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Season 4 summaries were written by Kristen

4.1 Charmed Again Part 1
After the death of Prue, Piper and Phoebe are struggling to regain the Power of Three. Phoebe accepts that Prue has gone, whereas Piper tries various spells, including the spell to call a lost witch to get their other sister back. Instead of Prue it brings Paige Matthews (Unknown half sister) is drawn to Prue’s funeral, where the secret of Paige’s birth unravels, and the Power of three is set to be restored. Only problem is Phoebe has a premonition of Paige’s death, caused by Shax, the Demon who killed Prue. Cole is being chased by 2 Bounty Hunters set to cause havoc.

4.2 Charmed Again Part 2
The Source realises that Paige still hasn’t yet joined the sister’s side, so there is still time to turn her evil to stop the Power of Three from being fully restored. Phoebe starts to fall apart.

4.3 Hell Hath No Fury
Piper vents her anger by chasing after Demons, putting her and her family at risk. She blames Leo for not saving Prue, and he explains that he couldn’t – it was too late. While chasing the ‘Furies’ with Phoebe and Cole, Piper is attacked and starts turning into one herself. Paige is learning about her destiny by dropping the book from the Attic window and taking it to work to photocopy spells to help other people. All is well until it backfires!

4.4 Enter the Demon
While Paige is making potions for Piper, she carelessly wishes that she could be in Phoebe’s position and training for combat. This causes the 2 to swap bodies. While they both try to sort out the mess Paige has made without letting on to anyone, especially not Piper, they need to fight against a Zen Master’s disciple who has turned evil and opened a portal to another world.

4.5 Size Matters
Piper has hired someone to take over the club for a while, but she is definitely in for one hell of a shock. Paige is suspicious of a house that she passes when going to work, and asks her sisters to check it out. Phoebe goes in by herself and comes across a Demon called Gamill who shrinks women with a wand and bakes them in clay to become ‘one of a kind’ figurines. She gets shrunk herself, and is dunked in clay and put next to another helpless victim of Gamill’s. The sisters go to Phoebe rescue, but unfortunately get put on the shelf next to Phoebe and the other victim, until ‘mini’ Piper comes to the rescue and the sisters vanquish Gamill!

4.6 A Knight to Remember
Paige’s favourite ‘fairytale’ from her childhood comes to life when it turns out that it was all real, and that Paige’s past life just happens to be the Evil Enchantress from the ‘fairytale’. The sisters go back to the medieval times to defeat the Enchantress.

4.7 Brain Drain
The Source kidnaps Piper and takes to the Underworld and places her in a new reality. In this new reality, her Phoebe and Paige are all mental patients at ‘Halliwell Hospital’ but are only friends, not sisters. Leo is a Doctor working alongside the Source, and together, they try to persuade Piper to give up all of the sister’s powers. Piper is saved, and Cole seriously injures the Source.

4.8 Black as Cole
A new, and evil ADA arrives in San Francisco. He is investigating a murder and when Phoebe touches the ‘Triple Crescent’ Necklace of one of the victim’s friends (they are both from a local coven), she has a premonition of the friend being attacked by a Demon, which they suspect killed the victim.

4.9 Muse to My Ears
Ever since the Source was injured, Warlock factions have been forming, in hope to take out all Demons and eventually the Source. Muses are disappearing all over the place, so Melody, the Muse of the Charmed Ones, ask the sisters for help. The sisters soon find out that a Warlock named Devlin is capturing the Muses in the ring of inspiration and is using the Muses to inspire evil giving evil the upper hand.

4.10 A Paige from the Past
Piper and Phoebe finally find out how Paige’s adoptive parents died, and Paige blames herself. So to help her get over it, Leo goes with Paige back to the day when her ‘adoptive’ parents died. Meanwhile, Phoebe and Cole are possessed by evil ghosts whose plans are to get married and Piper and Darryl are left to put it all right.

4.11 Trial by Magic
Phoebe is on the Jury for a Murder Trial and her true reasons for being there is soon revealed. Stanley Donatello is accused of murdering his wife, and the evidence is all against him, especially seeing as nobody including Phoebe believes he had a Premonition of the real murderer. When Phoebe has a premonition, it’s up to her and her sisters to find the true murderer. Meanwhile, Paige’s friend Glen is back and finds out all about the sister’s secret. A Rat Demon then captures him so the sister’s have to find time to save him too!

