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The character profiles contain information up to season 7 with exception to one character (stated in the title). Please refer from reading the information below if you haven't seen all of the episodes and dont want to find out what will happen in the future.

Prudence Halliwell

Prue, the eldest of the Halliwell sisters was born in October 1971. At first she didn’t really believe in witches and magic, but a lot changed when Phoebe read a spell in the book of Shadows that gave them their powers. She found out that she and her sisters were destined to be the Charmed Ones, good witches who need to vanquish demons and protect the innocents. Prue was always a leader, who tried to save a lot of innocents and her sisters from evil. In major situations, she was often in control. She was a cool head person and she wasn't afraid of a lot of things. Prue was married with Roger, but they were already divorced at the beginning of season 1. She quit her job and started working at Bucklands, where she studied and sold antiques. She also dated Jack, one of her colleagues, but when their relation stranded, she wanted to become a photographer, which had always been one of her dream jobs. She found a job as a professional photographer at 415 magazine. Although her biggest love Andy died when he was trying to protect the Charmed Ones, she kept trying to find true love!
But unfortunately, Prue died at the season finale of the third season in 2001 at the age of 29... Trying to save an innocent and her sisters once again, she and Piper got deadly injured by a Demon called Shax. Leo tried to heal the girls but he only managed to save Piper… Rest in peace Prue Halliwell!

Piper Halliwell-Wyatt

Piper, originally the middle sister, was born on June 7th 1973. She always used to be in the middle of Prue and Phoebe. In the beginning Prue and Phoebe didn’t get along very good. But Piper was always a very kind and loving person and she got along fine with both sisters. That’s why she often tried to settle arguments between her 2 sisters in the beginning. She used to work in a restaurant named Quake, but now, she's following her dream and owns her own night club, the P3, named after the Power of Three.
Piper was always a very romantic girl that just wants to be normal. She sometimes wishes she never was a charmed one. She used to date Jeremy (the first demon they vanquished). She also dated Leo, the ‘handyman’ for a while, but he had to leave… After that she had a relationship with Dan, the guy next door. But when she was dating Dan, Leo returned into the lives of the charmed ones. He saved Piper’s live, against the will of the Elders when she was dying of a tropical disease that couldn’t be cured. Leo said he would do anything to get her back and later he succeeded. Piper saw that she felt more for Leo. Although Dan was a nice guy, he couldn’t accept the fact that Piper was a good witch and that there were supernatural things in live that he didn’t know off. So Piper wished that Dan didn’t remember anything, so he could just move on with his live, just like her. Piper is now married to Leo Wyatt and at the 5th season both of them became parents to a charming boy named Wyatt Matthew Halliwell, followed by Chris Perry Halliwell.

Phoebe Halliwell

Born on November 2nd 1975, Phoebe used to be the youngest of the family before they met Paige. She and Prue didn’t really get along in the beginning, mostly because Phoebe wasn’t the most responsible person around and she mostly thinks with her heart instead of with her head. But the fact that they became the charmed ones brought them closer together and Phoebe and Prue learned to get along with eachother. Phoebe graduated from college at the age of 26. Therefore it is pretty hard for her to find a job. But she writes a column for a magazine. Phoebe’s love life has also been kind of a mess. She is often attracted to the wrong guy. In season 3 Phoebe got her first meaningful relationship in a long time, she fell for Cole, a lawyer, who turned out to be part demon, part human. But Cole’s love for Phoebe was so great, that he tried to change and Cole managed to lose his demonic habits. Unfortunately, Cole became the Source by vanquishing the original Source. He and Phoebe got married and Phoebe was pregnant, but Phoebe’s baby was taken away cause it wasn’t Cole’s son, it was the son of the Source and it would be evil. The sisters had to vanquish Cole, but he returned again to win Phoebe’s heart. But this time Phoebe and her sisters vanquished the still demonic Cole for once and for all. After Cole it has been very hard for Phoebe to find true love and open up again between her witchy duties and her work at the Bay Mirror, however she finds ways of coping with it little by little with the guys she meet and with help from others who are close to her.

