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real name: Aamina
Current Rank: Wyatt
Email: aamina_khazna[at]
Country: U.K

age: 16
date of birth: 18-05-1990
Star sign: Taurus
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Siblings: 1 brother and 1 sister

TV Show: Charmed, Prison Break, Home & Away and Lost
Movie: The Little Mermaid :)
Book: Harry Potter Series
Song: You and I and I Dont wanna Miss a Thing
Band/Singer: um too many to name
actor/actress: Alyssa Milano

Charmed character: Pheobe and Billie
Power: see past and future
Season: 7 and 8 Summer
Spell: The Power of three will set us free

number: 18
color: Blue and Pink
food/drink/flavour: Most of it
season: 7 and 8 Summer
element: Water
flower: Rose
day: Fridayy and Saturday

hobbies: Traveling and Hanging out with mates and Just haviing Fun
wish: To have everything i wish for

real name: Ericka, known as Erin
Current Rank: Paige
Country: United States of America

age: 19
date of birth: March 24th
Star sign: Aries
Hair Color: brown, light brown, honey
Eye Color: blue
Siblings: No but I have 2 1/2 brothers never seen them

TV Show: Charmed, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Smallville
Movie: jeepers creepers 1 and 2, The Sixth Sense, pay it
Book: Among the Hidden
Song: No, No, No Pt 1
Band/Singer: Umm too many singers and band
actor/actress: Alyssa Milano

Charmed character: Phoebe
Power: see past and future, levation
Episode: All Hell Breaks Loose, many epiodes that I likes
Season: Season 1-7
Spell: The power of three will set us free

number: 24!
color: Blue, margoon
word: Charmed
food/drink/flavour: Strawberry Soda
pet: My Kougra- Kouajia
season: Summer/ Winter
element: Fire
day: Saturday, Friday
daytime: Night

hobbies: Play Sports
wish: I wish that I could tell u my huge secret but I can't cuz I think u guys will treat me like umm speical or against me.. :D
other: =D

real name: Alexandra (Alex) Morla
current position: Billie
date of birth: 3/28/88
country: USA

hair color: Black
eye color: Brownish black
lucky number: 22
favorite color: PINK

favorite tv-shows: Charmed (duh!) and F.r.i.e.n.d.s.
favorite charmed one: PIPER!!
favorite power:Piper's duh! Or baby Wyatt's
favorite movie: CHICAGO!
favorite actor/actress: Too many to name!
favorite band/singer: Cristina Aguilera/Nsync
favorite song: Soar-Christina Aguilera

favorite drink: mmm..don't have one
favorite neopet: my elepante SolielM

l_piper_halliwell_l (Angel_girl_12366)
real name :Kristen
current position : Chris
birthdate :June 18th 1988
Age :18

country :Canada
e-mail :butterfly_pri06[at]

hair color :dark brown with brown highlights
eye color :dark brown
lucky numbers :2 & 18
favorite colors :red and purple

favorite tv-shows :Charmed, Friends, "ER" and CSI
favorite charmed one :Piper
favorite power :Freezing
favorite movie :Walk to remember

favorite actor/actress : Adam Brody, Holly Marie Combs
favorite singer/band :CLAY AIKEN , Simple plan
favorite song :This is the night

favorite food :Pizza
favorite drink :Ice tea
pet :One dog named Brandy

hobbies :Dance,shopping,tv,computer,neopets
wish :I cant say lol (Its a secret)
comments:Charmed ones guild is the best ever its like my second family and I love everyone that in it!!! Especially Ortal and Ceara!!!!!

real name: Elien
current position: Piper
birthdate: 5 May 1985
country: Belgium
e-mail: bananagirl_1[at]

hair color: red (soon to be pink!)
eye color: blue
lucky number: 8 and 5
favorite color: baby blue, red and pink

favorite tv-shows: CHARMED, gilmore girls, C.S.I, friends, sex and the city, buffy and E.R.
favorite charmed one: Phoebe
favorite power: telekinetic orbing
favorite episode: charmed and dangerous, the day the magic died, the good the bad and the cursed, sense and sense ability, black as cole and siren song
favorite movie: swordfish, memento, fear and loathing in las vegas, legally blond 1, pirates of the caribbean, save the last dance, lock stock and two smoking barrels

