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real name: Hannah
Current Rank: Billie

age: 16

TV Show: One Tree Hill
Movie: Flightplan
Book: The Clique
Band/Singer: Good Charlotte
actor/actress: Ashlee Simpson

Charmed character: Piper

number: 9
color: red
word: shiz

hobbies: hanging w/ celebs!

real name: Hollie
current position: Piper
birthdate: August 14th 1985
country: England, UK
e-mail: Hollieangel[at]
site: None

hair color: Brown/Red - dyed
eye color: Green
lucky number: 3, 4 and 7
favorite color: Pink and Purple/Lilac

favorite tv-shows: Charmed, Buffy, That 70s Show, Friends (and lots more!!)
favorite charmed one: Piper
favorite power: Freezing, Orbing, Premonition and Wyatt's Protection thing
favorite episode: I dunno. all of them.
favorite movie: The Blues Brothers and The Blues Brother: 2000 (I don't think they r my fav, but I do LOVE them SO MUCH!!)

favorite actor/actress: Brad Pitt, cos he is really good and can do laods of different accents etc... Johnny Depp cos he is good too.
favorite singer/band: Dunno
favorite song: Dunno
cutest guy/girl: My bf.I suppose I have to say that. lol

favorite food: Pizza
favorite drink: Vodka and a lovely cup of Tea Hmmmm, yummy
favorite neopet: All 9 of mine!! Yay!!
pets: Dog - Amber

hobbies: Reading, the net - chatting, neopets, games etc, Comp games - PC PS2, Anything that challenges my mind
wish: I wish that our Guild could have A LOT of good luck because we need it! I also wish that every1 could get better

real name: Tina
Current Rank: Billie
Email: piper_rocks2003[at]
Country: U.S.A

age: 12
date of birth: March 29th
Star sign: Ares
Hair Color: Black, brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Siblings: 1 older brother

TV Show: Charmed, One Tree Hill, Smallville, Buffy, Angel, The O.C., Tru Calling, 7th Heaven (just to name a few)
Movie: Grudge, 50 first dates, I, Robot, Honey
Book: R.L. Stine's, Harry Potter, anything magical
Song: lots of songs too many to pick
Band/Singer: Ciara, Destiny's Child
actor/actress: Alyssa Milano, Chad Michael Murray, and anyone on my fave tv shows.

Charmed character: Wyatt
Power: Orbing, Sheild, and many more
Episode: Oh My Goddess pt. 1 and 2
Season: 5
Spell: Truth spell

number: 7
color: Blue
word: Seriously
food/drink/flavour: luv all food, coke, strawberry or whatever
pet: shoyru
season: Spring, Summer
element: Water
flower: Rose, daisy

hobbies: sports, tv, music, computer, hangin out with friends

real name: Kerri
Current Rank: Phoebe
Email: kerrimcewan[at]
Country: Scotland, UK

age: 14
date of birth: 15/11/90
Star sign: Scorpio!!
Hair Color: Brown (blonde highlights :P)
Eye Color: Brown
Siblings: 2 bros, 1 sis

TV Show: Charmed! Of course :P Next to that....
Movie: Too hard :P
Book: book: A Series of Unfortunate Event books or Jacquelin Wilson books :0
Song: The Voice Within, by Christina Aguilera (love it!!)
Band/Singer: Not sure actually...
actor/actress: Alyssa Milano

Charmed character: Phoebe!!
Power: Orb or Freezing/Blowing up things :D
Episode: dunno..
Season: season: 4 and onwards
Spell: Paige's spell to switch bodies with Phoebe :P

number: not sure..
color: blue
word: numpty/cool
food/drink/flavour: huh? umm..chocolate, milk and umm..dunno
neopet: Yurbles are gorg!
season: summer
element: or umm..not sure actually
flower: not a clue
day: Friday, weekend!!
daytime: pass

hobbies: ice skating, reading, listening to music, singing, drawing, painting, etc....
wish: hmmm....for me to know and you not to find out :P

real name: Ashlee
Current Rank: Warren Witch
Country: United States

age: 18
date of birth: 11/25/88
Star sign: Sagittarious
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue/Green
Siblings: Yep.

