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Season 8 summaries were written by Ortal

8.01 Still Charmed & Kicking
The episode begins in the sisters' funeral, as they are all thought to be dead. Everyone is crying over their pictures, and Paige, seeing that no one stood by hers, decided to go on a desperate act and 'dress up' as Janis Dickenson (sp?) and cry over herself, understanding that she 'wasted' most of her life on magic more than anything else, but she also understands that she could never truly have life without magic when she is forced to answer a call from a new 'green' witch, Billie (Kaley Cuoco). On any case, after that they decide its time for them to adopt new identities in order to stop confusing their family, and Phoebe creates a spell that will reveal their true selves only to family members, while the outside world will see them as their other selves. Phoebe spots a co-worker in her funeral whom she never spoken to before, and asks him about it - getting a premonition of both of them being married. Piper is still a little worried about her demon free life and gets paranoid that they might found them out.

8.02 Malice in Wonderland
Hoping it will lure the Charmed Ones out of their alleged hiding, a demon uses the Alice in Wonderland fairy tale to lure teenagers with similar names to the hero of the story. When Billie tries to stop him, she gets accidentally drawn into the hole and becomes one of his victims. The sisters save her, and come to the conclusion that she could help them fight the demons in San Francisco while they can live their semi-magic-free lives. On the mean time, Piper is having a hard time getting use to her new life, Phoebe decides to compare this episode to Sex in the City and narrate it (and starts talking to Dex more), and Paige decides to try and become a cop.

8.03 Run, Piper, Run
Following the advice of Paige and Leo, Piper goes off on a job interview in order to find a new direction in her life. During the interview she gets shot (with a camera), and the image goes online for a background check. What Piper doesn't know, however, is that her new identity was taken from a model (Maya Holmes) who was framed for murder - and she only finds out about it when she goes to jail, and discovers that Maya is innocent, and that the D.A that she left for a younger guy killed him, and framed her. When Paige and Billie switch between Piper and Maya, Piper tells them what she found out and together they come up with a plan to stop the D.A from killing Maya. On the mean time, Phoebe gets a premonition of Dex' art show being destroyed by an earth quake, and tries to stop it however she cans, and Billie learns more from the Book of Shadows.

8.04 Desperate Housewitches
The episode starts at the attic, where Leo teaches Billie about the source of good magic and all its manifestations. Billie, however, is busy with practicing with a weapon and isn't fully attentive to what he has to say. Eventually she ends up breaking a window *coughs* Piper is sewing Wyatt's costume for his first play, and Paige gets ready for her online date as she was swamped with teaching Billie lately and needs some time out. On her date, the guy turns out to be quite dull (although hot ;)) but something else gets her attention. A woman marches up to meet non other then Phoebes new boyfriend, Dex. Paige gets immediately suspicious and decides to investigate, thinking that Dex is a real player and wanting to protect her sister from a heart-break. She eventually goes undercover as Sylvia (the girl Dex was meeting with) and finds out some inaccurate information. She hunts down Dex' in his own apartment and questions him about it as Sylvia, finding out the truth in the process (and having an encounter with Phoebe, who recognizes her as Paige). All the while, a demon in Mandy-The-Housewife suit is slowly getting Wyatts trust (while pushing all of Pipers buttons), and lures him into a very much demon-infested Magic School. Her true plan is to conjure up a demon from the wasteland - The Source. Billie is tired of having her nose in the books and asks Leo to go and experience the true essence of magic, in the Magic School. Leo is reluctant to agree, but Billie uses a potion to bring both of them in (forgetting the potion to bring them back out). They found out what happened to the school, and decide to go investigate (and try to find a spell to get them out as soon as possible, before any demons find their true identities). Billie comes back one the spell is found, while Leo stays behind to watch for his son. Piper discovers that Mandy is a demon, and she took Wyatt, and Phoebe pounces on Paige - raged that she interfered with her love life again, while Wyatt (with the help of the demon) manages to conjure The Source back, and now the sisters must find a way to destroy The Source, and save Wyatt.

