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Miscalaneous Avatars

These avatars did not fit into any of the other catagories.

Lenny - Finneaus
To get this avatar you need to complete the altador plot, collect your prizes from the Council Chambers and then return to the chambers the following day to get the avatar. (You do not need to wait 24 hours, only untill the next neo day begins ;) )
Geraptiku - Deserted Tomb
This avatar is a random event when you recieve an item from the Geraptiku - Deserted Tomb You can visit the tomb once each day.
Fishing - Titanic Squid
This avatar is given to you if you catch a titanic squid in:underwater fishing. Your neopet needs to have reached a fishing skill of 80 or more before it is possible for it to catch this squid.
- Note: You can fish with each of your neopets, by changing your active pet. The time you have to wait between fishing seems to be random.
Premium members can get this avatar by refering 4 new people to premium neopets who actually stay and pay, past the 15 day free trial.
Bon Apétit
To get this avatar you need to visit the Kelp Restaurant untill it lets you in with a reservation. If you take home leftovers you may get the avatar.
Wheel of Misfortune
To get this avatar you need to spin the wheel of missfortune. If it lands on the pile of sludge you will get the avatar. Sometimes the Wheel can take NP from you or items from your inventory.
Lever Of Doom
For this avatar you need to pull the : Lever of Doom. The avatar is a random event so it may take many tries. You loose 100 np every time you pull the lever.
I *heart* happiness
To get the avatar you need to change your current avatar to the "I *heart* sloth" avatar (if you have it) and then visit the ihearthappiness/space faerie page in gallery of heroes.
Tooth Faerie
This avatar is a random event: The tooth faerie gives you an avatar for a lost tooth.
This avatar is given out as a random event to people blasted by the snowager. So you may get blasted several times before you get it.
Completely Random
To get this avatar you need to win the completely random contest.
Kadoatie - Mew
To get this avatar you need to feed 75! Kadoaties at the kadoatery.
Island Mystic
To get this avatar you need to visit the island mystic and be lucky enough to have him tell you a fortune with the word "kyrii" in it
King Skarl Moody
To get this avatar you need to tell a joke to the Grumpy old king. but its a random event after telling him a joke so if you dont get it first time keep trying.
NT Star
Wow for this you need to have been published in the neopian times at least 10 times.
Mediocre Flotsam
To get this avatar you need to win 1,000 NP on the wheel of mediocrity.
Neomail Addict
There are two ways to get this avatar: 1) You can sign up for a premium neopets account. 2) Be lucky enough to get it as a random event when sending neomails.
(The old way was send a neomail with the title and content: I love neomail. But it no longer works.)
This avatar is an additional prize when you scratch 3 identical pictures to win on a Deserted Fairground Scratchcard.
This avatar is given to you if you can get the Turmaculus to eat your active neopet's petpet. Pay him a visit and try to wake him up! Apparently there is one random hour each day when he will wake up.
Coco Roll
To get this avatar you need to download the game: Coco Roll to your mobile phone. It costs $4.00 yup REAL dollars! and your mobile may charge you more while you are connected to the internet. I've herd that it cannot be downloaded to all mobile types. The avatar links to the relevent page ;)
Caption Contest Funny
To get this avatar you will need to write a caption and win for either, caption contest number 500, 600 or 700 and so on. The avatar was given to the winners of caption contest number 400.
This question was answered in: The Neopian times
Avatar Collector
To get this avatar you need to collect enough Avatars to get onto the Avatar High score list.
Space Faerie
To get this one you need to redeem a Rare Item code and then get the Space Faerie as a battle dome challengerand finally defeat her. To get a rare item code you need to buy neopets merchandise - thats real products not virtual items.
Number Six
You need to go to the "about us" page to find out how much NP Adam currently has. You have to have the same amount of NP as Adam! when you visit the page to get the avatar. Eek good luck!
This avatar is a random event. Ive herd from several people that they got the event at their inventory.

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