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real name: Hannah
rank: Prue
email: hannah[at]
url: +
country: England

age: 21
starsign: Cancer
hair color: Blonde
eye color: Blue
siblings: 1 Brother

tv-show: Charmed / Buffy / Angel / Firefly / Supernatural and I also really like: Smallville, Taken, Roswell, Dark Angel, Tru Calling, Criminal Minds, Lois and Clark the New Adventures of Superman, Prison Break, Bones, Joan Of Arcadia & ER
movie: Serenity, Superman, Superman II, Superman Returns, the Star Wars Movies, The shawshank redemption, Jarrasic Park, IQ, Forrest Gump, Rain Man, Pirates of the carrabean, Ace Ventura, finding nemo, the last samurai
book: Watership Down
song: That Kind Of Love (on Radio Sunnydale), Strict Machine (Gold Frapp), For What I Need (James Marsters)
band/singer: Backstreet Boys & Britney, Mariah Carey, Faith Hill, Enrique Iglesias, Shania Twain
actor/actress: James Marsters, Jensen Ackles, Matthew Gray Gubler, Holly Marie Combs, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Brian Krause, Colin Hanks, Jason Behr, Jared Paladecki, Alexis Denisof, Eric Milligan, Tim Robbins, Johnny Depp, Antonio Bandaras, Morgan Freeman, Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, Jim Carey

Charmed character: Piper and Leo
power: Freezing and Orbing
episode: All of them

spell: Power of 3
number: 30
color: Pink and Purple

food/drink/flavor: Pizza, potatoes, bread / Coke, hot chocolate, coffee
neopet: cybunny, chomby, draik, aisha

hobbies: Website building, Making Graphics, Working on my neopets account, singing, Watching DVDs
wish: for everyone I know to be happy :)

real name: Cecilie
rank: Wyatt
email: charp3med[at]
url: (not finished)
country: Norway

birthdate: 05 09 1986
starsign: Virgo
hair color: Brown
eye color: Green
siblings: 1 older sister

tv-show: CHARMED, Samllville, Angel
movie: Get over It, Bring It On, Practical Magic, Miss Undercover, Legally Blonde 1+2
book: Geisha...? Ehm, I dunno...
song: Misfit
band/singer: Amy Studt og LeAnn Rimes
actor/actress: Holly Marie Combs + Tom Welling

Charmed character: Piper
power: Time Freezing
episode: Brain Drain

number: 5
color: Yellow, Red, Pink
food/drink/flavor: pizza, red limonade with ice cubes, strawberry
neopet: All of mine... lol :P
flower: Red roses
element: Earth

day: Friday/Saturday, Sunday is nice too (new eppies of Charmed)
daytime: Evening
season: spring

hobbies: Soccer, Friends, The guild, reading, movies, SS, Charmed, Charmed Hospital
wish: That my cat Max will come back:)

real name: Paige
Current Rank: Warren Witch
Email: invizableme722[at]
Country: US

age: 15
date of birth: July 22
Star sign: Cancer
Hair Color: Dark brown with red tint
Eye Color: Hazel
Siblings: 2 brothers

TV Show: charmed, angel, gilmore girls
Movie: queen of the dammed
Book: harry potter
Song: duality
Band/Singer: slipnot,korn
actor/actress: ORLANDO BLOOM!!!

Charmed character: Paige
Power: orb and orb things
Episode: something wicca this ways goes
Season: 7
Spell: the truth spell

number: 22,13
color: pink, red, black
word: dude
food/drink/flavour: fries/coke/chocalete
pet: Lupe!!
season: Summer
element: Water
flower: Lilly
day: Sunday
daytime: Afternoon

hobbies: alot to many to name
wish: to not be single

real name: Trish
Current Rank: Whitelighter
Email: trisha[at]
Country: Canada!

age: 13
date of birth: January 30
Star sign: Aqurius
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Siblings: ! annoying brother, Chris.

