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Season 5 summaries were written by Shirley, Pipersroom, Phoebesroom, Paigeroom and Ortal

5.1/5.2 A Witch's Tail - Part 1& 2
Mylie, a mermaid, is with the evil Sea Hag. The Sea Hag has given Mylie human form, but the consequences are if Mylie's boyfriend says he loves her than she is human if he doesnt she must give her heart to the Sea Hag to give to the demon Necron. It starts to rain, but Mylie sees the billboard with Phoebe's face and reconizes she is a Charmed One for beating a water demon. She goes to the Charmed Ones for help. When the Sea Hag has found Mylie, Phoebe is turned into a mermaid for the spell to find her. Mylie is turned to human but Phoebe wants to stay a mermaid because she is free from everything. While Phoebe is swimming in the sea,Piper is scared of the water demon. Since Patty died from water. Piper writes a fear spell and she has no fears.The demon Necron is looking for Phoebe now because he wants her heart. Piper gets caught by the demon and is a bait for Phoebe to come. Piper is dumped in the water and Patty comes out and tells Piper to reach her hand. Leo,Phoebe.and Paige are all down from the attack. and Piper is hurt, but the baby heals her.

5.3 Happily Ever After
In a fairy tale castle there is an evil witch trapped in a mirror, talking to the Keeper. When the mirror falls from the wall and breaks, the witch is released and, after killing the Keeper who watched over the famed treasures from fairy tales, she sends his assistant Osgood into the now-repaired mirror. "Mirror, mirror on the wall..." But the wicked witch is dismayed to hear the Charmed Ones are more powerful than she, so she plans to use the fairy tale treasures to put an end to them.

5.4 Siren Song
A Siren, a demon who kills husbands and then their wives as revenge for being burned at the stake, is on the loose. She uses a haunting melody to mesmerize the husbands and call the wives. Then she kisses the husband, burning him from the inside while the wife watches. Then she kills the wife.The Siren goes after Melissa in the hospital room, only to run into Leo who has come to check on her. The Siren goes after Leo and Piper hears the siren song. Piper tries to blow up the Siren but flowers pop out instead. The Siren sends her out a window and Paige orbs in to save her. Cole finds the Siren and is entranced by her song. Phoebe arrives in time to see Cole die. The Siren comes after Phoebe, but Cole isn't dead. The Siren has brought out the evil in him and he begins choking Phoebe. Piper and Leo arrive just in time. Piper had to use the Whitelighter powers to figure out where to orb to. Leo, after a couple of attempts, blows the Siren up. Cole stops choking Phoebe and apologizes. Piper and Leo profusely apologize to each other, now that they've seen what the other person is going through and their powers get switched back. Cole sits down the for interview with Phoebe again and says that she may be right about the evil in him, he just didn't realize there would be a time when he couldn't control it.

5.5 Witches in Tights
The Charmed Ones must protect a retiring Elder named Ramus from the power-craving demon Arnon and a comic book villain brought to life by a 13-year-old; Ramus must pass on his powers to a new Elder before the end of the night's Equinox. When the sisters all return home The Avenger returns to finish off Ramus but the Charmed Ones make short work of him with their new superpowers. As the Avenger dies he thanks them and his mask disappears to reveal the face of a 13-year-old boy. The Charmed Ones make Leo heal him. When he wakes, the boy tells them his name is Kevin and he's the one who gave them superpowers so they would stop him from helping Arnon. They then learn from Ramus that Kevin is a witch who has a special gift, whatever he draws comes to life. They decide to help Kevin deal with Arnon and the four of them head off to confront the demon while Leo watches Ramus. Kevin heads into Arnon's layer to try and draw him out, but is captured by Arnon before he can call for the Charmed Ones. Arnon rips up the pictures of Phoebe, Paige and Piper as superheroes, which causes them to lose their powers. As they rush in to help Kevin they realize not only do they not have their powers, but that Kevin has been forced to make Arnon into the most powerful Avenger yet. They're powerless against him and cannot stop him as he heads off towards the manor. The sisters regroup, find Kevin and the four orb to the manor but are too late as Arnon has already fought off Leo and killed Ramus, absorbing his powers. Paige orbs off Arnon's boot and tears up the magical picture of him that is inside. Arnon quickly becomes just another demon and Piper quickly reduces him into dust. Once he dies, orbs of light, Ramus' power, float around the room until they fly into young Kevin, who becomes the newest Elder. Phoebe then receives news that Miller is trying to blackmail her because he knows of her powers. She heads off to confront him but just as she steps off the elevator to his office she notices Cole's burned him to ash. He says he did it to protect her secret, but Phoebe isn't impressed and the elevator door closes between the two.

