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The Powers

Here you can see the charmed ones and the powers they have. When Phoebe read the power of three spell Prue, Piper and Phoebe received the power of three and became the charmed ones. They each have different powers (with one thing in comman they are all tied to their emotions):

Prudence Halliwell

Telekinesis - Prue has the power of telekinesis, the power to move things with her mind. First she could only move objects by sqeezing her eyes, but after a while she discovered she could also move things with her hands also. Grams also had the power of telekinesis.
Astral Projection - Prue also has the power of Astral Projection. While using this power she can be at 2 places at the same time. Prue developped this power, probably cause she has a very busy live and it is handy for her to be at 2 places at the same time! When Prue thinks of the place she wants to be, she can get there while concentrating at the place she really is.

Piper Halliwell

Molecular Immobilization - Piper has the power to "freeze time", just like her mother did. Molecular Immobilization works by slowing down molecules within an oject. People, Demons and other creatures are left unable to move. When it wears off, it is for them, as though no time has passed. She can freeze almost everything for a short period of time. Exceptions include: Good Witches (including her sisters and herself) Some Higher level Demons and other paranormal beings that are imune to her power. All she has to do is focus and tretch her hands to freeze time. But due to her new power things got a little more complicated...
Molecular Combustion - Piper also developped the power of molecular combustion aka the power to blow things up. It works by providing energy which speeds up the molecules inside an object. This causes them to seperate at such a rate that an explosion occurs. This power can come in very handy, but Piper has difficulties controling this power. Sometimes when she wants to freeze time, she blows things up instead...

Phoebe Halliwell

Premonitions - Phoebe has premonitions. When she touches an object or person, she can see something that will happen in the near future or something that has happened in the past. That way she and her sisters can prevent those things from happening and save their innocents.
Levitation - While Piper and Prue were able to stop time and move objects, Phoebe got stuck with premonitions. She always wished for an active power, that is probably why she started to study martial arts. That way she was able help her sisters in battles with demons. In the episode 'Be careful what you witch for' she wished for the power to fly. It got taken away at the end of the episode, but later Phoebe discovered that she still had the power to levitate by accident. In the beginning she had a lot of trouble controlling the power, but now she is controlling it just fine and is able to use it together with her martial arts to kick some demon butt!
Empathy - At the start of the 6th season, Phoebe got a third power - the power to feel what other people around her feel (she became an empath). At first she had a hard time adjusting to this power - which really annoied Piper and Paige - but after they drank a potion that could block their feelings from showing things got alot better.

Paige Matthews

Orbing objects - Paige has the power to orb certain objects. Paige can call for a particular object and move it to her without carrying it.
Orbing herself - Paige is also able to orb herself and others, cause she is half white lighter. She first discovered she could orb in 'the tree faces of phoebe' when she orbed herself down stairs.Then she needed to get back to her house because she found out there was a demon there and she orbed herself, Piper and Phoebe with her.
Healing - Because Paige is half whitelighter she is also able to heal people when they are injured.
Change her appearence - as being half white-lighter Paige also has the power to change her appearence.

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