Frequently Asked Questions

The council members get asked lots of questions, from new members. It is very time consuming (and becomes annoying), to answer the same questions over and over again. This Section contains common questions (and the answers of course). We would really appreciate it, if you read through this page before neomailing us.

1) How do I upgrade my rank?

Your rank is raised once you post certain numbers of messages on the message board. But you must not SPAM. Please read our rules for more details. Below is the list of ranks and the number of messages you need to post in order to upgrade your position:

Warren Witch:
This is the rank you get when you join the guild.

White Lighter:
Post 20 messages on the guild message board.

Post 75 messages.

Post 200 messages.

You need to win: Witch of the Month, ex-council members and the guild account also occupy this rank.

The ranking system is not updated automatically.
We need to update it manually, so do not expect your position to be upgraded 5 minutes after you posted the right amount of messages. If we have not upgraded your position within 7 days, you can always neomail a council member.

2) Can I get free medicine when my pet is sick?

No, we do not give anything to anyone who asks/begs for items. Ages ago, we used to keep cures for sick pets, but now we do not see the point of paying enormous amounts of NP for a cure when the water faerie can cure your pet for free after a couple of tries.

3) How do I donate to the guild?

You don't. We no longer accept donations to the guild, the shop is now closed. These days collecting guild donations is generally frowned upon by most neopets users and considered a grey area with regard to the rules. There are now very few ways in which donations are allowed to be used.

Sorry if that upsets anyone who used to like donations to the guild, but I would rather have a guild with a good reputation.

4) How many members have been kicked out of the guild?

Only a few. We only kick out people who are extremely rude or annoying, but be sure to read our rules.

5) How do I get to be in the (second) Council / Wyatt Position?

You can apply for a council position if there is a spot available. But you really need to work hard if you want to be in the council.
Second Council / Wyatt positions are currently only given to people who become Witch Of The Month. You used to be able to apply for these positions, but now you can't apply for these positions anymore, but if you are active, friendly and helpful, you will surely have a chance to become Witch of the Month and earn a second Council Position. Once the nominees for WOTM are announced the other guild members may send in their votes for who they think deserves it most. The member with the most votes becomes the WOTM. If we were realy struggling and only came up with one nominee, for a particular month, then they would just become WOTM so that we can have a new one each month as the title suggest ;)

If an account has not logged in for over 150 days, it will most probably be taken off the Wyatt position
We will assume that person has left neopets. If you own a previously inactive account that was formerly a Wyatt - contact one of the council members and we will of course put you back in your proper position asap. We demote inactive Wyatts because there are new WOTMs every month. This helps keeps the position more special for those that still care about their guild rank. They then move higher up the guild members list.

6) If you look at the guild members what do the stars next to someones name mean?

The star means that that person has some kind of guild administration powers, for example they are able to change the guild's layout, upgrade members' rank, delete messages, update the poll,... The Council members, guild account and some old council members have some of these powers.

7) Can I have administration powers then?

We only give administration powers to council members and they will most likely only get the power to delete messages. The reason we do not give administration powers is that the guild would be a total mess, if we gave them to everyone that wanted them. Some powers can severely damage the guild and we do not want to take that risk. Sorry, nothing personal!

8) How do a join a room?

If you would like to join one of the three rooms (Piper's Room, Phoebe's Room or Paige's Room) send a neomail to thehalliwellmanor saying which room you would like to join. When you take part in competitions around the guild, these count towards your room points total. However the Halliwell manor competition has become inactive. You can still join a room and your points total will still be incremented. Anything that has happened since the last competition will count towards the next one if we bring it back.

9) How do I donate to my room?

You can't anymore. The guild no longer accepts donations.

10) Was the guild deleted?

Yes, I am afraid the guild got accidentally deleted by neopets on 03/21/2003 :( Such a shame! ...But we have re-built nicely since.

11) Why was the guild deleted?

Do not worry we did not do anything wrong. We are pretty sure it was a database error on the neopets website, because a lot of other guilds got deleted on the same day, including the angels and avengers guild to give you an example.

12) I have made a doll/banner for the guild, can you put it on the site?

Probably not, there are times when we get lots of these requests. We do not have the time to update all of that anymore. But if you make a page with your own graphics, for example using one of your pet pages, you can fill in a form at our Graphics Site and a link to your site or page will be added. The form is under "contact us". We will periodically look through members graphics pages and we might choose some of the better ones to put on the main site.

13) How can I make smiley faces at the guild?

You can make smilies in the same way you would on the normal neopets boards. We have a list of some of theemoticons you can use and how to make them.

14) How do you get neoboard avatars?

We have our own section dedicated to avatar solutions, located under the 'NEOPETS' heading on the right. But we are often slow to update it. Sorry. You can use the avatars board on neopets or search for a neopets help site to find out how to get any we do not have listed yet.

15) Why have my messages been deleted?

If your messages have been deleted by council members the most likely reason is that they were considered SPAM or they contained inappropriate language or content or if you posted a message containing a charmed "spoiler" with out putting SPOILER in your message title your post may be deleted too. Please read the "Guild Rules" section of our site for more information. Also bare in mind neopets periodically deletes old messages from the guild and anything against neopets rules.

16) I've noticed a lot of disabled accounts located at the Warren Witch rank, what are they?

All neopets accounts which used to be in the guild, and later got disabled are lowered to the first rank, in order to clear up the members list a little and give people a chance to get higher up on the list, without being out numbered with accounts that are no longer used. We do not delete disabled or inactive accounts. If your account was one of those, and you got it back, feel free to neomail the council and we will upgrade your rank, to what it used to be ;)

If you have another question that is not answered here or just thought of one that might belong here, feel free to contact us with that question using our submission form :) Please use the subject title: FAQ

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