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real name: Katharina Sanders
current position: Prue
date of birth: 30/05/82
country: Belgium
e-mail: kathake[at]
site: this one ;)

hair color: dark brown with a red shade
eye color: dark brown
lucky number: 3
favorite color: black

favorite tv-shows: Charmed, That 70's Show, Dark Angel, Sex and the city
favorite charmed one: Prue
favorite power: Telekinesis
favorite movie: Lord of the Rings
favorite actor/actress: Edward Furlong/Johnny Depp
favorite band/singer: Muse, Placebo, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tori Amos, Radiohead, Lifehouse, Skunk Anansie
favorite song: Newborn (Muse), Without you I'm nothing (Placebo)

favorite drink: Ice Tea
favorite food: Belgian fries and vegetarian pitta
favorite neopet: Scorchio and peophin

real name: Emma
Current Rank: Warren Witch
Email: cardiffpuppy[at]
Country: UK

age: 16
date of birth: 11/08/89
Star sign: Leo
Hair Color: Blond-ish
Eye Color: Blue
Siblings: 1 sister

TV Show: Charmed of course
Movie: Harry Potter
Book: Harry Potter
Song: I have loads of favorite songs
Band/Singer: I havent got a favorite
actor/actress: There quite a few of them.. Too many!

Charmed character: Piper
Power: Blowing things up!
Episode: All of them
Season: All of them
Spell: "Let the object of objection become just a dream as a cause the scene to be unscene!"

number: 11
color: Dark/Royal Blue
season: Spring
element: Air
flower: Sun Flowers or White roses
day: Saturdays

real name: alison??
Current Rank: Warren Witch
Email: xXxAlison_AlcockxXx[at]
Country: Scotland

age: 13
date of birth: 23/02/1993
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Grey
Siblings: nope

TV Show: Charmed
Song: Fever-Rose McGowan
Band/Singer: Charlotte Church
actor/actress: Rose McGowan

Charmed character: Paige
Power: Orbing
Season: 5/6 Summer

number: 23
color: pink
word: shut up
season: 5/6 Summer
day: Friday

hobbies: Rowing,Dancing,Signing,Acting
wish: be famous

Yanoshi (pixiecutey25)
real name:Yana
current position: Wyatt
birthdate:8th June

hair color:Brown
eye color:Blue
lucky number:8
favorite color:Blue,pink and purple (can't choose soz)
favorite tv-shows:Charmed,Will and Grace,Only Fools and Horses
favorite charmed one:I dunno
favorite power:Freezes
favorite episode:Brain Drain
favorite movie:Em......I dunno Parent Trap maybe

favorite actor/actress:actress....Louise Fletcher and Holly M. COmbs
favorite song:We Are The Champions
cutest guy/girl:Becks and Cole

favorite food:pizza,bacon
favorite drink:Coca Cola
favorite neopet:Pheebs I guess
pets:Cats and Dogs

hobbies:neopeting(lol),chatting,reading,designing,using HTML
wish:To meet all my internet friends on a cruise

real name: Keishlamarie
Current Rank: Chris
Email: magicschool04[at]
Country: Puerto Rico

age: 20
date of birth: 12/13/84
Star sign: sagitaries
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: brown
Siblings: 1

TV Show: Charmed/Angel/Buffy the Vampir Slayer
Movie: Chronicles of Riddeck
Book: Harry Potter books/Mysterybooks
Song: Too many to List
Band/Singer: Evenescence/Good Charlotte

Charmed character: Piper
Power: Freezing/Pyrokinesis
Episode: Hell Haith No Fury
Season: season 4

number: 4
color: Black
word: Whatever
pet: kougra

hobbies: Reading/Writing/internet
wish: I wish that I could help every animal that needs it.

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