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Season 3 summaries were written by Shirley and Ortal

3.1 The Honeymoon's Over
Prue starts to feel rather nervous after finding out the Triad was after them for the past 2 years, not to mention Piper and Leo leaving to visit up there and not coming back for other a month, leaving the power of three to only two. After Prue and Phoebe witness a murder they find themselves on the witness stand, knowing they must lie under oath in order to protect their true identities and to stop the murders from hapenning again. They put the DA (Cole Turner) in danger after their lies and Phoebe finds out she has a new active power (levitation). Leo finds a way for him and Piper to be together no matter what the Elders say.

3.2 Magic Hour
Piper is secretly planning her wedding day, doing her best to not let the Elders find out what she and Leo are up to. On the mean time the sisters meet a cursed couple that turn into an owl and a wolf during day/night time in order to keep them seperated. A sorcerer fell inlove with Brooke, the wolf-girl, and because she didn't return his feelings he cursed them. Just when Piper and Leo are about to be wed things seem to go very wrong, and Piper is left crushed at the alter.

3.3 Once Upon a Time
Piper declares strike against the Elders until they will bring back Leo. On the mean time Phoebe meets a young girl that is attacked by invisible creatures. After further investigation those creatures turn out to be trolls that are trying to take the faerie princess from her. The girl sprinkles faerie dust on Prue and Phoebe and they become little kids, which enables him to now see the trolls and faeries. Phoebes new crush turns out to be a demon who is after the Book of Shadows.

3.4 All Halliwell's Eve
The Charmed Ones find themselves sucked into a time portal in the middle of a battle with the Grimlocks and end up in Colonial Virginia. Without the sisters kownladge, Cole found his way to the same time and is plotting to kill the unborn baby who will begin the sisters family tree. Prue falls for a mystery man that saved them from hanging and ends up tracking him down in her own time and the Charmed Ones get to learn a little bit more about their Halloween and their powers.

3.5 Sight Unseen
After someone breaks into the manor Prue becomes obsessed with finding out anything she can about the Triad. On the mean time, the Triad is disappointed with Cole for not killing the Charmed Ones and send in another demon after them. The new demon has the power to become invisible, thus making the Charmed Ones an easy pray as they can't hurt what they can't see. Prue continues with her plans on protecting herself and her sisters from the Triad and creates a demon trap in the attic, in which Cole gets trapped in. The sisters start to wander if there could be something fishy about him. Cole isn't too fond of the new demon the Triad sent and does his best to help the Charmed Ones to survive his attacks. Eventually the demon is killed, however it seems not everything is what it looks like as a new enemy finds his way into the manor.

3.6 Primrose Empath
After Prue recieves sevral signs to help a man who seems to be suffering from a great deal of pain she casts a spell to eliminate the cause of it, but the spell backfires. Turns out the man she was trying to save is actually a demon who was cursed with the empath ability, and during the spell the ability lifted from him and sank into her. As Prue was never ment to have this power it slowly drives her mad. Piper and Phoebe find out what happened and together with Leo do everything they can in order to restore things back to the way they were before the spell. Prue eventually succeeds to overcome the rainbow of emotions in her head and becomes stronger than ever, defeating the demon and saving the day.

3.7 Power Outage
Cole creates a new plan to destory the Charmed Ones and hires the help of a hate-demon. Together they trick the sisters to get mad and use their powers on each other, with that breaking the bond and leaving them powerless against Cole. Phoebe, hurt from what her sister had to say about her, runs off straight into the arms of her demon-boyfriend to try and find comfort in him, while Piper and Prue seak Leos help in order to find out what exactly happened. Just as Cole is about to kill Phoebe he finds out he just can't do it. After Phoebe leaves the Triad whisks him away and with the anger bottled up inside of him he manages to kill all of them. The sisters reunite and their powers are returned to them.

3.8 Sleuthing With the Enemy
Prue and Piper cast a spell to track down Balthazor and vanquish him, but the spell backfires and brings them Balthazors Bounty Hunter instead. He offers them to work together and defeat him along with his tracking abilities and their Charm. On the mean time Phoebe is searching for Cole who disappeared a while ago, finding him in his appartment hurt just where the sisters slashed Balthazor. She calls for Leo to heal him yet the wound doesnt recover completely, which makes Leo wander if Cole really who he says he is. Phoebe, blinded by her love for him, tries to think up of ways that this might be possible but eventually she faces the facts. After discovering Coles true identity Phoebe must now face the cold truth and decide what is she going to do next - betray her sisters and help Cole escape or vanquish her love?

