Which Charmed One Are You?

1. In your family, what child are you?

The oldest
The middle
The youngest
Only child

2. Which of the following guys, would you like to date?


3. What are/were you like at highschool?

a nerd
I was a bad girl, I always skipped classes and got in trouble.
I was very popular and a cheerleader
I was pretty normal, but still cool ;)

4. What’s your favorite power?

Premonitions and levitation
Telekinetic Orbing and Healing
Astral Projection and Telekinesis
Freeze time and blowing things up

5. Do you always follow the latest trends in fashion?

Yes, all the time! I am a fashion queen!
No, I have my own style. I like to wear lots of colors.
No, I like confortable stuff and mostly black.
Only if they look classic. I like designer clothes.

6. What are you afraid of?

Enclosed Spaces
I can't think of anything right now, I am not easily frightened.

7. What is your favorite demon?

Are you kidding me? How can you have a favorite Demon? They are EVIL, you know?

8. Do you often have headaches?

Yes and they pop up at the weirdest times...
Not more than normal people I guess...
Yes, maybe I should worry less...

9. If you were a Goddess, which one would you be?

The Goddess of War
The Goddess of Earth
The Goddess of Love
The Goddess of Fire

10. What are your dreams about?

I dream about being followed by scary people with masks and chainsaws.
I don't dream that often, but once I had a nightmare of someone who tried to kill me and I wasn't able to move :(
I mostly have dreams concerning my childhood
I have "exotic" dreams, let's put it that way!

11. If you could change in something else for a day, what would you pick? 

A dog
A nimph
A mermaid
A cool dancer at a club, who can get the attention of all the guys ;)

12. What is your current hairstyle most like?

Dark brown and very long
Short and dark brown
Blonde/Red and medium long
Medium black hair

13. What are you obsessed with?

With the competition, I want to be the best!
Cleaning, hmmm... wait I missed a spot over there. I'll be right back!
Hmmm... Well, I am kinda obsessed with this guy right now...

14. Which words describe you the best?

crazy (in a good way), spiritual and creative
driven, powerful and intelligent
down to earth, romantic and sarcastic
funny, caring and a quick learner

15. Pick a quote, any quote!

I'm about to orb your family jewels far far away!
I am so gonna blow up your sorry ass!
Don't make me use my powers on you!
What do u want me to do.... premonition the man to death?

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