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Guild Rules

All of our guild members are expected to read and abide our rules. If you are thinking of joining our guild it would be better if you read our rules first! Anybody seen breaking the rules will either be warned or deleted from the guild, depending on the severity of their offence.

1) Abide by the Neopets Rules!

Make sure you read the neopets rules before posting on our guild board. Check these rules periodically incase the neopets team updates them. Anyone seen breaking these rules will be deleted and blocked from our guild and reported to the neopets team, in the first instance.

2) Always be friendly

to other members of the guild. DO NOT bring arguments to the message board or start fights. NEVER be rude or disrespectful to fellow members. If you break this rule you will receive a warning and if you do not stop and apologise you will be deleted from the guild.

3) No spamming! Messages must be at least 4 full lines long.

SPAM stands for: Short, Pointless, Annoying Messages.
If your message is either Short, pointless or annoying it will most likely be deleted. Spamming will decrease your rank. Repeated spammers will either be suspended or deleted and blocked. If everyone started spamming it would become very difficult to find important messages between all the useless ones!

Here are some examples of SPAM:
"I am bored"
"Is anyone on?"
"I like pie"
"charmed rocks"

Messages must be at least 4 full lines long.
Our 4 line rule was introduced to help eliminate spam. It gives you a clear definition of the word "short" so there shall be no dispute over that. Try to make sure your messages have meaning! Do not add nonsense to make them 4 lines long.

Do not post several short messages one after the other.
Try to combine your messages where ever possible. Repeating what you have said will not make any one see it any more quickly. Please wait for other people to post, that then gives you something new to reply to.
It is however, ok to post LONG replies in a row if you NEED to use more than one message to include everything (because neopets has a post limit of 2000 characters).
If it has been a particularly long time, say several days, since your last post and no one else has posted, you may post again if you have something new worth saying. You may not post again simply, hoping to raise your rank. You may see council members post one message after the other about the different things they have been working on/updating for the guild, since their last post. This kind of repeated posting is of course allowed.

Do not post your dailies.
No one cares if you got a tchea fruit from the fruit machine! But if you got an expensive paint brush and cannot contain your excitment you can tell us about that! [Basically do not write out a list of your dailies ie: what you got from tombola etc'] Pasting in text that does not say much is also a way of spamming. You may ask for help with quests or things of that sort, we will be happy to help.

Do not post long Ant-Spam messages.
Please do not repeatedly post long messages explaining what Spam is and how it is against our guild rules because this becomes spam aswell. If you see a new member spamming you may politely let them know why their particular message is spam and direct them to this page for more details.

4) Do not steal any of our graphics or guild content

Please make sure that you follow our Terms and Conditions Please! read through that page. In summary: You must not remove any credit or links back to our guild. You must NOT edit the graphics in ANY way. (i.e. You may NOT add another guild's name to our graphics and use them for that guild, that is stealing our graphics!) You may NOT re-upload or re-distribute any of our materials. Nobody is allowed to use anything from our guild layout or website layout anywhere else. They are exclusively for our guild/site.

5) Do not advertise other guilds

on our message board or descuss their events. We have put alot of time and effort into our guild and it is incredibly low to try to steal members from other guilds. Anyone attempting to steal members will be blocked. We know some of our members have their own guilds and might want to ask their friends to join with a different account (i.e. their side account) not already in our guild. This remains your own descision. We would love to have all of your spare time devoted to our guild! But what you do with your side account is up to you. But do NOT bring this up on our message board.

6) Do not beg

for things on the message board. It can be very annoying for other people. Everyone has had to work hard for the items they have bought and you should do the same. If you are seen begging persistently you will be suspended from the message board.

7) Do not whine

about the guild on the message board. If you have a minor issue or a sugestion to make please use our contact form. But if you are that un-happy here just leave quietly with out upsetting other people. If you have been with the guild for a long time and wish to leave you may post one last message to say goodbye to your friends and other guild members.

8) Do not pretend to be people you are not

Pretending to be neopets staff is against neopets rules (which you should have read by now), offenders will be deleted, blocked and reported. You will also be amazed how many people claim they are Holly Marie Combs, Alyssa Milano, Rose McGowan or another member of cast or crew from Charmed. If you do this we will block you from the guild. It is a really stupid thing to do and wastes everyone's time.

10) Spoilers! must be contained within a warning.

If you want to write a message discussing what has happened in an episode of charmed or important plot lines from the show please put a warning above and below the spoiler text. Ie:

All your "spoiling" text here.

Some people do not like to find out what happens in episodes that they hav not seen yet. It could "Spoil" it for them. Spoiler warnings are still necessary incase we have some new charmed fans who have not watched all of the episodes yet. We would also prefer it if you put a spoiler warning in your message when talking about new seasons of other popular TV Shows.

11) Role-playing is not allowed

on our guild message board. You might think its weird and unfair that theres a rule against role playing, but you need to understand that it can cause a lot of confusion at times. Others may want to join in and be their favorite characters which can cause fights against who should be what (for example if 2 members want to be Piper etc'), and at times other members that come to the board might not feel they belong as a result because they do not know whats been going on :( Also, Role-playing can take up a lot of space on the board, causing important messages from council members etc' to be forgotten or left un-read.

If you want to role play:
you can always use neomail, or our Guild Forum as there is a place dedicated just for that in there ;)

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