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From Items That Can Only Be Used Once

Stamp Collector - Snowy Valley
To get this avatar you need to collect all of following stamps and put them in the Snowy Valley section of your stamp album: Snow Wars Catapult Stamp, Rainbow Slushie Stamp, Frosty Snowman Stamp, Wintery Petpet Shop Stamp, Wintery Bruce Stamp, Christmas Meerca Stamp, Terror Mountain Scene Stamp, Igloo Garage Sale Stamp, Rink Runner Stamp, Christmas Kougra Stamp, Christmas Uni Stamp, Christmas Zafara Stamp, Scratch Card Kiosk Stamp, Candychan Stamp, Grundo Snow Throw Stamp, Stocking Stamp, Cliffhanger Stamp, Christmas Scene Stamp, SHFISS Stamp, Negg Faerie Stamp, Snow Faerie Stamp, Ski Lodge Stamp, Snowager Stamp, Snowbunny Stamp, Sticky Snowflake Stamp.
Kiko - Snack Time
Feed your pet any kind of food item between 3-4 AM or 3-4 PM NST to get this av.
Feed your Neopet any sort of speckled item (a Negg for regular pets, or any item with the world 'Speckled' in it for Grarrls and Skeiths).
Yes Boy Ice-Cream
To get this avatar you need to buy a ticket and see the concert of Yes Boy Ice-Cream.
Jub Zambra
To get this avatar you need to buy a ticket and see the concert of Jub Zambra and the Cobrall Charmers.
Mmm, Custard!
To get this avatar you need to feed your pet an item with the word "custard" in the name. Choices include: "Chilled Eyeball Custard", ""
Pinatas & Candy!
To get this avatar you and your neopet need to play with a toy pinata untill it breaks open. Toy pinatas include: Meuka Pinata, Hubrid Nox Pinata, Vira Pinata, Balthazar Pinata.
The furniture pinatas will not work.
To get this avatar you need to donate a plushie to the money tree. Click on your plushie in your inventory and select the "donate item" option from the drop down menu.
Example: The Headless Vonroo Plushie is one of the cheaper plushies.
Lenny - Wicked
For this avatar you need to have a Lenny and feed it any spooky food.
Some Examples: Tongue with Veggies, Mummy Spaghetti, Candy Peas, Spooky Doughnut, Pumpkin Cookies,
To get the avatar give your pet a drink. Once they have drunk it the avatar event will apear in the window.
Examples: Can of prune juice, Can of Neocola, orange juice,
Jazzmosis Elephante
To get the avatar you need to watch Jassmosis play at the Tyrannian Concert Hall. (you will need to wait for the next day that they play - tickets are for sale at 12.00am NST and sell out fast - the alternative is to buy one in advance at the shop wizzard)
Garlic! Run!!
To get the avatar you need to feed one of your pets "Garlic Bread Halves" or if you have a Skeith or Grarrl you can feed it a "Garlic Sheild"
To get this avatar you need to take any broken toy to the toy repair shop and have Donny fix it for you.
Do not eat!!
To get this avatar you need to feed your pet an item with the word "carrot" in it. So you could use a carrot or a carrot and pea omelette etc.
Pwned by the Lab
You need to buy all 9 (different) peices of Secret Laboratory map (if you have not already done so) Once you have collected them all, put them in your inventory and visit this page to activate the lab. Your pet needs to change species when you the fire the ray at it, to get the avatar. You can use the lab once each day but the affect it has on your pet is random and can be good or bad.
Magical Kauvara
To get this Avatar you need to use a morphing potion on one of your neopets. You can use any morphing potion.
This avatar is given to you if you can get the Turmaculus to eat your active neopet's petpet. Pay him a visit and try to wake him up! Apparently there is one random hour each day when he will wake up.
Groovy Chomby
To get this avater you need to buy a "Chomby and the Fungus Balls Ticket" and then watch their concert in the tyrannian concert hall.
Alien Aisha
To get this one you need to get hold of a "Nerkmid" and then insert it into the Alien Aisha Vending Machine.
To get this avatar you need to feed one of your neopets a "snorkle snout"
I Love My Rock
To get this avatar You must buy a Sticks N Stones ticket when they start being for sale from 12 NST (or from the wiz) and then watch their concert on a day they are playing.
Mutant Jubjub
To get this avatar you need to use a transmogrification potion on one of your pets. Buy the potion and then click on it in your inventory to open the item window and then choose a pet.
