How To Help

Our guild is growing on a daily basis, and we always need an extra pair of hands to help it remain active and interesting to new members. So we decided to gather a page for those of you who would like to help, but are not sure what they can do. Even the most basic things help our guild grow, so thank you so much to everyone who helped in one way or another to make it what it is today.


If you have a knack for designing and just can't keep those fingers of yours off the paint and crop tool, you could create banners and other different graphics for our guilds Graphics Site and keep it updated with new Charmed content!

Message Board and Forums

If you just love talking to people, the message board and forums are some of the best ways to meet other members of our guild and talk to them about pretty much everything (as long as its not breaking any rules of course ;)) and in keeping the board active you help in expanding the guild and meeting new people you otherwise might have not.


One thing we could really use your help on is with participating. Many activities and competitions have become inactive due to the lack of participants. Such as: Magic School, Newspapers, The Halliwell Manor

Keep an eye out for active/re-activated projects that would really appreciate you helping with submitting material or just taking part to keep them active :)


Whilst we do our best to deliver as much up-to-date quality content and news as we can, the sad reality is we often don't have enough time. If you have a basic knowledge of HTML, and some free time on your hands, we would appreciate your help on creating some pages or updating existing ones such as the actor profiles, characters, powers etc'. So if you're up to it let us know and we'd love to provide you with more info ;)

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