5.6 The Eyes Have It
When Phoebes power seemed to have vanished, she turns to a gypsy fortune teller for help. The gypsy channels one of Phoebes visions and sees a demon from her past that wants to kill her in order to lift a curse she put on him. Phoebe recieves her powers back when she gets a major premenition that helps them defeat that demon and save an innocent.

5.7 Sympathy For The Demon
The demon Barbus returns to try and steal Cole's demonic powers and use them against the Charmed Ones. Barbus manipulates Paige into helping Cole rid himself of his powers. When Cole's powers leave his body, they are absorbed by Barbus who traps the Charmed Ones in the mansion. The Charmed Ones have no idea how to vanquish Barbus, as it was Peru who defeated him last time. While trapped, Barbus uses their fears to attack them. Piper sees spiders coming for her, Paige feels the walls closing in on her and Phoebe fears losing her sisters, so Barbus makes Paige look like Barbus and Phoebe stabs her. As each sister overcomes her fears, the force trapping them in the mansion weakens, until Leo is able to orb in and heal Paige. The Charmed Ones have overcome their fears, but now must deal with a powerful demon and help save Cole, who's now an innocent without his powers. Paige comes up with an idea to vanquish Barbus. She whips up another batch of the power-stripping potion that rid Cole of his powers and orbs it into Barbus. The potion works and the evil powers leave Barbus and are absorbed by Cole who then vanquishes Barbus with a fiery energy ball. Cole gave up being free of evil to vanquish Barbus and is now back to struggling to keep his evil powers under control. Phoebe and Miles finally get their kiss in, Piper decides that even if something bad happens her life will always rebound and Paige finally seems confident in her abilities and place amongst the Charmed Ones.

5.8 A Witch in Time
The demon Bacarra is sent back in time by Cole to try and kill Phoebe's boyfriend Miles. After each time the Charmed Ones save Miles' life, Phoebe sees him die again. While trying to save Miles from each instance, the sisters are to distracted to see that future Bacarra has teamed up with his present self to steal the Book of Shadows. The two are able to steal the book and the Charmed Ones are devastated. The sisters, with a pep talk from Leo, regain their spirit and begin to write their own spells and make new potions. They're confident the next time they face the two Bacarras, but the demons use a spell that rids the sisters of their magic and then proceed to vaporize Phoebe and Paige. Leo orbs Piper to safety before they can kill her too. A devastated Piper is unable to think having just watched her sisters die. Leo however, comes up with the idea of finding Bacarra's portal and using it to go back in time to stop Phoebe and Piper from saving Miles to begin with and therefore never giving Bacarra a chance to steal the book. Piper heads back in time and convinces her past self that Miles is meant to die. Piper makes a wrong turn purposely, and they are too late, Miles is killed in a gun battle. Phoebe is devastated and believes that she'll never find true love, but Paige and Piper comfort her and tell her it truly was Miles' time and she will find true love someday. The battle is won and Bacarra is harmless without the book, but the real question is, will Cole really turn evil?

5.9 Sam I am
Paige steps on her job as a whiteligther and getting herself her new charge, yet the elders aren’t allowing to tell Leo who exactly he (or she) is, just that they are from her past. When Paige finds out that her charge is no over from the father she never knew, she is shocked and doesn’t wants to take the job, but she doesn’t have a choice. Meanwhile – Cole understands he can no longer fight his evil half and gives in to it completely, attacking the 3 sisters in hope they will vanquish him before he will hurt anyone else.

