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Since DoN (I & II) are a bit different than flash games, figured its best to give them their own little intro page. Defenders of Neopia concludes of a series of different monsters that terrorize Neopia - and it's your job to try and stop them before anything bad happens. There are 16 missions on the first series, and with every mission the job gets harder. In this guide you will find all the different opponents your pet needs to fight in the Battledome and few tips and tricks to over coming them.

N O T E : There is also a sequel series to DoN, so if you get stuck on one of the opponents or want to give it a go click here (you don't have to finish the first series in order to play the 2nd one).

For a guide to DoN II, click here.

  1. The Pant Devil
    The only way to get the Pant Devil as an opponent is for him to steal something from you in a Random Event. It may take a while but the more you explore around Neopets, the better your chances are in encountering him. He is difficulty 21 and has HP of about 22 the first time you fight him - with the right weapons such as Lost Desert Dagger and a Hand Painted Scarabug you can deat him fairly easily.

  2. Ghost Lupe
    You can find the Ghost Lupe by clicking here, scroll down the page and choose Find NeoHome. The Lupe is difficulity 32 and has the same HP the first time you fight him. Every time you win he will get a power boost of approx 3 points. After beating him you can also get an Avatar.

  3. Cave Chia
    You can find the Cave Chia while refreshing here. He is difficulty 58 and has 61 HP. His boost goes for 5-6 points and 11 every 2nd win.

  4. Meuka
    To get him as a challenger your pet needs to get sick with either Neoflu or Sneezles, and then go to your Quick Ref. page. This is a fairly tough opponent to play against with a difficulty level of 60 and starting HP of 75, though if you win you can get a snazzy avatar from it. For a guide on how to beat him check out this page.

  5. The Brain Tree
    To get him as an opponent you must first complete one of his quests by completing 2 Esophagor ones (though the answers he'll give you may be wrong). He has a difficulty level of 91 and HP of 105 that has an 8 point boost every win, so he's fairly hard - but if you have enough HP (about 100, unless you have fab weapons) and fairly good weapons (such as the ones stated on the first opponent) you could try beating him. A Purple Sticky Hand may be of assistance also.

  6. Commander Garoo
    Refresh at the Space Station to get him. He has a difficulty and starting HP of 120 with a power boost of 12-13 points and 25 every 2nd win.

  7. Tekkitu the Witch Doctor
    Take one of your pets to a Tikki Tour to get him. With a difficulty of 120 and HP of 150, he's a pretty tough opponent to beat so make sure your pet is strong enough for the challenge. He has a point boost of 12 every win.

  8. Meerca Henchmen
    Refresh at the Trap Door in the Lost Desert to get them. They have a difficulty of 150 and 175 HP with a 15 boost per win. These are fairly difficult opponents, though if you beat them you can get one of two snazzy avatars :) A tip for fighting against them: make sure you have the Burrow and Fiery Gaze abillities, along with some kind of freezing weapon - do your best to freeze them on the first round and then use a Honey Potion on them (if you have one its the best way to go), then just repeadly attack them with fierce attack and good weapon combos and hope for the best.

  9. Giant Ghostkerchief
    Don't be fooled by its name - this is a fairly tough opponent you should already have, but if not then click here. He has difficulty and HP of 250 with 17-18 points boost and 35 every 2nd win, and the abllitiy to fully heal himself when in trouble, so your pet has to be pretty firece to try and kick his handkerchief hiney.

  10. Evil Sloth Clone
    Refresh on Kreludor to get him as your opponent. He has slightly less HP than the former opponent (100) and a difficulty level of 85, so in theory should be easier to beat, but thats just in theory ;)

  11. Snow Beast
    Somewhat a dramatic change from the last opponent, the Snow Beast has difficulty and HP of 300 with 30 boost points every win. You can find it by refreshing at the Advent Calendar

  12. Giant Hungry Malevolent Chomby
    To get him you need to have a random event while visiting the Giant Omelette. His difficulty and HP level stands on 350, with a 40 points worth of boost every win.

  13. Mootix Warrior
    Don't let the size fool you, the Mootix Warrior is a fairly fierce opponent with 375 worth of difficulty and HP along with 40 points boost. You should automaticlly have him as a challenger.

  14. Kastraliss
    A nothing but fierce opponent, that stands on 400 in both difficulty and HP with a 42 point boost every win. To get him as your opponent you must refresh Here

  15. Slug Monster
    To get him as your challenger you must have Slug Flakes in your inventory and refresh at the Maraqua Ruins (or more accurately at the Slugs Go Away page). He has a difficulty and HP that stands on 500 points, with a 45 boost every win. (Be careful, this challenge may posion your Neopet and make it sick).

  16. The Drenched
    The Drenched can be found in Maraqua on a Rainy Day while refreshing. They have difficulty and HP of 600 with a 60 points boost.

  17. Qasalan Mummy
    The final opponent of Don I can be found by refreshing at the Lost Desert Plot (or, here). He has 550 diffucilty and HP with a 50 point boost per each win.

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