Paige Matthews

Paige was born on august 2nd 1977 and has been put in adoption right after she was born. She is the Halliwells' baby half sister. After Prue, Piper and Phoebe were born, Patty, the mother of the charmed ones, had an affair with her whitelighter Sam. And that is how Patty became pregnant with Paige. Due to her Whitelighter father, Paige is part witch, part whitelighter. Patty gave her away right after Paige was born. Paige was adopted by wonderful parents, but they died when she was a teenager in a car accident. The other girls never knew of Paige her existence, until Prue’s funeral. Paige was strangely drawn to Prue her funeral, later she found out she was Piper and Phoebe’s long lost sister and part of the ‘new’ charmed ones. Paige is more of a party girl, ready to jump in anything and all she asks for is to prove herself as a witch to Phoebe and Piper. She is an artist in her free time and works for the San Francisco social services. She is really funny and mostly learns from her mistakes, and always searching for her sepreate identity.

Leo Wyatt

Leo is a whitelighter, a guardian angel for good witches. Born in 1924 and died at world war 2 in 1942, he is immortal. He has a lot of powers; orb out and in places, heal people who were hurt by evil beings, levitation, harmless energy balls, shapeshifting and he has a kind of supernatural radar to find people. He started out as the girls’ handyman, but Phoebe found out his secret when she caught him levitating in a room. Leo's job is to guide the sisters when they have to fight evil forces, but sometimes, it's more like the sisters are guiding him... He is really kind, he never gives up and he is always ready to help people, which is the reason why he became a whitelighter. He fell in love with Piper and although they had a lot of problems, their love continues to concurre so many obstacles through their lives and awarded them with two beautiful sons called Wyatt and Chris.

Cole Turner

Cole was also known as Belthazor, a powerful demon who had the power to shimmer from a place to another, and he could also throw killing energy pulse. He was born in 1885 and he was half human, but became totally mortal after a witch threw a power striping potion on him, which vanquished his demon half.Belthazor was sent out to kill the charmed ones, but instead of killing them he fell in love with Phoebe. That way his human half got control of him and he was the main target of bounty hunters of the Source for a while. But even though his love for Phoebe was very strong, Cole was drawn to evil again and the Charmed Ones had to vanquish him for good now :(

Darryl Morris

Darryl is married, has kids and is an inspector at the San Francisco police department, in homicide. Darryl used to be Andy’s partner and friend. But after Andy died he found out the secret of the Charmed Ones and now he tries to help and protect them, just like Andy did. He often has to investigate supernatural cases and hide the truth so nobody discovers the secret of the sisters. But most of those cases end up "unsolved", and he gets into lots of trouble for his 3 friends.

Wyatt Matthew Halliwell (Season 5)

Pipers and Leos first born child, he posses quite a few magical powers and his destiny is to become the most powerful witch in the world. Even from the womb he had a lot of powers, that saved (and messed up) Piper a lot of times. Wyatt was born on a special day when all of the magic - good and bad - was gone, to make place for his birthing so demons won't beable to kidnap him - unfortunetly that doesn't work as planned - but all ends well when Phoebe and Paige help Piper give birth to the twice blessed child. Piper decided to call Wyatt because of Leos last name, Matthew - after Paiges last name, and Halliwell as the charmed ones last name, awwww.

Chris Perry (Season 6)

Chris came from the future in the start of the 6th season, to change it. He forced Leo to become an elder to get him out of the way for his plans - and by that becoming the sisters whitelighter. Through out the season Chris helped the charmed ones to fight sevral demons that might have infullence the future as he saw it - a future where Wyatt is evil and the charmed ones don't exsist. In the middle of the season Phoebe finds out that Chris is actually Wyatts little brother, and eventualy the truth comes out to all who are involved. Unfortunetly he left us in the end of the season, hopefully succeding in his mission.

Bille Jenkins (Season 8)

Billie joined the Charmed Ones as Paiges charge, after they faked their own deaths in order to start a new life. She has the power of telekensis (just like Prue) and later during the season she also develops a power that affects her surroundings when she has strong emotions. Billie helps the sisters to battle demons for them and maintain their life as normal as possible, while trying to find her own personal truth about her family. Billies big sister, Christy, had been kidnapped when they were very little and her parents couldn't find her even though they did their best. Billie finds out during the season that a demon took her sister and does her best to find her, before it's too late.

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