N E O H T M L   G U I D E

Want to know who to change your font? create your own signature? if so - this is your place to be. So lets start with changing your font. Just like there is HTML, NeoPets created their own special site language that can only be used on neopets.com, this language is called neoHTML and it's useable mainly in Chat Preferences when it comes to changing your font and signature, so whenever you post on the NeoBoards or on the Guild your font would look the same, it can even come in handy while creating your own neoadventure - but lets focus on the first options, shall we?

Font and Signature
Once you're on your chat preferences, scroll down until you see a table titled 'neoHTML'. To see how your current neoHTML tag looks like - check the preview. You can change your font using the next code (while f' stands for face, c' for color, and s' for size):

[font f=verdana c=black s=2]neoHTML[/font]

Just as in regular HTML there are bold, italic, and underline effects - neoHTML has them to. Only instead of <> you need to use []. Same goes for cenetered text, however it can't go to the right side. You can even use subscript or supsrcript on your font, like this:

neoHTMLSaid I (sup).
neoHTMLSaid I (sub).

For more about the basic HTML codes, click here.

Make sure you would always have the 'neoHTML' text to let NeoPets know where you'd like your message to be, or the Evil Fuzzles would get confused - and we don't want that, now do we? If you'd like to see all the available colors you can costumize your font with, click here, there are a lot more color codes you can use with words as well, like medium purple, slate blue, or even olive. Please keep in mind though that you can't put spaces inside your color or face codes, or it won't work.

NeoPets took down the shadow/glow effects, so you can't add those to your font any more

Don't forget you can always add emoticons to your font and signature to bright up your post, click here for the list!

Removing signature line
At the end of your neoHTML code, insert [ and in the begining of your signature code put ] Note though that you might need to add [p] or [br] in order to seperate between your font and siggy, as it takes everything in between out, including the code for spaces ;)