3.9 Coyote Piper
Piper is very anxious with her upcoming High School reunion. When a ghost takes over her body and slowly kills her she takes over the preperations at the club and nearly bites the head of some of her old school mates. All the while Phoebe and Prue begin to get quite suspecious of their sisters odd behavior. After the sisters discover whats happening they crash Pipers reunion along with Leo (just in time to find her dancing on the bar) and finally banish the spirit from Pipers body.

3.10 We All Scream For Ice Cream
Prue is haunted by an odd tune that later unvailes to be a theme song of an Ice Cream truck. She and Phoebe suspect something is up as the children seemed to be enchanted with the theme and follow the truck to discover that the Ice Cream seller hypnotizes the kids with his music and kidnaps them into a snow world. Phoebe and Prue help the kids escape, only later to discover that they are actually evil beings. Horrorfied from the mistake they made the sisters must now set things right again, and Prue is forced to face with an old childhood memory of her and her father.

3.11 Blinded By the Whitelighter
Leos old friend, Natalie, comes to warn the Charmed Ones about a warlock that collects powers after killing witches. The sisters are asked to keep a low profile, but they do the exact opposite. The warlock manages to steal a darklighters power and with that to also kill whitelighters. His plan is to get the power of a whitelighter in order to be able to orb up there and kill everyone. Natalie and Leo replace places when she gets to be assigned on the sisters and train them against the warlock. On the mean time, Phoebes guilt trip helps her to tell Leo the truth about what happened to Cole.

3.12 Wrestling With Demons
The Charmed Ones suspect a demon is offing innocents. Prue and Darryl follow the next intended victim as protection. While in an alley a demon hurls a ball of fire at the victim, but the attack goes awry when Prue steps in. The demon runs off and Prue realizes that the demon is actually, Tom, a boy she dated in college. The girls find out Tom is a recruit of a "Demon-Academy," where recruits loose their humanity to become demons. Prue decides to visit Tom's mother, while Piper and Phoebe stay at the Manor to work on a spell to locate Tom. Phoebe confesses to Piper that she let Cole/Belthazar go and she's been working on a "Lost & Found Spell" to find him. Prue talks to Tom's mother and finds out more about the "Demon-Recruiter." The girls cast the spell, discover where Tom is, ambush him and drag him back to the Manor. They find out he's still human, but he has to kill an innocent to become a demon, the girls allow him to escape and follow him to the "Demon-Recruiter." They offer the "Recruiter" a deal, they will fight for Tom's humanity, and if they win they leave with Tom, if they lose the "Recruiter" gets Tom and them. He accepts the offer and Phoebe tells Prue about Cole. While Phoebe and Prue are in the Wrestling Ring, the "Recruiter" stabs Piper in the back and leaves with Tom. Prue and Phoebe kick some demon butt, take Piper to Leo (so he can heal her), and tell Darryl to take Tom's mother to the Manor. Everyone meets at the Manor and the "Recruiter" tells Tom to kill his mother, he can't do it and kills the "Recruiter" instead. Later Prue and Phoebe talk about Cole, but Prue still feels betrayed by her sister and neither one knows how to mend their relationship.

3.13 Bride And Gloom
A shapeshifting warlock pretends to be Piper and borrows Prue's lipstick. The warlock "Blinks" to an undisclosed location and gives the lipstick to an evil priestess in order to be used in a spell. With one kiss Prue will be paralyzed and the priestess will marry her to the warlock.Cole makes contact with Phoebe and she meets him at the crypt, while Piper is busy planning her wedding with Leo. Phoebe tells Cole that it's over and she doesn't care for him anymore, Cole tells her that he loves her and it's his human side that allows him to love, since demons can't love.The warlock kisses Prue, and transports her to the priestess in order to perform the ceremony. She congratulates the warlock with a paralyzing kiss and reveals her plan; by turning Prue evil the Charmed Ones will become evil and this will alter the Book of Shadows so she can steal the book and all the power in it. Phoebe and Piper discover Prue is missing, Phoebe begs Cole to help find her and kisses him. Phoebe and Piper are lured to the dark side and relish their new powers. Cole materializes and warns Phoebe that a priestess is on her way to steal the book. Piper and Phoebe capture her and begin to torture her to tell them where Prue is. Leo orbs in, startles them, and allows the priestess to escape. In a fury the girls freeze Leo and shatter him into a billion pieces. They then blink to where Prue is. The priestess wakes up Prue and her husband, the warlock then shifts into another Prue. Now Piper and Phoebe have to battle two Prue's. They make a guess and destroy the warlock, thus shattering the spell and vanquishing the priestess. Back at the Manor, they discover that the Elders saved Leo and the wedding is still on. Phoebe goes back to the crypt to thank Cole, but she also tells him she can't be with him.

