Charmed Ones Guild Awards

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The winners of the Charmed Ones Guild Awards 2004 are...

Best username: faeriegurl4lyfe
Best userlookup: sisterpyschic1329 and faeriegurl4lyfe
Best shop: sisterpyschic1329
Best website: sisterpyschic1329
Best personality: faeriegurl4lyfe and hollieangel3
Most likely to be famous: faeriegurl4lyfe
Biggest attitude: charmedp3phoebep3
Biggest flirt: princecool1
Most active member: hollieangel3
Sweetest member: hollieangel3
Most helpful member: hollieangel3
Most original member: faeriegurl4lyfe and violet345

Funniest member: faeriegurl4lyfe
Most creative member: sisterpyschic1329 and faeriegurl4lyfe
Most friendly member: icklekezzy and hollieangel3
Most mysterious member: pricecool1
Best Friend: faeriegurl4lyfe
Biggest Prue fan: violet345
Biggest Piper fan: wendigopiperp3neo and sisterpsychic1329
Biggest Phoebe fan: charmedp3phoebep3
Biggest Paige fan: paigematthewsh_
Biggest Leo fan: neo65629
Biggest Wyatt fan: sisterpyschic1329
Biggest Chris fan: concertina226

Biggest Charmed fan:violet345
Best doll maker:violet345
Best banner maker:sisterpsychic1329
Best lookup maker: faeriegurl4lyfe
Best graphix maker:sisterpsychic1329
Best room leader: sisterpsychic1329
Best room member:candasea2002_2006
Best teacher: bananagirl_1
Best student: sidecarsistarules
Best reporter:concertina22
Best new member:concertina226 and icklekezzy
Best member:neo65629