Witch Of The Month

WOTM is a title that each member can earn through out the month by being active, friendly and helpful all around the guild (and not just the message board ;)). Each month around a week before its end, faeriegurl4lyfe will post 5-6 different members who will become running nominates for this title. If you think you know a member that deserves to be nominated neomail her at least 2 weeks before the month ends. All members of the guild will be able to vote once (and only once) for one member from the list who they think deserve to become WOTM. The results will be announced at the beginning of the next month on the guild message board, updates box and on this very page for all to gaze upon in jealosy ;) Whats so great about becoming WOTM? Well, first off, you will have the nice feeling of knowing your work around the guild is appericated and that people like what you're doing, and secondly - you also automaticly become a Wyatt - How cool! There's also a third purk, but it shall remain unheared of for tax purposes (yeah, thats the reason...)


If you are nominated, you cannot vote for yourself, but you can vote for someone else you think deserves it! Also please dont use multiple accounts to vote because it defeats the purpose of WOTM. To vote simply neomail faeriegurl4lyfe with the subject 'WOTM', and with the username you think deserves to win.

You can also check out some of our WOTMs interviews at The Monthly Charm ;)

Past WOTM(2007)


- piper_fan93
Bethy first joined the guild in January and made sure to stay as active as she could, keeping her on the nominated list until finally in March she won.


- drusilla1800
Dru had been apart of our guild for quite a while before and she posted every so often, trying to be as active as she could. In Febuary she went on an active spree and filled the board with nice long posts, chatting with everyone and as she just been through a hard time, everyone was there to cheer her up and show her the guild cares - and so she became our newest WOTM =)


- lady_harliquinn
Harli joined us in september this year and always made sure to fill the board with her chatty and friendly nature - making her a nature candidate for WOTM. Sure enough as the time came many people shared the same view and voted for her to become January's WOTM =)

Past WOTM(2006)


- doggytrainer2003
Anke has been a faithful member of our guild ever since september 2006 and always does her best to stay active and friendly towards all guild members. Congrats!


- whywhywhy187
Jen has been an active part of the guild for a while now and been nominated several times and with her posts she makes sure there would always be something to talk about on the board =)


- letterkillssoty3
Shiny was quite active for a while and always had nice graphics of Charmed made for the guild on her site along with personal requests, and so when she was nominated for WOTM in October she got the most votes - congrats!


- _eternal_illusion_
Ileeyah was an active part in our guild for a while now, whether it came to our guild forum, message board or activites she was always there out and about and her long term loyalty for the guild and kind nature eventually earned her the WOTM spot. Congratulations!


- aaminakhazna
Aamina always does her best to post long messages and reply to as many members as she can - kudos on the hard work and congratulations on becoming our new WOTM :)!


- mun_92
Ee Mun was a member of our guild for a while and did her best to always be friendly and kind to other members, which in turn awarded her with the title for WOTM of June :)


- phoebe_piper_prue282
Nee deserved the WOTM for being active and sweet to guild members on and off the boards, during the month she always posted nice messages around the board and helped keep it active and friendly, so congratulations ;)


- chiamunfoo
Chia Mun has been an active part in the guild for a while, and in the month of April after becoming even more active she got the chance to become WOTM - the votes were cast and she eventually won - congrats =)!

March -

- _bubbly_kizz_
Alice joined the guild at around February and was sweet, kind and helpful towards guild members, and after the list of nominates for WOTM was published and votes were sent - Alice won, congatulations =)


- wackytweety92
Faustina (also known as Fausy or Fuzz) is a sweet and kind member of our guild. She recently lost the password to her old account (mynameisfaustina) and so had to start over on a new account, but we still remember her as good ol' Fauzzy, and therefore the WOTM for February just happened to be her =)


- mystical_piper, paigeasher and xxxladyvixenxxx
Erin, Sarah, Hannah (Bandy) and Lyds all helped out the guild in various times and were very active and helpful on the guild - which eventually led them in getting this 4-way WOTM award straight as a new-years little celebration =)

Past WOTM (2004)


- powers_of_three8 & azn_girl120


- azn4mylife


- _skaz_

Past WOTM (2003)


- charmedp3phoebep3


- charmed_is_phoebe & _boho_babe_


- hollieangel3


- witchey361 & pixiecutey25


laylee18 & kleva17



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