5.10 Y Tu Mummy Tambien
Phoebe falls pray to a demon named Jerik, that is searching for the perfect body for the spirit of his dead love. In order to trap her soul, he turns Phoebe into a mummy. On the mean time Cole plots to save Phoebe and forces Piper to choose between her sisters.

5.11 The Importance of Being Phoebe
After Cole kidnaps Phoebe he sends a shapeshifter to take her identity and to manipulate Piper and Paige into giving him ownership for the manor, which helps him reach the Nexus in the basement and get more power than he ever dreamed of. While Phoebe is busy planning her escape, Cole frames Paige for his murder and fails Pipers club in an important check.

5.12 Centennial Charmed
In the 100th episode of charmed, Cole alters reality in a desperate attempt to get Phoebe back, accepting the offer of the avatars. He opens a portal to another dimension, where belthazor still alive and kicking. The sisters forget about each over, Leo and Piper are divorced; Phoebe is trapped in a un-loving marriage with Cole, while Paige ‘spouse’ to be dead. Only she isn’t, and now it’s up to her to bring back the power of three and convincing Piper and Phoebe to help her vanquish Cole for good.

5.13 House Call
Piper and Leo are having a hard time and when a fight ends in Piper nearly blowing Leo up, destroying a good part of thier room in the process, Phoebe suggests they go see a marriage councellor. When Piper and Leo go to the counsellor to work on their problems, Piper casts a spell that lets her and Leo remember every little detail of their lives together. However, something goes wrong and somehow Paige and Phoebe get mixed up in the spell and relive the moments that Piper and Leo are remembering. As well as Paige and Phoebe, a warlock gets caught up in the spell, and uses this to try and kill the Charmed Ones old cat, Kit. By doing this the Charmed Ones future would be changed dramatically. Paige and Phoebe finally figure out that the warlock is after Kit, and finally realise that the ‘stray’ was actually their familliar. They contact Piper via her memories and save Kit. Katrina, Kit’s now human form, explains everything to them in the end asking the now happy Leo and Piper to contact her when Wyatt comes into his powers.

5.14 Sand Frisco Dreamin
A demon gets the hold of a sandmans dream dust and sprinkles it on the sisters, forcing them to encounter their nightmares. Paige is haunted by her childhood clown while Piper recieves a lover and Phoebe gets to face a creepy guy in a chainsaw. Leo, on the mean time, finds out just what it is to be pregnent. The sisters must now face their nightmares and find out what they mean before the demon would kill them.

5.15 The Day The Magic Died
While watching the Northern Lights in their back yard Piper scares them all by collapsing. In Hospital Piper is asked if she has been under a lot of stress and is told that she needs to rest for the sake of the baby. Piper is brought home and forced by the rest of her family to say in bed and do nothing, much to her annoyance. Victor, Phoebe and Piper?s father, turns up during this to show off his new wife. Meanwhile Paige and Phoebe discover that something is up with their powers and try to find out what?s wrong by going to a summit meeting with evil, and leaving Piper with Victor and her new step mother. Aware of the dangers Paige and Phoebe bring some homemade non-magical weapons with them. The evil beings attack and Phoebe and Paige manage to destroy them, interogating one and finally discovering the truth. Evil is after Piper?s baby who is going to be born any second, an old legend tells of how magic will vanish from the planet until this child is born, the most powerful being, who can return magic to the world. Paige and Phoebe orb to the mannor as fast as they can finding they are too late; Piper is trapped in her room in labour, with two demons. Piper manages to escape from her room and tells her sisters to do whatever they must to save her baby and Phoebe is faced with the choice of saving her sister or the baby. However Victor, although injured, saves Piper and, with the help of unicorn magic, the demons are destroyed leaving Phoebe and Paige to deliver Piper?s baby without magic. Leo arrives just in time to see his baby being born and magic returning to the world. The family is surprised to find that the baby girl they expected was infact a boy.