4.12 Lost and Bound
The sister’s must protect a boy named Tyler from his Bounty Hunter ‘Parents’. Meanwhile, Cole gives Phoebe her Gram’s Ring and all goes well until she turn’s into a 50’s house wife, and Paige helps Cole to get a job.

4.13 Charmed and Dangerous
The Seer sees the end of the Source, and when she tells him, he decides to unleash an extreme magic entity called ‘The Hollow’ to destroy the Warren line forever. Paige uses magic to help a woman get her son back.

4.14 The three Faces of Phoebe
Phoebe is getting cold feet about marrying Cole, and to help her heart find an answer to her problem, she casts a spell which brings her past and future selves to the present.

4.15 Marry go round
The wedding day is finally here, and poor Phoebe doesn’t realise entirely what she’s letting herself in for – after all she is marrying the Source as well as Cole! The Seer unleashes a Lazarus Demon to help kill the Charmed Ones, but her plans fail.

4.16 The fifth Halliwheel
Paige begins to feel left out because, unlike the other sisters, she is not married – or at least in a relationship. Piper and Leo decide it’s time for their Honeymoon. Paige is infected by demons that force fear and paranoia into its victims, and the Source sees it as his opportunity to drive her mad after she is starting to get suspicious of Cole.

4.17 Saving Private Leo
A veteran’s reunion is coming up, and Piper has accepted Leo’s invitation, but he isn’t keen on going for 2 reasons. One he hasn’t aged well because of his being a Whitelighter. Two he doesn’t feel he’s a hero like everyone makes him out to be because of something that happened to his friends back then. Meanwhile two ghosts from Leo’s past are angry with him for ‘leaving them to die’ back in the war. When they finally realise he is a Whitelighter, they decide to hurt Leo by getting to one of his ‘charges’ and the people he loves most – Piper and the Sisters.

4.18 Bite Me
After being banished from the Underworld, The Vampire Queen sends out some Bat’s to bite Paige and turn her against her sister’s. If she bites an innocent, she stays a Vampire forever, and if all goes the way the Queen wants it to, Paige will bite one of her sisters. Piper begins to side with Paige about her suspicion’s about Cole, but puts her plans to tell Phoebe on hold.

4.19 We’re off to see the Wizards
The sisters discover that Cole is the Source but Phoebe joins him in the underworld as his Queen. She gains a new power too, as seen before, which is to throw fire. Meanwhile a Wizard arrives to get the sisters help to stop the ceremony that needs to take place before Cole and Phoebe are crowned, when really all he wants is the ‘Grimoir’, the evil equivalent to the Book of Shadows to use for himself.

4.20 Long Live the Queen
Cole is now the official Source, and when Piper finds this out, she turns to alcohol. Meanwhile, a man named Greg is being chased after by Demon’s because he helps to stop young adults becoming evil.

4.21 Womb Raider
The Seer unleashes yet another Demon, this time a 7 foot Giant who no one has discovered how to vanquish, so that she can take the Baby from Phoebe, and become the new queen for herself. The baby starts to take over Phoebe’s body to kill anyone who speaks a bad word about Cole, including Paige. Piper and Paige must demolish the Seer’s plans to get Phoebe’s unborn baby into her own womb.

4.22 Witch Way Now?
The Angel of Destiny arrives to tell the sister’s that they have fulfilled their destiny as the ‘Charmed Ones’ and that they can either keep or get rid of their Power’s. They ask for more time to think about their decision. To help with their decision, Darryl tells the sisters that an FBI ‘Agent’ is going to be on surveillance about the house because they have appeared in way too many cases as witnesses. He finally discovers that they are witches, and claims he is after a witch hunter named Serlena. The sisters ask Darryl and Leo to get the Family trees for both the agent and Serlena, where it just so happens that Serlena comes from a long line of witches – and it’s the Agent that comes from a line of Witch hunters. They save Serlena, without their Powers and when the Angel arrives again, Piper tells the Angel that her and Phoebe want to get rid of their powers and lead a normal life. Phoebe tells the Angel that when she saved Serlena, she didn’t like the fact that she was so defenceless, and side’s with Paige to keep the power’s. Majority rules, and Piper decides to make it anonymous, so the Sister’s keep their powers. Before he goes, he tells Piper (glancing at her tummy!!!) ‘None of this would of affected yours AND Leo’s future. The sisters look bewildered but Phoebe realises what he means – Piper’s pregnant! The sister’s leap with joy.

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