The Halliwell Manor - Charmed Ones Guild
How to Earn Member Points__________________

There are several ways to earn individual member points. Please note that these member points are just a numbering system used to add up and recorded your contributions to your room. More importantly the points you accumulate will help your room's efforts to win the Halliwell Manor Competition each season.

Your member points are recorded on your room's members list. This list will show the number of points you have for the current season, the last season and your total number of accumulated points over all of the room competitions so far.
- The member with the most member points for a season becomes member of the season for that room. It is up to the room leaders to reward The MOTS with a banner or trophy etc. They will most probably keep a record of the MOTSs and members in 2nd and 3rd place at their website :)
- Your total number of points will help you move up the room members list.

Note: Member points are different to Room Points. Room Points are calculated from member points. This is done in slightly different ways for different types of mini competitions and over factors. For more information about how Room Points are calculated please read the Room Points Page.

Here is a summary of the ways you can contribute to your room along with the number of member points you will receive:

  • Donating
    First of all please remember donating is completely optional! Only donate if you WANT to.
    When you donate to your room you are helping to collect points for your room. You will earn 1 member point for every 1,000 NP that you donate. If you wish to donate please donate NP via the room's shop or trades.
    - NOTE You will only recieve a point for each whole 1,000 you donate, because otherwise adding up points would become a real nighmare for your leaders. - Your room leaders will keep a record of your points and send a list of each members donation points to thehalliwellmanor at the end of the competition at the same time as the room's donation of NP. This Means your donation points will not be added to your total untill the end of the competition.
    - Click here for more detailed information.

  • WOTM and nominees
    As you probably know every month a Witch of the Month is chosen. If the member who becomes WOTM has joined a room they will earn themselves a bonus of 100 member points. Each nominee will get 10 member points each time they are nominated. (WOTM will also add 100 points to the room points total and 10 for each nominee.)
    - Since there are 3 months in a season, there will be 3 WOTMs each season and 3 lots of nominees.

  • FOTM and nominees
    There is also a pet voted Familiar of the month, each month. If your Pet becomes FOTM you will get 100 member points (and have 100 room points added to your room's total). If your pet is nominated you will get you 20 member points (and 20 room points for your room).
    - since there are 3 months in a season there will be 3 FOTMs each season and 3 lots of nominees.
    Note: You will only receive your 20 points once per entry. ie: if your pet is re-entered the following month you will not get another 20 points ...unless you decided to start all over again with your pet's pages. If you, at a later date, enter a new pet or the same pet with completely different pages, you will be able to get 20 member points again :)

  • Getting members
    Allthough you will not get member points for new members that join, your room WILL get 5 extra room points for every new member that joins the room. So start recruiting members ;) (When a new member joins they start off with 0 member points)
    - You are NOT allowed join your room with multiple accounts.

  • Games Competition
    We now have a Games Competition. It is similiar to Better than you. There are 4 games in the competition each Season. You have to try to beat a certain score in each game. This score is allways the number points that gives you 500 np in the game to keep it fair.
    - Once you have beaten the score neomail: thehalliwellmanor.
    - The first 10 people to neomail thehalliwellmanor (with a valid game score) for each game will get 10 member points.
    - Everyone else who neomails a valid game score will get 3 member points.
    - There is a list of this season's games with required scores and links to play these games on the games competition page.

  • Mystery Picture Competition
    Every season there will be 12 severly altered and disguised mystery charmed pictures. These can be located on the Mystery Picture Competition Page. If you think you know which charmed character is in each picture neomail your answers to: thehalliwellmanor or email them to manor[at]
    - You can only neomail/email one time, so please be sure you are happy with your answers before sending them to us.
    - You will get 1 member point for each correct answer ie: 12/12 = 12 points, 7/12 = 7 points, 0/12 = 0 points.

  • Charmed Quiz
    We now have 20 Charmed Quiz Questions for you to answer, in order to earn points for your room. You may send your answers either by neomail to: thehalliwellmanor or by email to manor[at] You will get 1 member point for each correct answer.

  • The Guild Newspaper
    For each peice of work you have successfully published in the Guild newspaper you will earn points for your room.
    For every article, interview or poem you successfully submit to the Guild newspaper you will earn 25 personal points, 50 points for fan fictions and 75 for commics.
    - Click here for more information on the guild newspaper and how to submit articles.
    - The Newspaper editors will neomail thehalliwellmanor with a list of users and their points. So you will not get these points added to your total untill each new issue of the newspaper is published.
    - Click here for more information on the guild newspaper.

  • The Magic School
    When you complete work for a class at the magic school you will earn points for your room based on your grade. You will get 20 member points for an A, 16 for a B, 12 for a C, 8 for a D, 4 for an E (but none if you fail). Each teacher has set their own boundaries for what marks qualify for each grade depending on how difficult their class is.
    - Click here to visit the magic school, to find out more information.

  • Other Competitions
    There will often be other room competitions. These may vary each month. We do not have any other competitions yet for this season.