Lost Desert Stamp Collector
Avatar you need to place these stamps in the lost desert section of your stamp album: Lost Desert Grarrl Stamp, Midnight Desert Lupe Stamp, Ummagine Stamp, Desert Paint Brush Stamp, Osiris Pottery Stamp, Grackle Bug Stamp, Golden Khamette Stamp, Desert Petpet Stamp, Senator Palpus Stamp, Advisor Wessle Stamp, Senator Barca Stamp, Peopatra Stamp, Princess Sankara Stamp, Lost Desert Scroll Stamp, Lost Desert Sphinx Stamp, Sakhmet Palace Stamp, Pyramid Sun Rise Stamp, Tug of War Stamp, Fruit Machine Stamp, Geb Stamp, Scarab Stamp, Holographic Sakhmet Stamp, Lucky Coin Stamp, Coltzan Stamp, Holographic Coltzan Stamp. (list submitted by caroline)
Haunted Woods Stamp Collector
You need to put the following stamps in the haunted wooods section of your album: Brain Tree Stamp, Esophagor Stamp, Fetch! Stamp, Haunted Mansion Stamp, Spyder Stamp, Scary Tree Stamp, Hubrid Nox Stamp, Mutant Usul Stamp, Rock Stamp, Carnival of Terror Stamp, Korbats Lab Stamp, Luperus Left Head Stamp, Luperus Centre Head Stamp, Luperus Right Head Stamp, Halloween Aisha Stamp, Spooky Gravestone Stamp, Moonlit Werelupe Stamp, Moonlit Esophagor Stamp, Edna the Zafara Stamp, Glowing Brain Tree, ARGH!!!! DONNA STAMP, Count Von Roo Stamp, Misprint Meuka Stamp, Holographic Magax Stamp, Foil Slorg Stamp.
Tyrannian Stamp Collector
You need to place these stamps in the Tyrannian section of your stamp album: Chomby Stamp, Tyrannian Elephante Stamp, Grarrg Stamp, Tyrannian Kougra Stamp, Tyrannia Stamp, Omelette Stamp, Tar Pit Stamp, Wock Till You Drop Stamp, Tyrannian Grarrl Stamp, Chunk of Meat Stamp, Tyrannian Kyrii Stamp, Tyrannian JubJub Stamp, Tyrannian Korbat Stamp, Tyrannian Blumaroo Stamp, Tyrannian Plateau Stamp, Flying Korbats Stamp, Stone ArmChair Stamp, Giant Leaf Curtains Stamp, Bone Chair Stamp, Tyrannian Usul Stamp, Monocerous Stamp, Kyruggi Stamp, Discovery of Fire Stamp, Shiny Monoceraptor Stamp, Stone Stamp
Virtupets Stamp Collector
You need to place the following stamps in Virtupets section of your stamp album: Gormball Stamp, Grimilix Stamp, Purple Grundo Stamp, Neopet Version 2 Stamp, Splat-A-Sloth Stamp, Zygorax Stamp, Grinning Sloth Stamp, Blarthrox Stamp, Roast Gargapple Stamp, Zyrolon Stamp, N4 Bot Stamp, Gargarox Isafuhlarg Stamp, Advert Attack Stamp, Evil Fuzzles Stamp, Mutant Grundo Stamp, Zurroball Stamp, Tazzalor Stamp, Grundo Warehouse Stamp, Virtupets Space Station Stamp, Holographic Virtupets Stamp, Dr. Sloth Stamp, Space Faerie Stamp, Commander Garoo Stamp, Evil Printed Double Fuzzle Stamp, Inverted Space Faerie Stamp (list submitted by caroline)
Mystery Island Stamp Collector
You need to put the following stamps in to the mistery island section of your stamp album: Mystery Island Kougra Stamp, Mystery Island Aishas Stamp, Coco Stamp, Jhuidah Stamp, Island Native Stamp, Mystery Island Hut Stamp, Assorted Fruits Stamp, Triangular Flotsam Stamp, Zeenana Stamp, Mystery Island Grarrl Stamp, Island Acara Stamp (retired), Haiku Stamp, Mystery Island Heads Stamp, Bottle of Sand Stamp, Mystery Island Uni Stamp, Mystery Island Chef Stamp, Tombola Stamp, Mystery Island Kiko Stamp, Island Mystic Stamp, Ryshu Stamp, Need a Better Printer Stamp, Upside Down Island Acara Stamp, One Hundred Million Neopoint Stamp, Misaligned Printer Stamp, Nibbled Cooking Pot Stamp

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