8.05 Rewitched
When a demon hires an Imp master to kill innocent good-doers, Billie is drawn to him and wants to vanquish him, however Paige tells her to be more careful, and find out exactly who that demon is, and how to vanquish him. After feeling guilty for causing a lot of trouble, Billie casts a love spell to help Dex and Phoebe, who accidentally end up getting married. Agent Murphy reveals his identity and suspicions to Billie, while the sisters start to feel that their aliases aren't all of what they cracked up to be.

8.06 Kill Billie: Vol 1
After the sisters being officially back in the real world, the press haunts them down like dogs in search of a juicy story they can print in their paper. One of which, being the bay mirror's own reporters, who suffered from a cover story in which one of his contacts got killed because he printed her name. Paige, being desperate to get back to a reporter-free life, decides to make a magical intervention and 'dress up' as the ghost of the woman who got killed, to haunt the reporter and make him stop. However, things don't turn out exactly as she planned and she's forced to go in a different direction. On the mean time, Phoebe doesn't know what to do about Dex when she finds out she may be pregnant and he wont return her calls after discovering she's a Witch. Eventually, they meet at his apartment and try to work things out, while the reporters track them down. All the while Piper is getting ready to celebrate a normal Halloween with her family, and keeps sending Leo to frustrating missions, when he eventually snaps while Billie tracks a demon who tries to get as much powers as possible to rule the underworld, and is forced to face an event in her past that links to her big sister.

8.07 The Lost Picture Show
As Piper and Leo continue to have marital issues, Paige decides to cut in and do some damage control, offering Leo to sit down and talk things out with his wife. Leo follows her advice and he and Piper end up going to a magical marital advisor, who in his turn switches their bodies (once more), causing each of them to walk a mile or two in each others shoes. On the mean time, Phoebe becomes desperate on her quest for family and tries to search her little daughter in all the wrong places, all the while settling for family instead of true love, after her premonitions keep bumping along the way. Paige gets a surprise visit from her long lost father when one of his charges ends up being found after 50 years, and he fears there is a demon after him. Paige keeps denying the fact that Sam is her father because he hasn't been around all those years, and in turn fails to truly embrace her whitelighter side. All the while, Billie spends time with Sams charge and tries to protect him from that fact that he is 50 years into the future, and all that he ever cared about is gone.

8.08 Battle of the Hexes
Piper tries to get a new band for her club, after a dry period of time, where she was 'helping homeland security', while Leo is trying to help her, using his golfing and social skills. Phoebe goes on a dating spree again, in the search for love, while Paige gets a new charge that is swinging between good and bad faiths. His parole officer shows up and Paige convinces him to give her charge a break and stand beside him. Billie, on the mean time, is lectured by her professor about the ying and the yang theory, featuring men and women. She, however, isn't too happy to accept it that women are incomplete without a man in their life and visa versa. On the mean time, a female-demon who tries desperately to set herself free from her master, does everything in her ability to lure him into a trap and make a women utopia. When agent Murphy calls up the sisters and asks them to do a job, involving cold cases they had, that might have something to do with magic, Piper and Phoebe tag along, but when Piper has to go and work on her band crisis, Phoebe calls up Billie to help her out. Billie then finds a unique and magical belt, which in turn turns her into a female superhero, but also to a man hater. The demon finds out about the existence of the belt, but since evil can't wear it, she decides to trick Billie into joining forces with her. However, if the belt stays on too long, the woman who wears it will eventually wither because of its power and die. Now, the sisters must help Billie to figure out a way to take off the belt, before its too late.