3.14 The Good, the Bad and the Cursed
On a visit to an old ghost town, Phoebe creates a psychic connection with one of the towns old inhabits - called Bo. Soon the sisters come to discover that a curse is set on the town and Phoebes and Bos destiny are now combined - whatever happenes to Bo happenes to Phoebe. In order to save Phoebes future and release the town from its curse Prue and Cole comeback to the wild wild west to knock some sense into the town folk and hopefully save Bo and Phoebe as a result.

3.15 Just Harried
On Pipers wedding day, she wishes for a day free of supernatural chaos, yet Prues astral self has a different idea. Latly Prue has been having a lot of odd dreams, and she haven't been getting enough sleep. Turns out her astral self likes to kick some booty in clubs late at night and she is soon framed for murder. The wedding goes all wrong when Prues bikerfriend comes to help her escape from the cops and crashes Pipers and Leos wedding, leaving Piper to call off the wedding and Leo to become heartbroken.

3.16 Death Takes an Halliwell
Prue starts seeing a strange shadow following people around and then they are killed soon after. She later finds out that the shadow is the Angel of Death - a neutral being that comes into this world to escort the ones who are bound die/dead. Yet she isn't willing to accept the fact that he is good and does everything she can in order to prevent the innocence from dieing. The constant battle between them forces her to deal with her emotions on her mothers death once again and she comes to face the fact that she can't save everybody.

3.17 Pre-Witched
Now that Piper and Leo are married, Piper wants to move out of the manor and start a new life with Leo, but she isn't sure how will her sisters take it as this kind of seperation might weaken the power of three. On the mean time we get to see glimpses of the Charmed Ones past when the sisters didn't have their powers yet and Grams was still alive.

3.18 Sin Francisco
Prue and Phoebe stumble upon a man who killed himself for the sake of an odd box. After a look in the book of shadows and a little of Leos help they learn that the box contains the 7 deadly sins: Greed, Pride, Envy, Anger, Gluttony, Lust and Sloth. Before they can react to things each of them become infected with one sin, leaving them easay pray to the demon whos after them. Phoebes lust makes her want any guy in sight, Piper starts to over-do things when filling up the manor with countless of useless items, Prue becomes prouder than ever and Leo slacks off and becomes a couch-potato.

3.19 The Demon Who Came In From The Cold
Cole finds out that the Brotherhood he used to belong to as a demon has some sort of evil plan involving a computer compnay. In order to learn more about things he goes uncerdover as his former demon self and helps the Charmed Ones to prevent the Brotherhood from doing something evil. As time goes by however, the sisters become uncertain of the fact that Cole really does works beside them and not for his old friends.

3.20 Exit Strategy
Phoebe starts to worry when she finds out Cole must steal an amulet to convince the Brotherhoods leader he is still evil. Cole completes his task, leaving the witch alive, but things go wrong when his old mentor kills her in order to frame Cole for murder and make the Charmed Ones think he is evil again. On the mean time, Piper gets a new power that makes her (and the rest of the manor) rather fragile until she learns to control it.

3.21 Look Who's Barking
After a series of odd crimes the Charmed Ones discover that a Banshee invaded their town and they must now banish her before she will kill any more innocent people. As it turns out the Banshee seeks people who are in great deal of pain and feeds of it. When the Charmed Ones cast a tracking spell in order to find the Banshee, Prue becomes a dog so she will be able to hear a Banshees cry. Prujo escapes from Piper and Phoebe and ends up being hit by a car, whose owner has a soft spot for animals, while Phoebe herself becomes a Banshee, leaving paniced Piper to deal with things on her own.

3.22 All Hell Breaks Loose
When the Charmed Ones dark secret is revealed after Piper blows up a demon on live t.v. media feasts of the Halliwell Manor for the latest scandal. Phoebe and Leo travel into the underworld to seak for help from Cole and the source comes up with a plan in order to save both good and evil beings from exposre. On the mean time, Piper get shot and is rushed to the hospital to seak for help and Prue uses her powers to harm innocencts. Shax, the sources assiasn is sent in order to kill the sisters. The episode ends when Prue and Piper are near death and Phoebe is trapped in the underworld with no way to warn them from the upcoming demon whose after them.

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