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Season 2 summaries were written by Shirley and Ortal

2.1 Witch Trial
On the first annual celebration of the day the sisters became the Charmed Ones they find themselves facing a demon from the Astral Plane that is after the book of shadows. He uses the information stored in the book (reading it backwards) and unleashes all of the demons the Charmed Ones ever faced before. The sisters try their luck with different spells and charms to try and defeat the demon and bring back the book. On the mean time Prue faces her guilt in Andys death and finds comfort in his partner, Darryl. Dan an his niece, Jenny, move in to the house next door and Piper is having a hard time getting a loan in order to open her club.

2.2 Morality Bites
Phoebe recieves a premintion in which she is burned at the stake 10 years from now. In order to find out exactly what happened and how they can stop it the sisters cast a spell that would take them into the future and hopefully stop them from losing a sister. But the spell has an unexpected twist when they find themselves in their own future bodies. Piper finds out she still lives in the manor and has a beautiful little girl named Malinda. Prue is the owner of Buckland and is now blond and Phoebe finds herself in jail for murder. Prue and Piper break in to jail in order to save Phoebe but something happenes that makes them change their mind.

2.3 The Painted World
A woman come into Bucklands to sell a painting. Prue is examining the painting. The woman is acting to be very afraid of the painting. After the woman left, Prue sees a light in the picture of the window. Prue takes a hand lense and se what or who is doing this. On the window it says help and Prue is surprised. Prue's assitant scans the painting and sees some writing on the painting in Latin. Prue Prue discovers someone trapped within a painting at the auction house and unwittingly repeats the Latin spell hidden under the picture casting her into another dimension with a man who's been stuck there for 70 years! Meanwhile, Piper asks their new neighbor for help renovating her new night club and Phoebe secretly casts a smart spell to help her compete for a new job. When Piper also gets stuck in the painting, Phoebe's new smarts enable her to read the Latin spell to free them all only to be tricked by the man in the painting. The man is really a warlock. He saves himself and then torches the painting. Although the smart spell is over, a cunning Phoebe tricks the warlock and his warlock lover into the painting with her. Piper freezes the warlocks within the painting while Prue, Piper, Phoebe and the cat escape back into the real world.

2.4 The Devil's Music
Leo is in a club looking for a young woman.The manager takes the woman who Leo is tring to find in a room to meet the band, but she gets tricked and is swallowed by a demon. In the morning, Leo searches for the manager of the band and uses his whiteligher magic to make the manager to play at P3. THe manager goes to P3 and makes a schedule on which day to play. Jenny is excited that her favortie band is playing at P3 and asks Piper if she could see them. But Piper says No cause she isnt old enough but piper says it in a ok meaning. The Charmed Ones are at home and Leo orbs in. Leo tels Piper that he put a spell on him so the Charmed Ones could fight him but Piper gets pissed off at him. Prue and Phoebe make the potion and find a spell. Piper,however, is at Dan's place to tell Jenny she cant go. Jenny gets mad, but she still sneaks into P3. Phoebe tricks the manager into letting her go meet the band but is to really see the demon and vanquish him. Phoebe messes up on throw the potion in the body and the demon gets mad at the manager. The manager tells the security guard that Phoebe has a weapon and the manager pops the ballon with the potion on to Phoebe's skirt. Jenny ,however, is walking toward on meeting the band,but the manager tricked her to go into the demon. The CHarmed Ones follow,but the door is locked. Jenny is sucked into the demon's body and The Charmed Ones don't have a way to save them. Prue with her power takes off Phoebe's Skirt and puts it in the demon's throat. The demon was vanquished and the girls were free.

2.5 She's A Man, Baby, A Man!
The Halliwell sisters realize that Phoebe's bizarre dreams about murdering men are connected to a demon femme fatale called a Succubus who is really killing men and draining their testosterone to reproduce. Prue unwittingly casts a spell to catch the demon and turns into a guy! Posing as bait for the man-killer, Prue goes by the name Manny.Piper,however, is watching Dan's video of the interveiw. Piper was astouned and fell in love. Soon the Succubus zeros in on Prue, who finds her maleness has rendered her powerless to the demon's feminine charms. Phoebe uses her psychic connection to the Succubus to help Manny, who's really Prue, reject the demonic charms and bring back a very relieved and womanly Prue. Enriched by her experience as a man Prue convinces Piper to ask Leo out to the Animal Rights benefit concert starring the Cranberries.