8.09 Hulkus Pocus
Agent Murphy sends the sisters to track a certain demon of great importance to the federal agency, but doesn't elaborate too much on all the details. Piper and Paige find themselves at magic school, while being attacked by a mutated angry demon that in turn, turns out to be the one they were looking for, only a whole lot more powerful. They confront Murphy on the subject, but he claims to know nothing. On the mean time, Billie continues her search for her sister and lurks in Magic School, to find some information about where could she have been. A demon finds her, and she forces him to help her, although not very successfully, as he ends up dying a while after that. As it turns out, the federal agency found a demon in the desert and tried to inject human blood into it, trying to create an army of uber-soldiers. That, however, didn't work out as planned, and a virus developed, that could destroy all magical community - both good, and bad. Phoebe had lost faith in her premonitions, after they kept interfering with her life and messing them up, Paige gets a baby-duty from a certain officer who seems to enjoy her company, and Leo and Piper plan their ski trip, in hopes that they will actually end up going there.

8.10 Vaya Con Leos
Piper and Leo go out shopping for a car, and Leo decides to buy a model of an old one that relates to his dad. While Leo goes to settle the final details, Piper sees the Angel of Death across the street, watching them. She panics and calls her sisters asking them to be careful and then talks with Leo and decides to call upon Death itself in order to give her some answers. Death tells her its part of the grand design and is inevitable, and he only revealed himself to her in order to prepare her for what's coming. Piper, however, isn't willing to accept it and casts a hex that turns all man in SF into Leo, so Death will be thrown off. The spell however soon fades away, when the Angel finds him. Leo asks of him to see his soon just for one last time, however a car crash interferes with his plans. Piper, unable to face the possibility of losing her true love, does everything in her hands so she could save him - which amounts to conjuring an Avatar, an Elder and later on even the Angel of Destiny, but all of them say the exact same thing, a great enemy is raising - one they have never battled before, and Leos death is the only thing that can motivate them into success. On the mean time, Billie continues her quest of finding her sister, which leads her to a bounty hunter named Burke, that freezes beings inside big ice containers, apparently for that very same big threat, and Paige goes on a date.

8.11 Mr. and Mrs. Witch
When Billie's parents come to visit and Billie develops a new power, things take a turn for the worst as mom and dad turn into professional assassins. Phoebe is having trouble with giving an advice for a twin who thinks she is too close to her own brother, and Piper is trying to cope without Leo and tries to spend every possible time she has with the boys or showering herself with endless activities around the house. Paige and Henry hit a rough spot when he keeps bailing on her, however they end up working stuff out. The sisters help Billie to return her parents back to normal and she finds out crucial information about her sister.

8.12 Payback's a Witch
The underworld got finally tired of Billie's endless pursuit in the search of a lead to her sister, and decide to teach her a lesson once and for all. On the mean time, the sisters throw a birthday party for Wyatt - which takes an unexpected turn when 3 of his toys take the lead and start expressing his emotions and Phoebe tries to help Piper to figure out what caused this. Paige helps Henry and one of his ex-cons to get a loan from the bank, but things take a turn for the worse when a demon possess the con and tries to kill Billie. Henry gets shot and Paige develops a new power. Go Paige!

8.13 Repo Manor
Another identity theft comes in turn when 3 female demons wish to find the link to the power of 3 and destroy a slaver-demon whose been operating for quite a few years now - as did they. Phoebe moves out of the manor and into her condo, Piper tries to cope with all the changes appearing in her life while Paige tries to give Henry a good day so she could reveal her secret to him on their date and Billie continues searching for her sister.

8.14 12 Angry Zen
When Piper tries to reach out for some sort of a sign that will help her rush Leo's return, she receives a Chinese calligraphy which leads her and Billie into a Laundry service in China town - just in time to stop a pack of demons from stealing the Zodiac staff. Billie gets the chance to develop her projection power and just when she backs away from her obsession to find her big sister, things take an unexpected turn and new information is found. Piper is appointed to guard the staff, however she later realizes that the person who holds the staff has the power to convey his wants and needs and project them into the people surrounding him. Phoebe, on the mean time, throws a party in her new apartment and Paige becomes obsessed with hers and Henrys relationship - while he inquires her regarding questions about her magic.

