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Season 7 summaries were written by Sarah and Ortal

7.01 A Call To Arms
Piper and Leo attend a Hindu wedding, and somehow in the course of events receive the power of Hindu gods. Now its up to Phoebe and Paige to keep things in control before they will consummate their love in order to save the universe.

7.02 The Bare Witch Project
The episode starts when Piper and Phoebe sit together in a coffee house. One of the employees asks them to leave the place because of peoples complains about Piper breastfeeding baby Chris. Phoebe gets pissed off at him, but Piper urges her to let it go. On the mean time, Paige is at magic school - arguing with an Elder about the importance of the School to witches and other magical creatures, while the elder claims its just too much, and even Gideon wasn't able to control it all. During the argument, one of the students releases Lady Godiva from one of the history books by accident, with all her nakedness, on a horse. Without noticing, they also release Lord Dyson - a demon who feeds of repressed emotions, and stops his victims from holding back, and acting on what they feel and want to do. The Charmed Ones eventually find out about the Lady, and the Lord, and must now find a way to somehow bring them back without altering what there is to be. With all of what's going on, Phoebe also confronts Leslie about him only picking letters he knows how to solve, and not ones that deal with true feelings and emotions. At the end of the episode, Phoebe protests at the coffee house in quite an original way.

7.03 Cheaper By The Coven
Paige and Phoebe summon Grams against Pipers wishes in order to bless baby Chris, but things go wrong when Grams casts a spell to vanish the sibling rivalry between Pipers 2 little boys and the Charmed Ones become teenagers once again. On the mean time, Leo consults a certain Seer (guest star Charisma Carpenter) about the person who keeps attacking Wyatt, and she answers him that he has a direct connection to him. Phoebe arrives to an award ceremony with Leslie in her teenager self and swoons all over him.

7.04 Charrrmed
While searching for lost witches, Paige stumbles across a Pirate from the 18th century (Black Jack) in the search of a youth fountain for the past 300 years, in order to lift a curse that makes him age, but not die. He infects Paige with that very same curse, and Phoebe and Piper are forced to steal a cup from a museum that activates the fountain in order to keep Paige alive. Leslie messes around with the contest results of winning a date with Phoebe, and she is forced to go out with him. Leo is still upset because of the strange green skull that hunts him, and the Charmed ones secret is about to be revealed when agent Brody comes to town.

7.05 Styx Feet Under
When a human tries to become a full demon, he begins the quest of killing every single blood relative he has in order to complete the transformation. In order to help one of the demons relatives, Paige accidentally casts a spell that stops all people from dying and moving on. The angel of Death appears and demands that the charmed ones will assist him in the mess they made, however when they refuse he kills Piper temporarily, and assigns her as a second angel of death until the matter is resolved. On the mean time, Brody confesses that he was after the witchy craft for years now, and Phoebe finally confronts her emotions with Leslie.

7.06 Once In A Blue Moon
The Elders assign the charmed ones a new whitelighter after they become suspicious of Leo, and when that whitelighter gets attacked by vicious beasts they blame it on him. In order to prove Leos innocence, the Halliwell sisters investigate further into the matter and end up finding out that the beasts are actually them, when the blue moon hits them. Agent Brodey uncovers Paiges secret, and warns her of a dangerous threat coming along... Also, Phoebe and Leslie discuss their emotions for each other before Leslies depart.

7.07 Someone to Witch Over Me
Kyle Brodey convinces Paige to help him solve a case of unfortunate death cases, all in which the victims were saved in a miracle, only to die soon afterwards. They soon find out that a demon kidnaps the essence of peoples magical guiders in order to protect himself from the gathering storm. On the mean time, Phoebe and Piper convince Leo to travel into a journey that will help him put his mind to rest and confront with his inner demons - and Chris (Drew Fuller as a guest star) comes along his side. But something goes wrong when the Avatars tap into his mind and show him the death of all the ones that he loves. When he wakes up - he finds Piper and Phoebe dead, and the Avatar convinces him to make a deal: Leo will become an Avatar and give up his free will, only then would he be able to resurrect the sisters.