TV Show: Charmed. (Duh!)
Movie: Not sure
Book: Too many
Song: Smells like Nirvana
Band/Singer: Weird Al

Charmed character: (points to username)
Power: Orbing
Episode: Not sure

color: Pink,purple, light blue
word: AAAAAA!
pet: Koi
season: Summer
day: Weekends

wish: B. to like me

real name: Nia
Current Rank: Wyatt
Email: nia.sheriff[at]
Country: Wales

age: 12
date of birth: 10/05/1994
Star sign: Taurus
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Siblings: Sister called victoria

Movie: The perfect man
Book: Cool Break
Song: Buttons
Band/Singer: Pussycat dolls
actor/actress: Alyssa Milano

Charmed character: Phoebe halliwell
Power: Preminition
Episode: All hell breaks loose
Season: 8 dont have one
Spell: dont have one

number: 29
color: PINK
word: Baby
food/drink/flavour: Pizza and water
pet: Acara
season: 8
element: dont have one
flower: Rose
daytime: 3:25

hobbies: Reading, Riding my bike, Going on the guild and WATCHING CHARMED
wish: that jamie will ask me out

real name: Marina
Current Rank: White Lighter
Email: Phoebehalliwell750[at]
Country: USA

age: 13
date of birth: 06/09/91
Star sign: Virgo
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Siblings: Yes one older brother named Nick

TV Show: Charmed, Friends, InuYasha, Full Metal Alchemist, Family Guy, and South Park
Movie: The Phantom of the Opera, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Johnson Family Vacation, Bewitched, Scary Movie 1, and The Ring 1 & 2
Book: Flipped, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Charmed books, and Romance Novels
Song: Everybody's Fool, Rich Girl, What are you waiting for, Weclome to my life, and Candyman
Band/Singer: Evanecence, Linkin Park, Simple Plan, and Gwen Stafani

Charmed character: Piper & Prue
Power: Freezing time telekinisis, blowing up things, power over the Elements, and Premonition
Episode: Just Harried, That's 70's Episode, The Courtship of Wyatt's Father, and She's a Man Baby a Man!
Season: 1-3
Spell: Go to past, Power of 3, to Read Minds, and the Truth Spell

number: 12
color: Black and Red
word: Goober
food/drink/flavour: Italian, Dr. Peper, Strawberry
pet: Mynci, Lupe
season: Winter
element: All
flower: Rose
day: Saturday!!
daytime: Hate daytime! LOVE nightime!

hobbies: Reading, Drawing, Singing, Writting, and going on computer!
wish: I wish I would have know what it would be like for a year if my aunt and uncle were my mom and dad and my cousin was my big brother!!!!!!!!!!!!
other: I'm goth. I LOVE Japanese music. I spelled more then have of the tings wrong in here! :) I'm my aunts CLONE!

real name: Sara
current position: Wyatt
birthdate : August 14, 1990
country : USA
e-mail: sakurastaz6[at]

hair color: dark brown (really dark brown...almost black)
eye color : brown
lucky number : 1 & 15
favorite color : purple

favorite tv-shows : Charmed, Buffy
favorite charmed one : Piper
favorite power : Freezing time
favorite episode : all of them lol
favorite movie : Harry Potter Movies

favorite actor/actress: Emma Watson/Dan Radcliffe/Sarah Michelle Gellar
favorite singer/band : A-teens

favorite food : pizza
favorite drink : cherry coke
favorite neopet : kacheek/usul/cybunny
pets: cats

hobbies : computer
wish : I wish I meet the cast of Harry Potter

real name: Katie
Current Rank: Paige
Email: katie.6smith[at]
Country: U.K

age: 13
date of birth: 9th October
Star sign: Libra
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Siblings: N/A

TV Show: Charmed
Movie: Armegeddon
Book: Harry Potter & Order of the Phoenix
Song: Don't Stop me Now-Queen
Band/Singer: Green Day/Queen
actor/actress: Bruce Willis

