Charmed Ones Guild

Join The Guild

Our Guild is based at, therefore you will need to have created an account with Neopets before you can join our guild. If you do not already have one you can sign up with neopets now.

Once you have created your account go to our guild front page.

If you have only just signed up with neopets save the URL of our guild to your favourites, for later. The neopets site will not allow you to join a guild until your account is 24hrs old.

Once your account is old enough, open up the guild front page. Then scroll down to "Options" on the left hand side and click "join guild"

Once you have done that you have become a member of the Charmed Ones Guild. As a member you will be able to talk to fellow Charmed fans at the guild message board, participate in all of our guild features, and use all of our pre-made materials according to our terms and conditions.

We would like to wish our new members a very warm welcome, and hope that you enjoy being a part of the Charmed Ones Guild as much as we do.

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