favorite actor/actress: Alyssa Milano/Brendan Fehr
favorite singer/band: david gray, crazy town and Pink
favorite song: the white stripes- seven nation army
cutest guy/girl: orlando bloom mmmmmmmmmm

favorite food: pizza peperoni and penne carbonara
favorite drink: safari orange and lipton ice tea
favorite neopet: faerie ixi
pets: I have a dog 'Harp', two cats 'Meneertje' and 'Loeka' and 3 fish 'Leeloo' , 'Kit' and 'Fredje'

hobbies: the guild, watching tv, listening to music, horse back riding, watchig soccer, goign out with my friends
wish: to meet the charmed actors and to meet my favourite soccer player fredrik Ljunberg
comments: I love Charmed, that's obvious! I love the guild too, it's the best one ever! I don't know what more to say!

real name: Charline
Current Rank: Chris
Email: charlineeliat_eliat[at]
Country: Belgium

age: 17
date of birth: 20/09/1989
Star sign: Virgo
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: brown

TV Show: Charmed of course
Movie: lord of the rings, dirty dansing two and 2 fast 2 furious
Book: Lucas
Song: Encore
Band/Singer: Linking park
actor/actress: Orlando Bloom

Charmed character: Paige
Power: controlling weather (meteokinesis)
Episode: all
Season: 6
Spell: the spell to get their powers

number: 5
color: blue
word: Tja!
food/drink/flavour: suger, pizza, Canada Dry
pet: Kougra
season: spring
element: wind
flower: cauliflower (cuz you can eat it :p)
day: 20 september, my birthday
daytime: always when I can lie down

hobbies: Hockey, aikido, wallclimbing and best of all: surfing
wish: go to australia
other: have real magical powers

real name: Emily
Current Rank: Chris
Country: USA

age: 15
date of birth: 11-10-91
Star sign: Scorpio
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: blue
Siblings: no

TV Show: charmed
Movie: Just like Heaven
Book: Charmed:Dark Vengence
Song: Unwritten
Actor/actress: Alyssa Milano and Sandra Bullock

Charmed character: Phoebe
Power: Both of Paiges
Episode: Sense and Sense Ability and Forever Charmed
Season: 3
Spell: Woogy man spell

number: 5 and 3
color: purple
pet: all of mine
season: spring
element: water
flower: rose
day: saturday

hobbies: dance

real name: Jairo Jimenez
Current Rank: Warren Witch
Email: charmedphoenix15[at]
Country: usa

age: 16
date of birth: 4/17/90
Star sign: Aries
Hair Color: dark brown , blondish green highlights
Eye Color: brown
Siblings: 4 brothers 1 sister

Movie: a cinderella story, jawbreaker, and shes too young
Book: nething magickal
Song: sinse u been gone
Band/Singer: kelly clarkson, hilary duff
actor/actress: ALYSSA MILANO (duh)

Charmed character: phoebe
Power: see past and future ( premonitions),levitation, and empath ( feel peoples emotions)
Episode:love em all!!!
Season: 1-7
Spell: power of 3 will set us free

number: 6
color: red and black
word: heck yes!!!
food/drink/flavour: pizza,pepsi,strawberry
pet: hissi-jazminemerald
season: summer
element: fire and air
flower: black rose
day: friday
daytime: aftrnoon

hobbies: dreawing, making spells, and making clothes
wish: i wish 2 have phoebes powers
real name: Peta
Current Rank: Warren Witch
Country: Australia

age: 23
date of birth: 27/8/1982
Star sign: virgo
Hair Color: brown/blonde
Eye Color: grey/blue
Siblings: no

TV Show: charmed
Movie: terminaor 2 directors cut

Charmed character: piper
Power: stop time

number: 6
color: purple
food/drink/flavour: pepsi max
flower: rose
day: mid afternoon

real name: Colleen
current position: Wyatt
birthdate: July 10, 1990
country: USA
e-mail: Cowsgomoo710[at]

birthstone: ruby
Star sign: cancer
hair color: brown
eye color: hazel


tv-shows: friends, charmed, boy meets world
charmed one: 2 way tie between Piper, Paige
power: freezing time
episode: Sense and Sensibility and Lucky Charmed
movie: the Cheetah Girls {disney channel movie}

actor/actress: Michael Cane, Julie Andrews
singer/band: Hilary Duff

number: 23
color: blue all the way! food: spaghetti
drink: coke
neopet: Cybunny
pets: none :(

hobbies: watching TV~hangin with friends~aol~computer~and singin would have tobe the my biggest hobbie~
wish: that i get a boyfriend who respects me, truly likes me, and does allthose 26 things on that one foward~
other: Say I Love You Today, Because Tomorrow Might Be To Late and a THOUSAND more quotes on my homepage

real name: Christine
Current Rank: White Lighter
Email: gorgeous-chrissy_1988[at]
Country: Canada

age: 18
date of birth: 13/02/1988
Star sign: Aquarius
Hair Color: Redish Blond
Eye Color: Brown
Siblings: 2