7.08 Charmed Noir
When one of the magic school teachers gets killed, Paige and Kyle get trapped in a novel that was written 20 years ago by 2 students. They find themselves in the 1930s, in a black and white movie, and being chased by gangsters. Without any other way to escape, Paige and Kyle must now help Eddie, one of the writers of the story who got stuck in it, to finish it and become a true hero. On the mean time, the other 2 sisters and Leo drop off clues in the magical book in order to help and give them clues on what to do or not to do next, and Phoebe helps Leo to get back with Piper, while Piper tries to deal with her emotions.

7.09 There's Something About Leo
Leo reveals his Avatarie secret to Piper, refusing to listen to the other Avatars telling him that she needs to face it with time. Paige and Phoebe call Kyle for help, but instead he only makes things worse. On the mean time, 2 demons are attacking the sisters, and an innocent dies. Leo decides to turn back time in order to save the innocent, and himself. Paige and Kyle go on their first date, while Darryl gets suspicious of Kyle, thinking he was the one that made Sheriden disappear.

7.10 Witchness Protection
The Avatars assign Leo to protect the Seer (Charisma Carpenter), because she knows many important things about them that cannot get out. Kyle reveals a deep secret to Paige - that makes them get a lot closer to each other. Phoebe and Darryl get more and more suspicious of the FBI agent that keeps snooping around.

7.11 Ordinary Witches
Piper is still not quite sure about the Avatars, so Phoebe decides to switch powers with her so Piper could see the Utopian world Phoebe saw. At the exact moment of the spell, Zankou (Oded Fehr) senses the sisters vulnerable moment and immediately attacks them, accidentally causing their powers to transform into 2 innocents across the street. Kyles obsessive nature over killing Leo and destroying the Avatars drives Paige into taking a stroll down Kyles memory lane, and find out exactly what happened when his parents were murdered. The Elders find out Leo is an Avatar, thanks to Zankou.

7.12 Extreme Makover World Edition
The Avatars prepare to transform the world into the desired Utopia, and inform the Charmed Ones that the world must be put to sleep in order for them to kill any remaining demons in the world. Brody, still doubting that the Avatars are good, attempts to call the Elders for help but is instead kidnapped by Zankou. In the end, Brody agrees to cast a paranoia spell upon the Halliwell sisters, to try and stop the change. Brody then uses Paige’s paranoia to his own advantage, and attracts and kills an Avatar, but then he is tragically killed, a price he had to pay for his actions.

7.13 Charmageddon
The Charmed Ones take advantage of demon-free time and enjoy the new conflict-free world. Leo learns that in order for the Avatars to protect the Utopian world, they monitor it and decide who lives or dies. He realises that he made a big mistake in joining the Avatars and joins forces with Zankou to attempt to stop them. He is unable to convince the sisters’ that the Avatars are killing innocent people, so he gives his own life, in order to show them the truth. The sisters’ join forces with Zankou. At the end, we see Paige in Brody’s apartment looking at his belongings, when someone orbs in – Brody. We find out that he was given the chance to become a Whitelighter because he lost his life trying to save the world.

7.14 Carpe Demon
In an attempt to hire a new professor for the Magic School, Paige meets Drake, an ex-demon who made a deal with a demonic sorcerer to become human. In an attempt to convince the sisters of his good intentions, Drake transforms himself into Robin Hood to help them see that life is not so bad. However, the Sorcerer vying for Drake's powers casts a spell on him causing Drake to believe he really is Robin Hood. He goes on a spree to stop a phone company owner, believing he is evil. Piper can’t enjoy Valentine’s Day because she is worrying too much about Leo’s fate, which is in the hands of the Elders.

7.15 Show Ghouls
When Daryl fears his friend Mike is possessed, Phoebe, Paige and Drake discover that Mike had been working close to a site where a cabaret was destroyed in a fire in 1899, killing hundreds of people. The spirit of one of the victims is using Mike to plead for help. The souls have been forced to relive that night for eternity. Phoebe and Drake transport themselves back in time to the night of the fire; but they get stuck in 1899. Piper, fearing that Leo will be taken away from her, Wyatt and Chris, convinces him to take a family vacation.

7.16 The Seven Year Witch
In the beginning, Paige and Piper are out demon hunting, where Piper is hurt. She does get healed, but still feels a bit iffy. Piper’s body falls to the floor but her spirit keeps walking. That’s when she realizes that she’s dead, again. Piper turns around to see a face that’s haunted the sister’s lives for years – Cole, who is stuck in a cosmic space between life and death. At first Piper is reluctant to give him a chance, as he claims he is back to help her and Leo get back together. We find out that he was trying to get them back together to show Phoebe that love is possible and restore her faith in it. We also find out that Drake knows Cole. In this episode, Wyatt heals Piper.

