U S I N G   B R U S H E S

Well, in order to use a brush we must first have one... There are various sites around the net where you can download nice brushes, few of them are linked on our Credits Page or in the guilds Graphics Site.

Once you've chosen your favorite brush a downloading window usually pops up - choose 'Save' and name your brush (i'ts recommended you'll have the name of the site you got it from as well (for future crediting). Choose the designated folder you wish to save your brush in and download it.

Next, go to the folder you saved your brush file on and unzip it: Click on the file, then choose 'Extract' at the tabs (just between Add and View). Then you'll have to choose your destenation (Extract to...), in most cases it would be C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop 7.0\Presets\Brushes but if this isn't your case - change your preferences accordingly.

Now that you extracted your brush, the next step is loading it into Photoshop. Open the program and choose the brush tool. At the square that shows the current brush at the top, click on the arrow that expands the brush set and then the arrow on the right. Find the 'Load Brush...' option and upload the brush from its previous location to Photoshop - and there you go :)