Charmed character: Piper
Power: Freezing/telekinesses
Episode: That 70's episode/Oh My Goddess parts 1&2/Vallhalley of the dolls
Season: 6
Spell: Let the object of objection become but a dream/cause the seen to become unseen

number: 46/21/99
color: purple
word: Love
pet: Kougra
season: Autumn
element: Fire
flower: Rose
day: Friday

hobbies: Wathcing Charmed/surfing the net/motorbikes
wish: That i could find my cat

real name: Phoebe
current position: Paige
country: Australia
e-mail: sideline_girl[at]hotmail (but I never use it)

hair color: black/brown
eye color: brown
lucky number: 10, 4
favorite color: PINK

favorite tv-show: Charmed, Rove Live, Malcolm in the middle
favorite charmed one: Piper
favorite power: Blowing up and freezing
favorite episode: oh my goddess pt 1,2, sense and sensibility,
favorite movie: the hot chick,

favorite actor/actress: Orlando bloom
favorite singer/band: heaps, good charlotte but heaps I like R&B yeah
favorite song: why not and the worlds greatest
cutest guy/girl: ORLANDO BLOOM

favorite food: red apples
favorite drink: orange juice
favorite neopets: Christmas Cybunny
pets: Roxie_11020, Hermione1280 and _pRiNcEsS__PhOeBe_

hobbies: singing, dancing, acting, shopping, talking, collecting lip gloss and tops and clothes!
Wish: world peace!
Comments: I love this guild, and I am seriously so happy that I am a phoebe (position) even in the council, you know what even that I found such a nice guild, the people are so nice and kind, I Love this guild ;) and all the people in it.

real name: Lauren
Current Rank: Warren Witch
Email: kaugirlx13[at]
Country: United States

age: 15
date of birth: 24/04/1990
Star sign: Taurus
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Gray
Siblings: 2 sisters

TV Show: Charmed
Movie: Mr. and Mrs. Smith
Book: Homeless Bird
Song: lots!
Band/Singer: lots!
actor/actress: Holly Marie Combs, Brand Pit and Angelina Jolie

Charmed character: Piper
Power: Pyrokenesis
Episode: Lots!
Season: Love them all!
Spell: Power of 3

number: 15
color: PINK
word: random
food/drink/flavour: noodles
pet: Cybunny
season: spring
element: water
flower: Pink rose
day: Friday
daytime: Noon

hobbies: Neopets
wish: To have a charmed life

sisterpsychic1329 (psychic_phoebe)
real name : Ceara McCurdy
current position : Prue
birthdate : 16/5/87
country : Northern Ireland
e-mail : the_power_of_three13[at]
site :

hair color : Dark Brown
eye color : green
lucky number : 13
favorite color : Blue

favorite tv-shows : CHARMED, CSI, Friends
favorite charmed one : PIPER
favorite power : temporal status
favorite episode : Awakened/ Coyote Piper
favorite movie : The Sixth Sense/ Scream/ Swearing Alligience

favorite actor/actress : Holly Marie Combs
favorite singer/band : Good Charlotte
favorite song : Angels by Sarah McGloughlan
cutest guy/girl : Hmmmmmmmm......:P

favorite food : Dont have one...i like food:P
favorite drink : Diet Coke or Lemon Fanta
favorite neopet : Kougra or Uni or Shoyru...they r all so cute:P
pets : Umm dogs...huskies especially:P

hobbies : reading, the net, art...watching charmed
wish : to meat my mum
comments : Charmed is the best! And the Charmed Ones guild is the best! I love all the guys on the guild!:) Thanx sooo much to all of u *hugz*

(SpoiledRotton318 + Auntie_Phoebe)
real name: Mary Ellen A.K.A Mell
current position: Chris
birthdate: March 18
country:United States
e-mail: MiniR0cker[at]

hair color: brown
eye color:blue
lucky number: 24
favorite color: blue not bc of my eyes lolzzz

favorite tv-shows: Charmed, Lizzie McGuire, Thats So Raven and Everyone Loves Raymond
favorite charmed one: Phoebe
favorite power: Orbing and Premonitions
favorite episode: Oh my Goddess
favorite movie: Greace

favorite actor/actress: Linsey Lohan
favorite singer/band: Good Charlotte
favorite song: Boys and Girls
cutest guy/girl: Allesio (thats y i put him frist on my shouts in my userlook up lolzzz)

favorite food: All Italian Food
favorite drink: Pepsi or as my sister and i say it ispep
favorite neopet: mine!!!! lolzzz
pets: dogs my dogs name is Angel but his not lolzzz
comments: hehahoheha and lolzzz

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