2.6 That Old Black Magic
A trio of film students are the victims of a heart-stealing evil witch who escapes from over 200 years of entombment hunting for her magical scepter. Leo returns to help get the staff into the hands of the only person who can use the wand for good, The Chosen One, and bumps into Piper with her new love interest, Dan. Leo tells the Charmed Ones about the story of the evil witch who once was good. Trying to put the awkwardness aside Leo, Piper and Phoebe find the Chosen One who turns out to be a reluctant teenager named Kyle while Prue stumbles across the magical scepter. Ignoring Leo's warnings, the Halliwell sisters attempt to find and defeat the witch and barely escape with their lives. Piper who is mad at Leo is standing by the window and Leo comes in and says "Snake" but Piper thought he was tlaking about her being a snake.Protected only by a fake courage potion concocted by Prue, Kyle saves the day destroying the evil witch by using the magical scepter. The victory becomes bittersweet when Leo faces Piper's choice to end their difficult romance and begin a new one with Dan.

2.7 They're everywhere
Phoebe decides to help in a hospital and meets there she meets a guy named Eric, whose father is in a coma. On the mean time Eric tries to translate an old map that tells the secret location of hidden scrolls that fortell the future. Eric finds himself being chased after 2 warlocks, called the Collectors, that are after the information in his head. To get to him they kidnap his father and promise to release him if he will give them the information they need. Prue suspects Jack is a warlock after she got the feeling he blinked from one place to the other. Kit hiss at Dan and Piper and Prue decide to cast a spell to hear ones thoughts and see if there is something they're not telling them (e.g. them being warlocks).

2.8 P3 H2O
The episode starts with Prue, pondering near the lake where her mother drowned. She sees a man drowning and just as shes about to help him a man name Sam stops her. The sisters try to figure out who was that man and are astonished to discover that he was their mothers whitelighter, and that they've had an affair. In order to prevent history from repeating itself Sam eareses the charmed ones memories, but Leo reminds them what happened and together they go out to stop the demon inside the lake (the same one who killed their mother) from killing again.

2.9 Ms. Hellfire
Yes, its friday the 13th (again). The sisters are attacked by a woman named Ms. Hellfire but Prue manages to kill her. The sisters call Darryl and ask him to get rid of the body, Forced in the process to discover their secret. Prue finds out she has a new power - Astral Projection - that enables her to project herself anywhere she wants. Piper and Prue go to Ms. Hellfires place and Prue decides to take her place and find out who hired her to kill them. The girls find out that besides their 3 names there are also 10 more witches on the list, the whole deal starts to sound rather familiar and they discover that Barbas is behind it all.

2.10 Heartbreak City
Cupid comes to the Charmed Ones asking for help after a powerful warlock stole his ring, with which he helps couples get together. The warlock uses the ring to undo Cupids love and with this making him weaker and weaker. The girls vanquish him but with the power of the ring he comes back to life and goes after them. He 'helps' Prue, Jack, Piper and Dan to fight and only Phoebe sees that the warlock is still alive. Now its up to her and Cupid to save love before it would be lost forever.

2.11 Reckless Abandon
Phoebe arrives to the police station and gets a premenition from a baby of a ghost trying to kill him and his father. She convinces Darryl to take the baby to the manor, where he will be safe until they figure out how to help his family. The sisters find out that the baby belongs to a rich family in which all the males were killed in freak accidents. They contact the grandmother and mother of the baby and try to help them, while trying to cope with the new addition to the Halliwell family. On the mean time, Prue and Jack work on a presentation that could send them to New York.

2.12 Awakened
Piper gets a sting from a fruit fly after smuggling illegal fruit. She commits to the hospital where her condition gets worse and Phoebe and Prue decide to try and call Leo to help her. Leo comes but he can't do anything because the Elders aren't letting him. In an act of desperation they cast a spell to awakne Piper from her illness, but without meaning to they also awake the doll that now carries the virus with her along the hospital and makes people sick. Prue quits her job after her bos and Jack try to convince her to sell a fake Mone painting and Phoebe decides to go to college.

2.13 Animal Pragmatism
Phoebes classmates (with the help of Phoebe herself) cast a spell to create themselves dates from animals for the upcoming Valentines day. The spell works, but the animals decide they want to stay human and they would do everything in order to achieve their goal. Leo starts working in P3 and Dan gets jealous, while Piper is torn between the 2.

