the Altador Cup Staff Tournament

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Still wishing to find out how to get this one, I'm afraid ;)

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Xweetok - Faerie

View the pet lookup of a Faerie Xweetok who is 365+ days old.

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Daily Dare Staff Tournament

This avatar is retired. You needed to select the order of Staff members, for how you thought the results would be in the Daily Dare Staff Tournament

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Atlas of the Ancients

This avatar is retired. You needed to take part in the Atlas of the Acients Plot and then view the page once the plot came to an end.

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10th birthday

This Avatar is retired. You needed to go to the neopets 10th Birthday page on the 15th November 2009 and open the birthday gift, found there.

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