C O D I N G   B L O G S

Lets start with a basic blog picture:

Now, in order to code a blog along with the picture the best and cleanest way to do it is within a table code such as this:

So if, for example, we would like to use the above image with the following code it would look something like this...

Hello, this is part of CharmedOnesGuild.com exclusive blog tutorial. If you want to find out how to create blogs you came to the right place, just follow the steps and you'll be a code master in no time ... ;)

Want to see me Scroll?

Well Lookie here...

This is how a scrolling blog looks like! Isn't it nice?

Basicly the table's main width and height are the ones to determind the size of your picture - it's generaly a good idea to put it the same size as the pic, unless you want certain areas cropped out. Please note that if the width and height will be bigger it will only make the image repeat itself and not become bigger as well ;)

The // tr height="HeightFromAbove" // is for you to determined from what height should your text box appear - the smaller the number, it will go further down the bottom. // td width="WidthFromTheSide" // is just what it says - the width from the left of the picture where your text box is located in.

// div style="width:175; height:145; // are there to indicate the width and height of your Text Box, followed by the border codes (usualy go by 0px, you can try making it more and see how it would look like to experiment). The rest of the code is your scroll-bar preferenecs, so fiddle with it as you wish in order for it to fit into your scheme, and further down the line is where all of your text will go :)

Congratulations, you just got yourself a blog!