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From Completing Quests

Tealia The Snow Faerie
For this avatar you need to complete a snow faerie quest. If she asks for very expensive items you can allways leave it and try again another time, you will still be able to get the avatar.
Edna Cackle
To get this avatar you need to complete quests for edna. But it is a random event from doing this so you may have to complete lots of quests before you get it.
Illusen's Glade
For this avatar you need to complete 20 Illusen's Glade Quests. Note if you fail to do any of the 20 quests in the time given you will need to start again.
Jhudora's Cloud
For this one you need to complete level 20 of Jhudora's quests. Again failing the quest means you must start from the beginning.

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