TV Show: Charmed
Movie: Romance
Book: Romance
Band/Singer: Britney Spears
actor/actress: Drew Fuller

Charmed character: Paige
Power: Orbing
Episode: all
Season: 4
Spell: power of three

number: 6
color: purple
word: man
food/drink/flavour: water and chocolate
pet: Uni
season: Winter
element: Fire
flower: Rose
day: Saturday

hobbies: Soccer, work and read
wish: to have a boyfriend

real name: Sarah
rank: Billie
email: foster_sarah_86[at]
country: usa

birthdate: 9/15/1986
starsign: virgo
hair color: brown
eye color: green
siblings: 2

favorite tv-show: charmed
favorite movie: our mothers murder
favorite song: me against the music

favorite Charmed character: piper
favorite power: empath
favorite episode: sense and sensebility

favorite number: 7
favorite color: blue
favorite word: shitake mushrooms
food/drink/flavor: nachos

hobbies: taking pics
wish: to meet the charmed ones

real name: Ileeyah
Current Rank: Wyatt
Email: totallyblonde15[at]
Country: Australia

age: 19
date of birth: 25-09-1987
Star sign: Libra
Hair Color: Dark Red
Eye Color: Blue
Siblings: Twin Sister, Bro

TV Show: Alias, Charmed, The O.C., Buffy
Movie: too many to count
Book: Anything by Kenyon, Hamilton, Armstrong, or Rowling
Song: Gangsta's Paradise- Coolio
Band/Singer: Way too many to name
actor/actress: Jennifer Garner

charmed character: Piper
Power: Molecular Manipulation
Episode: Coyote Piper
Season: 7 and 8

number: 7
color: Red
word: Woot
food/drink/flavour: Berries/Water/Raspberry
season: Spring
element: Fire and Air
flower: Red Rose
day: Tuesday
daytime: That time early in the morning around 3 am.

hobbies: Sport, reading, writing, roleplay

real name: Ortal
rank: Prue
email: ortal[at]
country: Israel

birthdate: September 6th 1989
starsign: Vergo
hair color: Blond
eye color: Green (or blueish greyish)

favorite tv-show: Charmed and Angel (amongst few more)
favorite movie: Pirates of the Carabiens (COTBP), LOTR trilogy
favorite book: Harry Potter (GOF), The Sowrd of Truth (WFR)
favorite song: Boulevard of Broken Dreams
favorite band/singer: none in peticulare
favorite actor/actress: Hugh Jackman!

favorite Charmed character: Paige Matthews
favorite power: Floating
favorite episode: Morality bites and Brain Drain
favorite season: 2nd and 4th

favorite number: 1,295,678,000,000,000
favorite color: Purple
favorite word: Spiffehness
favorite food: Yummy stuff
favorite neopet: Draik/Ixi

favorite season: Winter
favorite element: Earth
favorite daytime: Sunset/Sunrise

hobbies: Being random and make believe I'm a fluffy pink marshmallow cloud in the deep purple sky *floats*
wish: If I'll tell you it won't come true, now, will it? ;)

real name: Carrie
current position: Wyatt
date of birth: July 10, 1982
country: USA
e-mail: footsie00[at]

hair color: brown
eye color: Hazel
Lucky Number: 25
favorite color: blue, green and maroon

favorite tv-shows: Charmed, The Dead Zone, & Far Scape
favorite charmed one: Piper
favorite power: Orbing
favorite actor/actress: Vin Diesel

favorite drink: Dr. Pepper
favorite food: Chick-Fil-A
favorite neopet: All the cute ones!
Pets: 3 cats, and 2 dogs
hobbies: Reading, Charmed, spending time with friends
wish: I wish I had a baby paint brush and enough money to make my pets the way I want them to look.

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