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Updated Smilies Page

Written by Hannah
Posted on 10 : 08: 2012

I have updated our neoboard smilies page to show the "secret" smilies not revealed on the neopets smilies page.

I added a whole list of helpful neopets pages to our forum. So log in and read that, if you need help with something neopets related.

I'm still tweaking code, when I have time, sorry for the delays between updates.

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New Room Member pages

Written by Hannah
Posted on 10 : 07: 2012

I have moved all the Room member pages onto one pet page, with a slightly improved layout, the new links are as follows:

There is also a new Prue's Room:

The neopets: artemis_90, piperslittlewyatt and angelwyattmatthew are all up for adoption.

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Website Coding, Guild Polls, User-Lookups

Written by Hannah
Posted on 25 : 05: 2011

I am slowly updating the website coding to make it comply with as many web standards as we humanly can without destroying the layout. That's why some pages are a little wonky or different from each other ...I'm aware and working on it when I have time. I have pretty much finished the main home page except that the mp3 player throughs errors and I need to replace some iframes with includes. My mission has been to code it differently but have it look the same. So you won't really see much difference. It's all under the bonnet, so to speak. But you will notice new customised JavaScript scrollbars if you have not disabled JavaScript. Nifty little script I found online.

Katie is now in charge of updating the guild poll. Neomail sidecarsistarules if you have any creative ideas.

I have again, been updating userlookup coding, nearly all of mine, all the Kaley ones and all those of the men of Charmed have been updated at the Graphics Site

The Halliwell Manor Competition will be back soon, but it will be a bit different than it used to be. If you wish to donate you should do so at thehalliwellmanor. The shop got a make-over recently as well :) These will count towards your room points in the next competition. We will be trying to make as many activities as possible in the guild count towards your room points, for added friendly competitive spirit. Anything you do in the lul between competitions will count towards the next one. For example if you were to win WOTM you would have 100 room points for your room.

FOTM - Familiar Of The Month is desperately in need of entries again!! Visit the FOTM Webpage I will shortly be updating the site to make the competition a bit easier/less time consuming for you. But is essentially the same idea ;)

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Written by Lilea
Posted on 30 : 11 : 2007

The forums are up and running again. From now on you can find them at shattered-heart.com/forums.

I hope to talk to all of you there. Have fun!

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Various Updates

Written by Hannah
Posted on 27 : 06 : 2007

As you might have already noticed, most of the userlookup codes on the graphics site, have been updated to work with the new neopets layout :) The backgrounds have also been re-coded. Visit: the Graphics Site

The current Halliwell Manor Competition will be ending around the end of June so you have a few days left to take part! ..before the new competition begins :P Visit: The Halliwell Manor Website

FOTM - Familiar Of The Month is desperately in need of entries in the up and coming months. I havn't been able to go forward with the competition due to the lack of nominees :( Shouts out to members: "PLEASE ENTER!" Visit the FOTM Webpage for all the information you need.

I have been applying for more affiliates :) *Crosses fingers for acceptences*

P.S. Sorry for forgetting to post updates regularilly :P Allways check the Guild front page and message board as well :)

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Magic School Update

Written by Sarah
Posted on 11 : 03 : 2007

There is a new layout up at the Magic School featuring Shannen Doherty.

Also, the new term has begun. If you wish to become a teacher then please, contact us using the forum on the "Contact Us" page on the site. If you want to sign up as a student for next term then please do, but you won't be added until the next term begins. (I will neomail you letting you know you've been added).

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