2.14 Pardon My Past
Phoebe gets attacked by her previous life. She finds out that someone is trying to warn her from her upcoming death, and decides to cast a spell that will help her see and feel what happened. Phoebe is shocked to find out that she was evil in her past life and she fell in love with a warlock named Anton. Together they tried to kill their cousins (Prues and Pipers past lifes) but Prue and Piper cast a spell that will seperate their future selfs to meet. The sisters turn to an old lady named Christina, that was there when everything happened.

2.15 Give Me a Sign
Bane escapes from prison after a warlock tries to kill him. Not knowing where to go he kidnaps Prue to help him out. At first Prue doesnt know what to believe and isnt sure if she can trust him, but in the end agrees to help him out. Phoebe casts a spell that will help Piper to choose between Dan and Leo, but instead it backfires. Prue decides she wants to be a proffesional photographer.

2.16 Murphy's Luck
Prue starts working in a magazine. Her first job is to take pictures of Meggy Murphy - the jinxed women of San Fransisco. When Prue arrives she finds Meggy is about to jump of a roof, but she saves her just in time. Turns out a darklighter is controling her thoughts and making her feel shes a horrible person. Prue saves her, but not before the darklighter targets her and decides to give her some bad luck that will eventually drive her to her death. Piper tries to find a way to tell Dan who her true love is.

2.17 How to Make a Quilt out of Americans
The Charmed Ones recieve a surprise visit from an old family friend, Aunt Gail. She asks them to help her stop a demon named Cryto that steals the skin from people in order to get his full powers. In reality Aunt Gail and 2 of her friends conjured Cryto to help them become young again. The sisters find out about it but its too late as Gail stole their powers. Now they must find a way to get their powers back and vanquish Cryto before he kills them. Piper is having doubts about getting her powers back, claiming she wants her normal life back.

2.18 Chick Flick
The sisters encounter the demon of illusion, who brings characters from (horror) films to cause chaos in all of SF. The demon gets the idea after releasing Phoebes hero from her favorite movie, Billy (Kill it before it dies). The demon sends several creepy killers after the sisters, and they find out that they cant be killed in regular ways. Phoebe, as a big horror fan, discoveres the way to kill them and the sisters get an idea on how to vanquish the demon of illusion.

2.19 Ex Libris
Charliene, a girl in Phoebes college, finds proof that demon exsist and is murdered by a Libris demon that doesnt want the truth revealed. Phoebe is forced to tell Charliene that she died and helps her move on after getting her vengence. Prue meets a man that tries to find someone who will help him prove a man killed his daugther years ago. Prue wants to help him but she must be careful to not use her power to punish the guilty. Phoebes gets very stressed with her upcoming exams.

2.20 Astral Monkey
The doctor that treated Piper when she was ill becomes obsessed in finding out what caused her magical recovery. During his attempts to uncover the truth he injects the sisters blood into 3 monkies, and they recieve their magical powers. A leathel accident causes the doctor to get the sisters powers and he goes scavanger haunting after criminals organs, while trying to save his dying sister. Prue gets assigned to photograph one of Phoebes favorite actors and ends up in a tabloid.

2.21 Apocalypse, Not
The sisters go out to a magic free day and Leo wants to spend some alone time with Piper. On their way to the resturant they stumble upon a street-fight that gotten way out of hand. Piper freezes everyone but one man remains moving. They chase after him but he disappears. When the girls hurry to find out who it was they find 3 others like him and read the wrong spell that sends one of them along with Prue to another plane. In order to set them free Piper and Phoebe must work along side the others, but if they release Prue the 4 horsmen of the apocalypse will be freed and the world might come to its end. Are they really willing to pay the price of a sister in order to save the entire world?

2.22 Be Careful What You Witch For
The sisters stumble upon a trickster genie that agrees to grant the Charmed Ones 3 wishes in exchange for his freedom by the evil counsel. Prue is tricked into wishing to become 17 again, when she exprienced her first true love. Phoebe wishes for an active power and recieves the flight of a dragon-warlock while Piper wants Dan to move on and ends up making him an old man. One thing leads to another and Prue dies by the dragon warlock. Leo tries to heal her but fails. The genie feels guilty for causing so much trouble to the sisters and offers to set things back on course. In all of the chaos Dan finds out that Piper and her sisters are witches. The genies plan works however, and Prue comes back to life, the genie becomes free and Dan gets a clean slate to start fresh.

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