TV Show: Charmed.
Movie: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Book: Still Life With Woodpecker
Song: Name by the Goo Goo Dolls
Band/Singer: The Goo Goo Dolls
actor/actress: John Travolta

Charmed character: Paige
Season: The Very First One.

number: 13
color: Pink
word: Like
food/drink/flavour: Dr.Pepper.
pet: Xeetwok!
season: The Very First One.
element: Fire
flower: Rose/Daisy
day: Friday the 13th
daytime: 4:20/3 AM

hobbies: uh...

real name: Kenzi
Current Rank: Warren Witch
Email: kenny_poo09[at]
Country: USA

age: 13
date of birth: July 30, 1991
Star sign: Leo
Hair Color: Auburn
Eye Color: Brown
Siblings: 3 half sisters

TV Show: Charmed
Movie: Kate & Leopold
Book: The Giver
Song: Gone
Band/Singer: Rascal Flatts
actor/actress: Drew Fuller, Alyssa Milano

Charmed character: Phoebe
Power: Orbing

number: 15
color: Purple
pet: Kougra
season: Winter
element: Water
flower: Tulip
day: Saturday
daytime: 5:00pm

hobbies: Watching TV being on computer
wish: To Be A Witch

real name: Lilea
rank: Piper
email: lilea[at]
country: the Netherlands

birthdate: April 21st, 1987
starsign: Taurus
hair color: dark brown
eye color: brown
siblings: an older brother

tv-shows: Charmed & One Tree Hill
movies: Cruel Intentions, Save The Last Dance, Made In Heaven, The Green Mile, A Time For Dancing, Dirty Dancing 1 & 2, Center Stage, A Walk To Remember, The Holiday, The Devil wears Prada
books: The Mediator, The Notebook, The Dirty Girls Social Club
band/singer: changes every day :P
actor/actress: James Lafferty & Sophia Bush

Charmed character: Phoebe & Paige
power: temporal stasis
episode: Morality Bites
season: 2
spell: to Invoke Powers, Smart Spell

number: 2
color: baby blue & pink
word: sweet
food/drink/flavor: pizza/fanta/strawberry
neopet: blumaroo, baby aisha, baby kougra
flower: orchids
element: water

day: Friday
daytime: evening
season: summer

things to do: hanging out with my friends, spending time with my boyfriend, watching tv/movies, listening to music, dancing, reading, swimming, clubbing, spending time on the internet, going to the beach and lots of other things!

wish: For everyone to be happy :)

real name: Chelsea
Current Rank: Wyatt
Country: USA

age: 17
date of birth: March 31, 1989
Star sign: Aries
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Siblings: Two brothers

TV Show: Charmed (No kidding, huh?)
Movie: Alice in Wonderland
Book: The Hobbit
Song: Emergency by Paramore
Band/Singer: Tool/A Perfect Circle/Paramore
actor/actress: Holly Marie Combs and I know I have more but I can't think of them right now.

Charmed character: Piper
Power: Molecular Combustion but I like the power to freeze a lot too. I would love to be able to freeze someone or something.
Episode: Hell Hath No Fury
Season: 5 Fall
Spell: In this night and in this hour, I call upon the ancient power, bring back my sister, bring back the power of three. That is the spell Piper said to try to bring Prue back when she died.

number: 3
color: GREEN!!!
word: Discombobulated....what? It's a cool word.
food/drink/flavour: I love chicken and fruit. I love Cranberry Raspberry juice and Raspberry flavored Iced Tea and the flavor lime.
pet: Maraquan Kau
season: 5 Fall
element: Tie between Earth and Fire
flower: Rose
day: Saturday because it is the perfect day. Friday is the beginning of the weekend and busy work usually developes on this day. Sunday is the last day of the weekend and nothing happens on that day except that work and school start up on Monday but nothing happens on Saturday. nothing to worry about or look forward to. It's just a perfect relaxing day.
daytime: 8:00am, 9:00am, 4:00pm and 6:00pm weekdays. (Charmed is on then)

hobbies: Listening to music and watching Charmed. My two favorites. I also like playing Super Mario video games.
wish: To marry and have kids with Josh The love of my life.

real name: Sarah
Current Rank: Wyatt
Email: sarahc53[at]
Country: Scotland

age: 17
date of birth: 23/10/87
Star sign: Libra
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Siblings: 1 brother

TV Show: Charmed and Friends =D!
Movie: Mmmm i dunno =S
Book: Random books, lol =P
Song: Im not sure :P
Band/Singer: Not sure about this either :P
actor/actress: Holly Marie Combs and Jennifer Aniston

Charmed character: Piper Halliwell
Power: Orbing and Freezing
Episode: ALL! =P
Season: ALL! =P
Spell: ALL! =P

number: 5 & 7
color: Yellow
word: Fweekified (Copyright of Ortie, i believe ;) =P)
food/drink/flavour: food - Strawberries, Drink - Coke, Flavour - Strawberry! =P
pet: Cybunny =D
season: Summer
element: Fire
flower: Rose
day: Saturday
daytime: Mmmm 3:30pm =D

hobbies: Attempting impossible things... =D
wish: Well.... I would say, but if i told you it wouldn't come true, and we dont want that to happen =o!
Other:Im a HUGE (!!!) Holly Marie Combs fan if you didn't know

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