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Welcome to the Charmed Ones Guild game guide. If you feel like getting a few extra neopoints, but having a hard time playing certain games - you came to the right place. If you have a game tip that you'd like to share with the guild - contact me with the subject 'Game Guide' and I'll add it right in. All game tips were written by faeriegurl4lyfe unless stated otherwise. Also, all the max scores are approx. - if you spot an error please neomail me so I could fix it asap:).

Cellblock [Hard]

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max score is 5,000 a day



Cliffhanger [Medium]

Playing on Easy level is normally better as you can use all of the vowels :) I would suggest suing them first in the order they are in the alphabet (a e i o u) Then after you ahve done this, look for words that are common, such as: And, Are, At, An, One, On, Our, Out, Of, Or, In, If, It, Is, No, Not, Nice, Do, So, To, The , Their, This, That, There, They, Them, These, Those, Has, Had, Have, He, Her, Hers, His, With, Will, You, Your, Up, Be, But, Get, Let, Pet, Days If you have not already used the T, then do so. Then use other common letters such as, S, R, H, N, M...By this time you should be well on your way to working out most of the words. Its just being able to see the words. Also, look out for pet names or Neopets character names that you know - such as Doctor Sloth. Here are a few sayings that I came across:

*Under a tattered cloak you will generally find Doctor Sloth*
*Carrots are so expensive these days*
*Catch the halter rope and it will lead you to the kau*
*Neopets battledome is not for the weak or sensitive*
*The Healing springs mends your wounds after battle*
*Your pet deserves a nice stay at the Neolodge*

Lastly, there is a list of the phrases at :) Have fun playing and GOOD LUCK!!

- submited by hollieangel3

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max score is 1,500 a day



Destruct-O-Match II [Easy]

When you start the game, before you start clicking anything, check which boulder you have the most of and then get out all the other ones before you get the ones you have the most of out to get more points rather than doing them all individually 1. Fill Boulder - This boulder will add a new row of boulders at the top of the level!
2. Multiplier Boulder - Earn 3 times the points using this boulder!
3. Overkill Boulder - Will destroy all boulders of the same colour
4. Fire Boulder - Click on this symbol and all boulders around it will be destroyed in a powerful explosion!
5. Morph Boulder - Watch out! The timer will indicate how much time is left before this boulder turns indestructible!
6. Indestructible Boulder - The only way to destroy this boulder is by using the Fire Boulder!

Clear the first and second level and use the cheat code when the "level completed" screen is up cause it gives you a bonus of 250 points..
First block you want to get rid of is the counting block. Make sure that is your first thing..
Second thing you want to do is clear all the same color blocks as the * block. Make sure to have the * block with another of the same color to clear it..
Do not clear it before you get rid of the other blocks of the same color..
Once that is out of the way work on getting rid of all the colors other then the color of the ? block if you have one.. If you can't only have 2 sets of block colors at most. Once you have only the ? block go ahead and destroy it.. That will give you either a random set of one color blocks or give you the color of the other set of blocks you have.. Clear those then clear the "fire" block if you have it.. That should clear the level. After the first level make sure you level point is at 150. use the code then and it should be at 650 after the first level after you clear the second level you should have over 1000 points just from 2 levels.. At the end of level 3 you should have over 1200 points easy.

- submited by icklekezzy and ladywhitefire
(with special thanks to Hollieangel3)

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max score (1,000) at 3000 points



Snowmuncher [Medium]

On the first level, keep on playing and collecting all the potions and gems until the bottom. Then when you reach it, check your bloatege to see you have enough to continue eating more blocks - munch a bit more ice until you'll get almost bloated and pass on to the next level, make sure you have around 700+ plus. Then, on the second level do your best to collect all the gems (especially the purple ones). To make it easier to kill your enemies (aka the worms) make sure they have at least 3+ blocks above them. When you eat one block beneath a trapped worm you'll free her, then eat another block so the ice can fall on it and it would die. They'll follow you across the level if you wont manage to kill them so its best to get rid of them quite quickly. Now, if your aiming for the avatar - make sure to go to the bottom of the level, eat until you'll get 100% bloated and then wait for the time to pass, die and restart the level to get double the points. At the higher levels just munch all the ice and aim for the potions, they would be very important fr you to keep your bloatege small, and earn more points. Lastly, you can type in buuuurrrrrrrrp (u=4, r=8) to get 50% off your bloatege. Good luck!!

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max score (1,000) at 4000+ points



The Castle of Eliv Thade [Hard]

Here is a link to a great anagram solver that would help you out, if the answer isn't there its most probably something that is only related to NeoPets - try asking on the boards;)

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max score (1,000) at 667 points

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