Neoboard Smilies

You can include emoticons in your posts on the neoboards and guilds. There is a list of how to "code" these on the neopets' smilies page. However, it does not include all of the possible smilies. Here are some of the others you can create:

Table of Neopets neoboard smilies
Emoticon What To Type
LOL Smilie *lol*
Unsure Smilie *unsure*
Cry Smilie *cry*
0.o.0 Smilie *0.o.0*
Indubitably *indubitably*
Monocle Smilie *monocle*
Top Hat Smilie *tophat*
Dung Smilie *dung*
 Smilie *jelly*
 Smilie *sock*
Firecrackers Smilie *firecrackers*
Paper Lantern Smilie *paperlantern*
Shamrock Smilie *shamrock*
Eventide Paint Brush Smilie *eventidepb*
Eventide Petpet Paint Brush Smilie *eventidepppb*
Negg Smilie *negg*
Happy Negg Smilie *happynegg*
Angry Negg Smilie *angrynegg*
Festival Negg Smilie *festivalnegg*
Lucky Draik Smilie *luckydraik*
Purple Bug Smilie *purplebug*
Shop Wizard Smilie *shopwiz*
Lawyerbot Smilie *lawyerbot*
Angry Lawyerbot Smilie *angrylawyerbot*
Boatswain Smilie *boatswain*
Cabin Boy Smilie *cabinboy*
Cook Smilie *cook*
Gunner Smilie *gunner*
Lulu Smilie *lulu*
Mate Smilie *mate*
Quartermaster Smilie *quartermaster*
Rigger Smilie *rigger*
Rower Smilie *rower*
Swabbie Smilie *swabbie*
AAA Smilie *aaa*
Abigail Smilie *abigail*
Bottled Water Faerie Smilie *bwf*
Bottled Air Faerie Smilie *baf*
Bottled Light Faerie Smilie *blf*
Bottled Fire Faerie Smilie *bff*
Bottled Dark Faerie Smilie *bdf*
Bottled Earth Faerie Smilie *bef*
Physical Smilie *physical*
Water Smilie *water*
Air Smilie *air*
Light Smilie *light*
Fire Smilie *fire*
Dark Smilie *dark*
Earth Smilie *earth*
Altador Smilie *altador*
Brightvale Smilie *brightvale*
Darigan Smilie *darigan*
Faerieland Smilie *faerieland*
Haunted Woods Smilie *hauntedwoods*
Kiko Lake Smilie *kikolake*
Krawk Island Smilie *krawkisland*
Kreludor Smilie *kreludor*
Lost Desert Smilie *lostdesert*
Maraqua Smilie *maraqua*
Meridell Smilie *meridell*
Moltara Smilie *moltara*
Mystery Island Smilie *mysteryisland*
Roo Island Smilie *rooisland*
Shenkuu Smilie *shenkuu*
Terror Mountain Smilie *terrormountain*
Tyrannia Smilie *tyrannia*
Virtupets Smilie *virtupets*
Catfish Smilie *catfish*
Violin Smilie *violin*

Smilie Images Copyright 2000-2012 Neopets, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Used With Permission.

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