7.17 Scry Hard
Zankou sends his demons to attack Leo in the hope of luring the sisters’ out of the Manor so that he can enter and attempt to uncover the Nexus (to give him the ultimate power). Wyatt witnesses the attack on Leo and shrinks both his parents into tiny people, and locks them away in a doll house to protect them. The Halliwell sisters’ aren’t able to stop Zankou, and watch Leo (the only neutral territory) absorbs the Shadow. Elise leaves Phoebe in charge of the paper. Leo gets an offer that he can’t refuse….

7.18 Little Box Of Horrors
The Charmed Ones find out that the mythological Pandora’s Box is real, and the protector of it was in San Francisco. Katya, a demon, has stolen the box. Katya is intending to open the box, and if opened, it will fill the world with sorrow. The Charmed Ones try to find Hope, the guardian of the box, who is the only one who can return any released evil spirits to the box. The sisters’ get their selves into a fight with the demon. It’s hard, but they get the box back and give it to Hope, trusting her to protect it from any other demons who attempt to steal it. Leo becomes a stay-at-home Dad. Paige gets constant ringing noises in her ears, which sends her on her first Whitelighter mission.

7.19 Freaky Phoebe
A power-hungry sorceress named Imara casts a spell on Phoebe causing them to switch bodies. In Phoebe’s body, she attempts to gain control of the Underworld by weakening Zankou (killing his demons and plotting to kill the Charmed Ones). Piper and Paige vanquish ‘Imara’, unaware that it’s really their sister, Phoebe’s, sole inside of the body. Fortunately, Phoebe is safely returned to her own body after her sisters’ find out about Imara’s plans. Meanwhile, Paige’s new charge is reluctant to take on another Whitelighter.

7.20 Imaginary Friends
Wyatt has been talking to an imaginary friend lately. Phoebe asks her psychology teacher at college for advice on the situation, and if it’s normal. The sisters’ agree that it must be normal, and leave it alone for now. But, what the sisters’ don’t know is that this ‘imaginary friend’ is actually a demon set out to turn Wyatt evil, and is invisible. Piper casts a spell to try and understand baby Wyatt, but inadvertently brings 25 year old Wyatt back from the future.

7.21 Death becomes them
When a person who was killed right in front of Phoebe comes back from the dead to blame her, she becomes guilt-ridden and vulnerable, creating an opportunity for Zankou to steal the Book of Shadows. Piper and Leo attempt to plan Chris’s first birthday party. Paige gets a new charge who knows nothing about magic.

7.22 Something Wicca This Way Goes?
The sisters’ come up with a plan to try and divert Zankou’s attention away from the Nexus, when they realize they don’t stand a chance of stopping him unleashing it. Zankou hatches a plan to absorb all their powers. When they realize what he is up to, they have to make a life-altering decision: their lives or their powers? The sisters take Wyatt and Chris to Victor’s home, and sign everything over to him, including P3. They ask him to take care of the children. Piper and Phoebe mention that they are thankful Prue ‘taught them how to do this before she died’. At this point, I don’t think it tells you what they are talking about. The sisters’ lure Zankou to the Magic School and try and trick him, but it is just their astral selves (that’s what Prue taught them). The sisters’ and Zankou end up in a final battle in the Manor basement, where the Shadow is. The sisters cast a Power of Three spell, and the manor explodes, killing the demon, and, we would think, the sisters. The media and cops are all outside with guns awaiting them to come out, since their magic was exposed again, but when the Manor explodes, the cops are sure that the sisters are gone for good. This upsets Inspector Morris a lot. Three strangers are in the crowd, watching, and then they walk over to where Leo is standing, extremely upset and worried. They talk to him, and he asks them who they are. One of them says “I’m your wife” and kisses him, then all four of them walk into a private corner, and the sisters reveal their identities by switching into the real Halliwell sisters, then back into their new selves. They change Leo’s look, as well. All four of them walk away, with one last glance in the direction of the Manor, and let Inspector Morris see them. One sister winks at him, and he now knows that they didn’t die. The sisters had vanquished Zankou as their astral selves.

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