8.15 The Last Temptation of Christy
Billie finds her big sister, Christy, at last, and helps her to learn how to control her powers and help her get over everything she's been through the last 15 years. On the mean time, Piper meets fireman Greg - her old boyfriend - and spends the day with him, while Paige gets a very odd visit from a witch called Simon Marks, who claims their destiny is to be wedded - he confronts Henry, which eventually leads to a duel and a very romantic decision on the Golden Gate Bridge.

8.16 Engaged And Confused
Paige gets cold feet while continually fighting with Henry over the smallest of things, while Cupid makes a surprise visit for Phoebe and wants to help her to find love and Piper organizes the engagement party. On the mean time one of the Triads underworld enemies, Zar decides to try and vanquish them with the help of the Charmed Ones.

8.17 Generation Hex
Piper assists two of Leos students to vanquish a couple of unvanquishable demons who were formerly used in Magic School classes, while Phoebe goes down memory lane with Cupid to recall all her past loves and regain her faith in it and Paige goes on her honeymoon.

8.18 The Torn Identity
Christy blames the sisters in the death of her parents and convinces Billie they aren't who they seem after Piper uses her powers on her and wounds her. Cupid is trying to match Phoebe with a guy from her work, while ignoring his own true feelings for her and Paige and Henry hit a snag at their marriage when Paige is afraid she will loose her own independant identity in married life, and isn't too keen on confronting Henry about it. When she aks cupid for help, he ends up putting her into Henry's mind, litteraly.

8.19 The Jung and the Restless
In a desprate attempt to find out the sisters self-truth, Billie and Christy create a potion that allows them to step into the Charmed Ones dream world and find out what they truly want, and find out if they are indeed selfish as Christy claims them to be. Paige is struggling to find her inner truth while trying to help her newfound charge now that Billie is on the loose, Phoebe finds herself in the papers office, surrounded by children and... Cup. While Piper becomes aware that she neglected so many of her other life aspects in order of trying to find Leo, when all she wants is her family back.

8.20 Gone with the witches
The power that influences both Christy and the Triad is revealed as Christies and Billies imaginary friend, who seaks to destroy all the witches once and for all and return the Triad back from the dead. To do so, he casts past spells and inflicts Paige with her obsession to find enlightment, Phoebe with lust for Cup and Grams ring is given to Piper, which turns her into a dangerous housewife. While the whole magical community is attacked by demons and few manage to escape and call for help, yet the charmed ones are too absorved in their spell to care for them until it is to late and Christy and Billie come to their aid instead, which leads the sisters right out of the manor and into the underworld, along with the book of shadows.

8.21 Kill Billie Vol. 2
The Charmed Ones are dodging demons in the underworld while Billie and Christy are at the manor, both groups preparing powerful potions in order to take each other down. An unexpected couple of demons decides to offer their help to the charmed ones, and after Piper sees a vision of Leo she's urged to agree to the deal. After using the potions on each other, both groups of sisters come to the conclusions that potions are just not powerful enough and a different power needs to be challenged - the power of the hollow. Christy suggests to use Wyatts source of power in order to trap the hollow in them, while the demons spy around and find out their plan - alerting the charmed ones to act the same. The witches summon the hollow, which breaks apart into 5 different patches for each sister and the magical spree begins, in the end of which the sisters will come to their magical destiny, but not without a very deep price.

8.22 Forever Charmed
Piper decides to use Cups ring in order to go back in time and reverse Phoebes and Paiges death, however the ring has her own mind... Billie on the other hand uses her projection power to come back and save Christy, only to find out she was siding with the Triad all along. On Pipers journey she gathers both her mom and grams to recreate the power of three and come back to the present, before Phoebe and Paige died in order to save them and find a different way to stop Billie and Christy - which eventually leads to the appearance of adult Wyatt and Chris, and the plot thickens...

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