Charmed Awards

As Charmed came to its end recently, it only seemed fitting to make some kind of tribute to the show that's done so much for us every week, so we thought of having a one-time award ceremony in honor of all the wonderful moments and characters that made Charmed what it is, was and always will be.

The results are posted below:

Best Actor: Brian Krause
Best Actress: Holy Marie Combs
Best guest star: Billy Zane
Worst guest star: Eric Dane (Jason Dean)
Best musical guest: Michelle Branch (Goodbye to you)
Worst musical guest: Third Eye Blind and Dishwalla
Best magical creature: Nymphs and Faeries
Worst magical creature: Leprechauns
Greatest Villian: Belthazor aka Cole Turner
Best witch: Piper Halliwell

Best plot line: All Hell Breaks Loose - Charmed Again (episodes around Prues death)
Worst plot line: Witch Wars
Best season: 4
Worst season: 6
Best episode: Forever Charmed
Saddest episode: Charmed Again
Funniest episode: House Call and Sense and Sense Ability
Best time travel episode: That 70's Episode
Most annoying blooper: The Switcharoo on Victors last name from the first to the later seasons

Best hair: Rose McGowan (incunclusive to which hair-do)
Worst hair: Alyssa Milano in the 6th season
Best drest: Alyssa Milano
Worst drest: Shannen Doherty
Most photogenic: Alyssa Milano

Best character: Piper Halliwell
Worst character: Christy
Best couple: Piper and Leo
Worst couple: Phoebe and Jason
Best power: Freezing (Piper)
Worst power: Empathy
Best job: Advice Columnist (Phoebe)
Worst job: Temp Jobs (Paige)
Best spell: "let the object of my objection become but a dream
as I cause this scene to be unseen"
Worst spell: "Being of creativity
Show yourself now to me
Your light which shines upon our face
Let our vision now embrace."

Thank you to all who voted!
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