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Some of the Charmed Merchandise you can find across the world...

In addition to the episodes on TV, the Halliwell Sisters have their own adventures between the pages of books such as 'Phoebe Who?' by Emma Harrison and 'House of Shards' by Micol Ostow.

The Charmed DVDs were a much awaited product revolving a lot of rumors and speculations prior to their release on Febuary 1st 2005, by then they were already a popular choice with much Charmed fans across the globe, being able to see the Halliwell Sisters whenever they like on their own schedule. The first season includes 6 disks with a run time of 989 of all the great episodes that kick started Charmed back in 1998 and until the present day.

The first Charmed magazine came out in September 2004 from the Titan Subscriptions Department. This is a bi-monthly magazine filled with actor interviews, juicy insides from the set and much, much more.

The Charmed soundtrack includes a few CDs with great songs from, you guessed it, the soundtrack of the show. Some of the music you'd be able to find on them is 'Hot' by Smash Mouth, 'Danger' by Third Eye Blind and 'Rinse' by Vanessa Carlton. In fact, you can hear some of the music using our site's music player, or alternatively use it on your look-up/shop (if you're a member) by clicking here :)

Jewelry and Accessories
Some jewelry featuring the Charmeds Triquetra can be found anywhere from the internet to your local jewelry store. Few original Charmed jewelry also include watches, bracelets and more.

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