5.16 Baby's First Demon
After a couple of demons are attacking the manor, trying to kidnap little Wyatt, Paige decides to go undercover as a demon to the demonic market, track the demon (or demons) who are behind this and kill them, however she gets caught before she manages to do anything, so Piper and Phoebe trying to help her, not realizing they walk straight into a trap. While Leo and Wyatt are alone in the manor the demon is free to attack and kidnap baby Wyatt.

5.17 Lucky Charmed
The Charmed Ones team up with a group of leprechauns, helping them to vanquish a demon that is after their good luck. In reward to their goodness, the leprechauns grant each sister luck, allowing to Paige get wealth, Phoebe to find a new man, and Piper to get a successful rock star in P3. However when the spell wears off, the demon attacks with a stroke of bad luck and kidnaps Piper. Phoebe and Paige must find a way to get their good luck back and rescue Piper.

5.18 Cat House
Piper and Leo see a marriage councselor in order to solve some of their marital issues. Piper casts a spell that would help them remember more clearly moments in their life, unknownigly trapping her sisters and a tag along warlock in their memories. The warlock decides to come after Kit, the charmed ones familiar, that will alter their future and possible kill them.

5.19 Nymphs Just Wanna Have Fun
When 2 demons kill a satyr of the spring of life, the satyr’s nymphs find them selves in San Francisco searching for a new leader. After the trio turns Paige into a wood nymph and gets captured by one of the demons, he forces them to lead him into the spring. Piper and Phoebe are left to figure out how to save Paige and prevent from the demon to find the spring.

5.20 Sense and Sense Ability
In an effort to steal Pipers baby, Wyatt, the old Crone uses a magical monkey totem to take away some of the Charmed Ones senses; Piper is left blind, Phoebe is left deaf and Paige is left mute. The totem’s magic removes these senses when the sisters need them the most. Unaware of what will happen the Charmed Ones go about their days. However, when Piper needs her sight to drive she goes blind and is nearly killed in a car crash. During a very important meeting Phoebe goes deaf, and when Paige finally gets up the courage to sing in front of people, and her new guy, she relives her 8th grade nightmare when she looses her voice. When the Crone goes to steal the baby Leo gets in her way. Annoyed she captures Leo and the girls tap into their sixth sense to defeat her. While the sisters worry that the Crone may have been vanquished too soon as Leo is still missing, Wyatt surprises them all by orbing Piper to Leo. Reunited the parents wonder at how fast Wyatt is coming into his powers.

5.21 Necromancing the Stone
When The Charmed Ones invite grams to bless baby Wyatt, A Necromancer demon that returned from the spirit realm plans to steal their powers. In the meanwhile Piper is hurt to find out that grams is not accepting Wyatt just because of him being a baby boy (instead of a girl), Phoebe Accepts Jason’s invitation, and Paige decides to cast a truth spell on her boyfriend to find out if he will be open to her secret of being a witch.

5.22 Oh My Goddess (part 1)
After centuries of being trapped in an ice tomb the Titans, Greek mythical Gods, have escaped to take their revenge on the elders who entombed them many long years ago. Paige is nearly killed by the Titans but Chris, a mysterious future whitelighter, comes and saves her. When most of the Elders have been killed Leo takes matters into his own hands by setting up a safe house for the remaining Elders and, making Piper, Phoebe and Paige Goddess's. With this, Piper is the Goddess of Earth, Phoebe is the Goddess of Love and Paige is the Goddess of War.

5.23 Oh My Goddess (part 2)
Now as Goddess's Paige and Phoebe are being consumed by their new power just as Leo had feared they might. Paige begins to recruit demons to worship her and Phoebe seduces men to obey her every wish. It’s up to Piper to bring them back to reality or they will never defeat the Titians. The girls have lost all their confidence in themselves and beg Chris to bring Leo back to them. But little do they know that Leo has become an Elder.Piper soon finds out what has happened to him, and discovers all that goes along with his new role including having to leave his family. Now Piper in her rage at the thought of not being with Leo defeats the Titians with Paige and Phoebe’s help. Piper finally faces the fact that Leo is an elder after going to him and she says goodbye. But before Leo goes to join the rest of the Elders he appoints Chris to be the new Charmed Ones’ Whitelighter.

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