Charmed Ones Guild Awards

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The Winners of the Charmed Ones Guild Awards 2006 are...

Witch Of The Year: faeriegurl4lyfe & neo65629
Very close Runner-Up: mystical_piper

Best New Member (of 2006): _bubbly_kizz_

Best Username: faeriegurl4lyfe & mystical_piper

Best Userlookup: neo65629

Best Shop: neo65629

Best Gallery: xxxladyvixenxxx & neo65629

Best Website: faeriegurl4lyfe

Best Personality: mystical_piper

Most Likely To Be Famous: xxxladyvixenxxx

Biggest Attitude: charmedp3phoebep3

Most Active Member: hollieangel3

Sweetest Member: bananagirl_1 & mystical_piper

Most Helpfull Member: neo65629

Most Original Member: faeriegurl4lyfe

Funniest Member: xxxladyvixenxxx

Most Loopy Member: xxxladyvixenxxx

Most Creative Member: faeriegurl4lyfe

Most Intellectual Member: hollieangel3 & neo65629

Most Inspirational Member: faeriegurl4lyfe

Most Organised Member: neo65629

Most Friendly Member: bananagirl_1 & faeriegurl4ylfe

Most Logical Member: _eternal_illusion_

Most Mysterious Member: concertina226 & violet345

Best Friend: mystical_piper

Best Doll Maker: violet345

Best Banner Maker: faeriegurl4lyfe

Best Lookup Maker: faereigurl4lyfe

Best Graphics Maker: faeriegurl4lyfe

Best Webpage Maker: neo65629

Best Writer: faeriegurl4lyfe

Best Room Leader: bananagirl_1

Best Room Member: mystical_piper

Best Teacher: bananagirl_1

Best Student: _bubbly_kizz_ & v1321

Best Reporter: gallopgurl101

Best Boss: neo65629

Biggest Charmed Fan: neo65629

Biggest Prue Fan: violet345

Biggest Piper Fan: mystical_piper

Biggest Phoebe Fan: charmedp3phoebep3

Biggest Paige Fan: paigeasher

Biggest Leo Fan: neo65629

Biggest Wyatt Fan: sisterpsychic1329

Biggest Chris Fan: concertina226

Biggest Billie Fan: aaminakhazna

Biggest Cole Fan: charmedp3phoebep3

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